Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday, Deember 30, 2018

Happy New Year 2018 coming up! Our goals are to help as many cats and kittens as possible and to increase our spay/neuter numbers even more.

We've had 4 more adoptions! 
Kestrel was adopted. He was picked out special for a certain lady who was ready for a kitten! Kestrel is the last of those 3 K kittens.

Jericho was adopted next. He was long anticipated! He went to a really nice family. Jericho and Jester arrived together, now both adopted.

Brillance left that same day too--12/28.  This couple was very excited to be able to have Brillance as their own kitten! She was one of the 7 Oxbow kittens that we took in.

Airio was the last to leave on 12/28. He went to a very kind couple. Airio was found in Fulton County along with Alvin---they are now both adopted. 

And still more adoptions coming up!

We had BOXES last night and Envelopes. Many thanks to Lynnette and Donnajb for filling in for me so I could take a rest.  The "crud" that has invaded so many has visited here. 

Debbie M - Vet Ranch T-Shirts 'We Are the Voice of the Voiceless' A beautiful shirt!
Aussiecat - Chirstmas card & Kitty ornament for Jacci  (love the ornament!) 
Miranda - Yeoooow Blue Cigar

Jeannette B/Furhaven Kitties - Christmas Card with a very funny note, For Magic - bag of Red Mylar balls, 16 Animal Rescue Books (will pass out to visiting kids), Photo of Jacci & Steve aka known as some cats!  Love the picture!

KKat444/Barbara W - Kitty Christmas Card - Donation,  Photo of Snickerdoodles, Roll of Stamps, Mug with Sphynx Cats  (it's on my counter!), Potty Bags & Pop tabs, Weight Circles
Smartycat Scratch & Spin, Remote Control Centepede, Wild Country Cat Sticks  The cats are already playing with the toys! 

Butterfly Class from Belgium Teacher & 8 students 
Patchwork Crocheted Blanket, Made by students for Jacci & Volunteers: Handprints, Polar Bears, 6 Stars, 5 Pinecone Trees in pots, 4 framed kitty silhouettes   We always love our goodies from the students! 

Amelia M - Donation
NeedtoRetire - Horse Christmas Card & Donation
Charlotte - Donation in memory of Sea Turtle, Ming and Sylvester
Donna B - GA  Christmas Card  with Chickie $10
Connie A - Christmas Card with Donation
From D-Man & The Kitties - Chirstmas Card and note for Mama Jacci & Helpers
TWKitty - Kitty Christmas Card with Weight Circles
Janet S - Christmas Card - Donation to Feliz Navidad
Candy F - Musical Kitty Christmas Card, Hummingbird Card ornament (will hang up!)
Kittiesmom - HI  Flash Sale
John L  - Flash Sale

Clark, Jesse & The Rest  Happy 5th Birthday Felicity  24 Dec 2017  with Chickie $5
Clark, Jesse & The Rest  Merry Christmas FFRC  with Chickie $5

And we have even more thanks to give!
Elskates--Christmas card & donation to FFRC
The Lamb family--lots of goodies for the rescue center
Donia/wickedwings and pets--gift card from Walmart
Judith from CA & the bunch--donation for Jackson, Gene, VIncent and meds for the frost bite 
Gusti--to help with the electric to keep kitties and humans warm
Needtoretire--Donation for needed meds
Ju-in-ji--donation to help with Nairobi and Liris (shares her birthday!)
Patty P/K--cousin of Jacci--case of Friskies and candy for the volunteers

Our 2 newest kittens, Liris and Nairobi are doing good. They now have their initial vaccines in them and several days of worming. Won' be long until they come up to the Main Area. Their frostbite ears are looking much better.

Lucky kitties and cats---they've had 3 hambones in this past week. It's amazing how they pick them clean. Most of them take their turns to gnaw on it--they sure enjoy it. Especially Ramsay--he really gets into it!

Joyful is strolling about here in the purple office with me.  We gave her a tail tip to nose tip grooming last week--she looks great.

Lucie is doing wonderful. Most mornings now she comes up to the Main Area all by herself for her breakfast! She knows exactly what she wants--her specialties are meals and lap holding and back scratches!

Nsuku and Julianne continue to be comfortable here in the Main Area---which so pleases me! Love to see them playing. 

The farmyard has 5 new ducks! They needed a new home and so we said yes. They have already fit right in with the other farm animals.

Take good care and keep warm! As of this moment, we have 80 days and 12 hours until spring!