Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019

We have the bestest cats and kittens anywhere! They have been in their rooms for the second day now.  Most kitties are in the back and front Thumper's Rooms.  Most adults and teenagers are in the Kabana and Purple Office. And they have been doing so good. Still their wonderful selves. But, I know they are starting to get antsy to run around more.

The latest on the improvements:
The floor guys are done, as of mid morning!  They put their last layer of the topcoat epoxy and it is now drying!  Should be ready for us tomorrow morning to open the doors and let all the cats cruise about.  

The construction guys will be back in the morning.  They have a bit to do yet: replace Alma's cabinet, put in the shelves in the Stuff Room, still hang up a few more sheets of vinyl boards, put on the floor mop boards and a few little odd and ends!  Hoping to get things moved back into the Main Area tomorrow. Our rooms are rather squished!

And we have surgery on Saturday, so we need to get the back Thumper's Room into a surgery suite again! Won't take us long! 

Exciting BOXES yesterday! Many thanks to you all! 
Yvonne VDK - 3 Boxes Broths, 6 Bags of Haribo Candies, 5 pkgs Kitty Snacker sticks
KathyinWV - Cat window clings (for the new patio door!), Rocking Kitty Scratcher with toys, 2 Crazy Cat Lady Mugs

Sunny J - WA Kitty Christmas Card with Coupons, Box Tops & a Flat of Stamps
Party Mix for Zelda (she sends her meows), 2 bags M&M's for Lynnette, 4 bags Oreo Cookies for Mary B, Sheba Meaty Sticks, 6 pkts of food, 2 pkgs Kitty Wipes, Wash Cloths & 2 Towels, 
Fun Raisers/Flash Sale: 2 Kitty Pouches, Thank You Notes, Umbrella, 2 pr Kitty Socks, Pretty Kitty Blanket

Nancy O & Deb F - Card and FFRC Nation embroidered baseball caps in Blue & Yellow ($13)
Justme - A gorgeous Kitty Quilt will see again in a Fun Raiser

Anne, James M with Rusty & Skippy and in memory of all their other kitties - Canada - Christmas Card with 4 Chicken $5, Potty Bags, Temptation Snackers, Toys: Wands, Feather toys and lots of other fun toys, C, AAA and round batteries, Replacement for Spinner toy, Electronic Kitty Wack toy

Leggygal - CA  21 Beautiful Leggydews!
Joco--lots of scrubbies variety of colors--singles $4, Doubles $5, Body scrubbies $6.  Bag of 3: single, double & BOdy scrubby--$15 

JBond - Case 40 ct Friskies, Bag of Friskies, Case of Turkey, Box of 95 bag Pretzel Crisps Mini, 3 bags Orchard Valley Fruit & Nut Snacks, 2 Boxes Nature Valley Granola Cups

And then we had our Fun-Riaser! 
A - Electronic Feeder                             5x35  =  $175       Kimkost
B - Mary & KathyinWV Afghan              5x29 =  $145       Gill Ham
C - Rosemary Afghan                             5x38 =  $190       Janet Szy
D - Stuido M Flower Mat & Pot             5x33 -    $165       RoseSF6cats
E - 3 Level Cat Tree                                5x85 =  $425       Jennifer Mo & Mom
F - Insta Pot                                            5x82 =  $410       Dawnstar given back to FFRC
G - Air Fryer                                            5x51 =  $255        Kittiesmom
H - Quilt by Cheryl L                               5x82 =  $410       Janet Sch

TOTAL came to-------$2175

And then we had lots of Bump-Ups, which are always very exciting! Thanks to our Bumper-Uppers: JudeAnnLee, Justme, 2502Temps, Mary B, FaithyMD, Stanton Family, Jobear, Jabberwocky, Jo603, Dasha, LJ, Mich & VErn, TearsFromADream DebbieDear, Thomas W, Schlee, Anonymous Friend, Nuthataches amd Leanne W.

New GRAND TOTAL came to-----$3042.56 plus 50 Euros!  Many thanks to you!

Our Consolation gifts went to: Mona Lisa, twkitty, Madisonpepper, Diane Ez, Ju-in-ji for vols, Susan KE, Ruth Dr, Shirley Pee

And while we're giving thanks, we have more!
Gusti--donation for a biggeydew and meds for Addy
MaryAnn & Paul B from SC--donation to FFRC
Michelle & Mary LF--donation for medical care for Addy
Michelle V from OH--donation to FFRC
Maite De C from Spain--donation for a special cat!
Sharon E from FL--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Christine P from Australia-donation to FFRC
And we received another donation from Best Friends Animal Society for the ResQwalk! Many thanks for each mile that you've walked, jogged or biked! This truly ads up!  This month it is $112.68!

We've heard from Cherokee.  He likes the laser light and the dogs and cat! He also enjoys watching TV. His favorite program is Blue Planet! 

Here's some of the things the cats will be looking forward to--
Ramsay--his own bed in his own room for bedtime
Pania--climbing up on her tree to beg for more Pania Flakes
Marilyn & Kiara--the warm laundry on the yellow table
Jessie--being on top of the refrigerator to get her special meals
Gracie O'Mally--her special bed on top of the washer
Camvi--she's waiting to be back to sitting on the serving plates
Alma--her special home under the far countertop (she's done really good though!)
Cutie--her special spot for her baby food treat
Hensley--his beloved condo for his meals
Janie dog/cat--her pool back to where it's suppose to be--she can keep track of the cats better from the blue pool 
Barin--his blue bench so he can hang over the back of it!

Isn't it great how so many have their habits that are a part of what they are! 

Saturday, our sweet Kabu gets to go to his new home! I'm so happy for him--he picked his own mama himself! They will be here sometime in the afternoon. 

It's mighty cold out there again today. Weatherpeople say warmer temps on Sunday thru Weds--in the 50's and 40's.  Crazy weather. All the farm animals and the Porchies, Firecats, Barnies and Covies are doing super!