Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday, Jan. 4, 2019

Muppi is doing wonderful! This white calico girl is tough. Even with all her problems, she is a beautiful purr-er and loves to be petted.  She's had her first 2 vaccines and so was out of her pen yesterday. She got along great with the other cats and kittens in the back/front Thumper's Room.  She will now stay on the floor. She is still getting 2 antibiotics a day. I've talked to Dr. Darcy about her and she will examine her on the 12th.  For right now, we continue to work on getting her healthier. She's already gained 3/4 of a pound! All in all, she will be spayed, leg amputation, tail amputation and both ears will have the frostbite removed so her ears will be shorter. This will all probably be 2 different surgery times. Muppi is enjoying good food and lots of TLC.

We weighed the Persian babies this morning--they are ALL between 2.01 to 2.05! -all made their 2 lb. goal! They have been eating tremendously good this week--devouring their meals which are every 3 hours. They all get time in the Main Area at least once a day. They sure do love that. Even the "P" litter kittens come up! Ponce is the biggest of these 4 and Piper Jo is the smallest.  Right now, 3 of them have made weight for the Jan. 12th surgery date. 

Here's some upcoming dates:
Jan. 7, Monday--HumaneOhio surgery day
Jan. 8, Tuesday--Flash Sale--Joni has made beautiful cat tiles! This flash sale will only be part of them. Another Flash Sale later for the others. This one is basically for some of the Main Area cats.  Time: 11:00 am
Jan. 12, Saturday--FFRC surgery day
Jan. 16, Weds.--Mich and Vern Flash Sale  2:30 ish
Jan. 21, Monday--HumaneOhio surgery day and board meeting
Jan. 27-30--Fun-Raiser!  Great items
Jan 30, Weds.--BOXES at 3:00 with Fun-Raiser drawing right afterwards! 

We have thanks to give and we are so grateful for you all!
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Leasa S--donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with Muppi's medical care.

Burgundy--donation for Muppi's meds and surgery needs
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
YvonneVDK--donation for Muppi's needs

Maureen M--donation to FFRC & Happy New Year
Hettie's meowmy--donation for FFRC
Mindy R--donation to FFRC, in honor of Schinn

Bonnets to BUstles--donation for FFRC's medical needs, in memory of their kitties and doggy that have passed and in honor of their current kitty Carnie. 

And then we have thanks for BOXES which were yesterday! 
Eaglewatcher/Beth - IL  5 pkgs Bondi Licks. 4 8ct Boxes Bondi Licks, 2 Boxes Little Soups

Just Me/Kathy - IA  4 Boxes of Bondi Licks.. for Vern & Friends
Andrea F - 3-16lb Bags Purina One
Annie G & Debbie M - 4 big bags of Litter

Preakness - CA  (using moms credit card shhhhh) for Vernie and his friends Box of Bondi Licks

Caitlin - 1000 6" paper plates
Anony - 6 pkg Bondi Licks, 4 Boxes Delectable Bisque and Box of Soupers

Ollie the Hooligan & Gene the Monster - For their FFRC buddies - 16 Cans of Chicken

FaithyMD for her Hobbit Birthday - 25 piece Toy Pack with great toys!, tub of Greenie Snackers, Case of 24ct Friskies, Box of 18 Pringle Singles

Tom & Linda C - IL  Donation
Gladys & Honey - BC, Canada - Christmas Card with Donation
Marilyn & Terry B - KItty Card and Chicken $5
Annette B with Flynn, Elsie, Lucky & Trill - NC - Kitty Christmas Card
Lilly, Sassy & Mom Steph - Kitty Christmas Card with note & Donation & whiskers!

Deptford/Pauline - UK  Christmas card & Note
Randy P/Pennysmom - MD  Donation for General Use & Donation for Feliz Navidad

M&M/Mary & Christine M - Christmas Card with note & Donation in memory of Jord

Gary & Audrey P/AJPritting - Christmas Card with note & Donation in honor of the Moine Family

Richard, Joan & Carnie S - MD  Christmas Card
Carlos/Pacatso & Sunny & Sophie (dog)--card and letter.  Really likes Lucie! 

Nicola/Aussiecat with Murphy & Nellie - Australia - Kitty Christmas Card made by her mother
Ray & Rosanna G - CA  Christmas Card
Bill & Johanna M - OH  Donation
Alan & Elaine - FL  Handmade Kitty Card with note, Flat of Stamps & Donation in memory of LittleKat

Trace, Phil & Bella/Philbellaandtrace - Kitty Christmas Card with Note & Donation

We had 21 adoptions for December! And January should see quite a few adoptions as well.  Once we get these kittens spayed/neutered, many will be on their way to their new homes.

Here's a message from the family that adopted Cherokee---"He quickly became on of the family. He is such a little cuddler."    So nice to hear!

Sinbad has discovered he has kangaroo legs. He can easily jump in a giant leap up to the countertops. And when he's running room to room, he does huge leaps over the cats that are in his path! 

 If you see a streak of black dragging a washcloth, that would be Mr. Anderson! He snags any small pieces of material and loves to run around dragging them between his legs!

Some of you may have noticed that Paw Paw/Bruno has a significant limp.  We're not sure what he's done but we are treating him.  He continues to be wonderful with the kittens and will even bathe them. Hoping he will continue to be a significant part of our kittens lives as he brings a sense of calmness to the other cats.  

Lucie is doing wonderful. Such a sweetie. She hangs out alot in the purple office--she has a couple special beds there and is close to the food, water and litterbox.  Janie frequently naps in her bed with her. 

Take care and enjoy this first weekend of 2019!