Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Just a bunch of different pieces of info for you!

There will be 4 of us going to the OVMA on 2/21-23. Mary Braid, Lynnette, Dawn (daughter) and myself. We will leave early on Thursday and get back late afternoon on Saturday. Will be able to do 12 classes each!

Our pregnant long hair calico, Feather is probably due in another 1 to 2 weeks, according to the x-rays.

Upcoming dates:
Jan. 27-30 is our next Fun-Raiser
Feb. 2, Saturday--FFRC surgery date
Feb. 4--HumaneOhio surgery date
Feb. 18--HumaneOhio surgery date

As you know, Tri-County has been here for 2 full days--lots of demolition and now construction. It's unbelievable how much bigger the Main Area looks.

Here's this week's schedule:
Monday--Tri-County will be putting up the vinyl walls and framing in Cat's Corner Room along with the sliding glass door.

Tuesday--Tri-County will be putting in a new cabinet to replace Alma's cabinet and putting in the shelves in the Stuff Room (the new middle room).

Tuesday--Hunt's Flooring will be here to patch in all the bare spots on the floor. They will also diamond buff up the entire Main Area, the 3 rooms and the Welcome Room.

Weds & Thursday--Hunt's Flooring will be here to seed the floor and to put down the 2 layers of Epoxy.

Friday (we are hoping)--will be moving back everything!

So----here's the big scoop. While the floor is being done, we will have the cats 24/7 in rooms--using the Purple Office & Kitty Kabana. And some will be in the Front & Back Thumper's Room. To get access to Front & Back Thumper's Room, we will have to go thru Paw-Mart. Paw-Mart is closed this week as we have had to put furniture in that room. To get to the Purple Office and Kabana, we will need to go thru the office door.

We will still have the cams on--they may just be in different locations to view the cats and to watch some of the floor work.

We'll just have to think ahead of how to accomplish things---it'll all work out! Now is the time to do this resurfacing. It's usually redone in 5 years and this floor has now been down for 7 years. While the cat population here is low and everything is already moved for construction, it was the ideal time to do this resurfacing.

The Stuff Room will hold: dry cat food, people snackers, yoga pads, cat toys, can goods for the cats, litter and adoption supplies & bags.

We have started our Fun-Raiser today. It ends at 9 am on Weds. Then at 3:00, we will have BOXES followed by the drawing and consolation prizes. Not sure what room yet that we will do all of this, but it'll still happen despite the floor work!

We had BOXES on Friday. Many thanks for your support.
JBond/Jana - 2 Bags Chicken Snackers, Chicken Strips for Janie, 36 cans Tuna, 2 bags Horse Snackers, Cup of Chicken Bites, Bag of Iams Kitten, 12 pks of Broths, Case of Crave large cans, 2 Cases Friskies Large Cans, 2 cases Friskies, Bag of Solid Gold Food, 3 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 boxes Delectables, 3 cases 9-Lives Spot Farm Chicken Nuggets for Janie
FOr Beginning the New Year!----25 Hot Cups,  two bottles with chocolates, Lots n Lots of Assorted chocolates, cookies and candy, 2 Boxes Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks, K-Cups: Chocolate & Peanut Butter Coffee, Kahlua Coffee, bag of ground coffee, Moose Munch Coffee 3 pkgs Shortbread Cookies and then.......the beautiful Monarch & Black Swallowtail Butterfly Different sizes photos by Jana framed and ready for the new Butterfly Room.  A mounted Blue Morpho Butterfly for Jacci  JBond helps with the population of butterflies. She puts the newly emerged butterflies in her garden where they then begin their new life! Also Chickie $2 bills 

Gail (Jana's mom) Box of Melanie Chocolates for FFRC and a Donation
Lina (Jana's employee) 2 Boxes of Russian Chocolate marshmallows covered in Chocolate, very yummmy!

Elaine & Alan - FL  Hand Colored Card by Elaine with Donation in memory of LittleKat
Bonita M/JeezerMD - MD  Coupons

Jabberwockysmom/Iowa Cat Lady Maria and the Magnificent Seven : Jabberwocky the First, Phoenix, Zeba, Robie, Walter Payton & Singer  - A Card with Donation

Kelly R/Littleonemine - Donation
Jan/Farmgirl - Donation
Randy P - MD - Donation
Terminator -   Thank You Card  and Chicken $5

Angelica - Brazil  Embossed with Paddys photo and names Key Fob (love it!), 2 monogrammed towels for FFRC, Joy Cook Snackers for Janie, 2 Pouches for kitties

Jo603 - Box Tops, Kitty T-Shirts 1 -M 2 L 2 XL and 3 XXL  $10 each
Great Aunt Julie - IA  Blade Sharpener for surgical blades
Plee - box Tops, 19 beautiful pillowcases made by Plee, and lots of recycled pillowcases, towels & blankets

LJ - ME  24 Rolls Paper Towels, 10 Tubs Clorox Wipes, Case of Wellness Pate
Nona - 3 Bags Wild Bird Seed, 2 Bags Mealy Worms

Remember when we use to participate in the ResQwalk?  It's on again!  Walk, jog or bike for FFRC--every mile helps FFRC and each mile helps you!  Check it out!  Download the app from Select “Friends Of Feline Rescue Center” as the org. you wish to walk for and start walking!  

Smoochie is doing wonderful in his new home!  Dr. Darcy says that either her dad is following Smoochie around or Smoochie is following her dad around!  I think they fit each other very nicely!

I've also heard from PiperJo's family. Her new name is Luna. And they absolutely adore her. "She has such a perfect personality, she loves to play and prance around the house and she snuggles with us all the time"!  

We have an update on Aladdin! "He is doing great. we love him so much and the other 2 cats have adjusted well to an active kitty. We named him Oliver and he weighs over 5 lbs now. He loves to be cuddled--thank you to your volunteers who held him so much and got him used to it. He sleeps on ou beds and loves to be wherever we are!"  

We have more thanks to give! 
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
James W--donation to FFRC
Michelle & Mary LF--donation for Spiker's medical care

Spiker is doing much better.  It was noticed a week or so ago that he seemed to be more wobbly than normal.  When he toppled over, I noticed 3 of his 4 feet were enlarged.  I took pictures and showed her. She confirmed what we thought--Puffy Feet.  Yes, that is what it's actually called.  It is a plasma cell pododermatitis, sometimes also called Pillow Foot.  It's a condition which causes severe inflammation on the foot pads. All ages & breeds can be affected. The exact cause for this is largely unknown.  It could possibly be even from a malfunctioning immune system. Antibiotics and steroids are the usual treatment which is what we did for Spiker (per our vet).  He is much better.  Sometimes it will stay away and sometimes will resurface.  We'll be keeping a close eye on his feet. 

Very cold temps are heading this way.  Wednesday and Thursday the lows are predicted to be minus 16 (without the wind chill added in).  If you too will be experiencing this cold, please check the outside animals so they stay warm and dry.  We'll be double checking all of our heaters, heat lamps. electric water bowls and that all beds are clean and dry.  Take care and you all stay warm too!