Sunday, February 3, 2019

SUnday, Feb. 3, 2019

Yesterday was our FFRC surgery day. We did 4 spays and 2 neuters. We also did 3 other cats (Persians from FFRC) that needed their nasal surgery to open their nasal passageway.  This brings our count to 76 surgeries--43 spays and 33 neuters.
The spays we did: Maya, Edwina (also her enucleation), Addy. Plus a public spay
The neuters we did: Cornelio and Rocky.

It turns out that Muppi was already spayed--we were able to see a faint scar line on her tummy.  
Addy, in addition to her spay, had a fairly large cyst removed from the side of her neck plus had an umbilical hernia repaired.  She has recovered well.  Addy is still showing some neurological signs from her hypothermia event. 

Dr. Darcy also checked Feather and yep, she's still pregnant! lol  Possibly another week or so.  You know these mama cats--they have their own time schedule. I know today, she was eating everything in sight! 

We had our drinks and pizza for our surgery day thanks to Gusti (drinks) and to Joy D for the scrumptious pizza and bread sticks! 

We had two adoptions yesterday!
Moon--she's our torti girl that had been found and actually belonged to Neil, one of our volunteers!  He was so happy to have her found and safe. She is now back in his care--both he and Moon are happy! He calls her Baby GIrl. 

Kubu--he was chosen by a young lady. Actually, Kubu made his presence known to her the day she came to visit the cats. He really chose her and even laid his head on her arm while he was purring. Yesterday, he got into his carrier the first time, all by himself! 

We have several other cats awaiting their adoptions--Sinbad, Barin, Marble, Atis, Singita and Rocky.  Tomorrow around 1-2, the new mama of Atis will arrive to take this sweet boy home! 

We have thanks to give!
Jakesmeowmy--donation to the rescue center
Shirley J--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Ivy C from DE--donation to go toward Addy's care
Lorene B--donation to FFRC

A day to laugh! Enjoy---FFRC Captures and Captions Giggles Scene #35 (can you believe this.....35!)  Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, Directed by Derecho with help from his Auntie JustMe.  This is an official video of ©Friends of Felines Rescue Center, Defiance, Ohio 2018.  Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for

Update on construction:
I know people keep thinking....shouldn't we be done yet with construction? Well, as is the way with construction, things happen! When you tear down walls or ceilings, things are found that were not known before.  And that is what has happened which all takes time (and more expense).   One of the guys came here all day yesterday and put the shelves up in the Stuff Room. Lots and lots and lots of shelves! I love it and these shelves will hold so much! 
Monday, the guys will be back again. Things that need done yet: a few more vinyl wall sheets, mop boards, the new Alma's cabinet secured to wall, a light plug in moved to a different spot--getting close to being done.

The floor is now done, obviously, since we have been walking on it.  It's beautiful and will last forever!  The cats and kittens will again need to go to their 4 rooms tomorrow and Tuesday for construction to keep them safe.

And then, when this is all done, we will move everything back into their original or new places! How exciting! 

Tomorrow, Monday, is our next HumaneOhio day. We have another packed schedule. At least for this date, the weather will be much better than the last one!

Here's something of interest to everyone:
In the last Month we have been communicating with Microsoft research.
They asked FFRC to assist in them making software add-ons which our chatters can use.
As their work progresses the mods will be posting info and links for all to use. This may be a simple user survey allowing your input
And live pages for you to test out. The following is the basics as proposed by them….

One general idea that we’ve been discussing is creating tools to enable your viewers to easily create clips/GIFs/memes from your live stream (which they can’t do today on YouTube), tag them and share them across social networks. Here are some more concrete examples. 
  1. Your viewers likely notice many exciting and memorable moments that they would like to clip and tag, which would result in an easily searchable archive of video clips. For example, viewers could tag the clips with the name of the cat in it; other fans of the same cat will then find new interesting content to watch even if there’s not much happening in the live stream. Or, you could show these clips to people considering adoption of that cat so they can see its best moments. Finally, we also noticed that you periodically create captioned videos with funny comments; our tool would unleash the creativity of your viewers and create interesting content for all to watch. 
  1. We can also automatically create hourly/daily highlight clips based on activity on the stream, motion, comments on the chat, and clips that people created. Viewers who just joined the stream could use these highlights to see the most interesting events over the last hour/day.

All input is welcome from the chatters as this moves forwards. It is your chance to help make something that works for everyone.