Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday, Feb. 8, 2019

Feather and her babies are doing wonderful.  We decided to move them to the back Thumper's Room since we just coaxed Puddy and Addy to come up to the front THumper's Room and Welcome Room.  We had a big bed with edges on the floor, all covered with a super soft blankie and put Feather and her babyies there.  That lasted about 15 minutes until Feather moved her babies into a corner!  Oh well---she's the boss.  So we put a blanket and heater there and they've been napping peacefully! 

We have names for these 4 babies, now known as the Rat Pack, since they were born in the big rat bed!  The male orange tiger is Deano (Dean Martin), beige male is Frank (Frank Sinatra), beige male is Sammy (Sammy Davis Jr.) and the female brown/torti is Monroe (Marilyn Monroe).  They weighed in on birth date at 3 ounces, which is normal.

Buck has most of our wall hangings, pictures and signs on the walls now. He's working on the cat walks this afternoon.  It all looks so very nice!  I can't wait for all the cat walks to be up so the cats can run around above us! 

We had BOXES yesterday.  You are appreciated.
Edna D with Jack & River - OH  Kitty Card  6 jars baby food, Box of Kitty Food  and 40 Harry Potter Forever Stamps

Donna - BC, Canada - Kitty Valentine Card - 2 bags Snackers for Janie & 2 bags Snackers for Kitties

Judy R - FL  Greeting Cards, Calming Collars, 2 Lg cans Chicken, 3 cans ham, 2 cans chicken, 8 cans kitty food

Pleblady - 20 Large cans of Salmon

Barbara E - NC  Kitty Card  2 BiggieDews $15 each & 5 LeggieDews $12 each, 6 Adoption Bags.. As always very pretty and greatly appreciated

Twkitty - Kitty Whiskers, PopTabs, Blankie for Kitties, Paw Print seat cover, Kitty Frame for multiple photos, lots and lots of items that Twkitty has given us free range to use however best suits our needs! 

Panda & Pickles Mom & Dad made 24 crocheted Kitty Blankies, Dad made blanket & mom did the boarder!  Snackers, Bleach & Clorox Wipes

Elaine & Alan - FL  In memory of LittleKat  3 24ct cases Friskies, 32ct Case Friskies, 24ct case Fancy Feast, Appetizers & 2 40lb bags Litter

Linda/mls - 63 Scotch-Brite Sponges
Debbie & Annie - 4 bags Litter
Pablo - Donation for FFRC

Callie & Frank - 10 knitted Karunda blankies, and 5 Gorgeous Afghans to be seen soon in a Fun Raiser 

Jabberwocky/IowaCatLadyMarie & the Magnificent Seven--Kitty Card with Note

And even more thanks---
Meghan S--donation to FFRC
Jerilyn M A--donation to FFRC
Courtney N--donation to FFRC, in memory of Mary Ann Frederick
Annette20--donation to help Barin with his cardiologist appt
LJ--donation to FFRC for Da Rat Pack
Yvonne VDK--donation in honor of Jones, use where needed

I would like to give an update on Barin.  We heard back from the preliminary cardiologist that went over Barin's heart x-ray and scan.  It is felt that there is a large abnormal vessel in the area of the heart base.  This could be a large pulmonary artery but not certain yet. Would suggest having a cardiologist exam for an echo, to know exact diagnosis or prognosis or if any meds can be used. It could possibly cause a shortened life span. Could also cause congestive heart failure.  The cardiologist would be able to determine this after an echo. 

Our good friend JustMe has had Barin on hold with the adoption happening the end of next week.  Due to these circumstances, Dr. Darcy, myself and JustMe will hold off (temporarily) on this adoption until decisions are made after the cardiologist appt. This appt. should be in the first full week of March. JustMe wants to do what is right for Barin. Her hopes is still to be able to adopt him.  Remember.....his name means Noble Warrior, which is just like JustMe's dad--tough fighters!   Her family is also all hoping that things will be just fine as they are excitedly awaiting this adoption!  So, in the meantime, Barin will continue to be monitored, he will continue to play and be his silly sweet self! 

Tomorrow will be a fun day! Going to the Cat Show!