Monday, January 7, 2019

Monday, Jan. 7, 2019

Wonderful day already because it's a spay/neuter day!  We sent 35 cats to HumaneOhio.  There were 10 males and 25 females. This makes our total now..........36!  We had a Voucher neuter so grand total to get us started is 11 males and 25 females.  Our next HumaneOhio is 2 weeks from today.

Many thanks to Becky M, Mary Braid and Donnajb for helping with the check-ins. 

This is probably really pushing it, but wouldn't it be wonderful is we could hit 1,200 for 2019?!  We are really at our max of how many events we can do.  Compared to 2018, we are doing 24 spay/neuter events with HumaneOhio this year.  Last year it was 22. Plus we have our FFRC surgeries here. We'll keep pushing those numbers!

This Saturday is our FFRC spay/neuter date and we're going to be hopping busy.  Here's a tentative schedule----
Spays: Azzilee, Edwina (plus an eye enucleation), Mystic (plus a nasal repair), Monique, Piper Jo, Pickles, Lynzee, Glory Joy and a public spay.

Neuters: Pendy, Ponce DeLeon, Tang, Charlie, Jabberwalky, Atis, Purrfloof

Others: for past persian adoptions--2 nasal repairs plus Sinbad needs his pin removed

In addition, Lancelot will have his middle ear infection checked
PawPaw--recheck heart murmur
Barin--recheck heart murmur
Smoochie--recheck left eye
Tyler--recheck several things
Janie Dog/Cat--has a growth on back

A very busy day.  But productive.  Many of these kittens will be able to get to their adoptive homes once they've had their spays/neuters!

We have thanks to give!
Donavon S--donation to FFRC for Jackson II and Victor and friends
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
William K--donation for FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Kris M--donation to FFRC in honor of Eddie White's birthday

Tomorrow is a special day--11:00.  It's a Flash Sale for part of Joni's awesome FFRC cat tiles! Sorry, no pre-sales for this one.  Have fun and join us!

Did you know that viewers can make a donation to FFRC thru YouTube?  It's true!  If a person makes a donation to FFRC thru YouTube, a banner with the amount and name is displayed for a short time. We thank you!  Just a thought though---if you have a choice of YouTube or PayPal, we suggest PayPal.  The reason is that YouTube takes out a hefty 30% fee.  PayPal is much lower. We are always appreciative of all donations!

Right now we have a possible 12 adoptions coming up soon.  They are: Azzilee, Tyler, Charlie, Purrfloof, Linzee, Tang, Jabberwocky, Atis, Ponce De Leon, Mystic, Pendy and Piper Jo!

You might've noticed that Monique, Cornelio and Rocky have not been on the floor since early Friday, in the back Thumper's Room. Monique developed a rather nasty case of mastitis. She's doing much better now. We kept all 3 in the top 2 condo pens. They probably will be down again today or tomorrow.

We took in 6 new little kittens on 1/4. They are called the Abel Litter.  And one after another, as we pulled them from the crate, we ended up seeing 6 black kittens! And they are ever so sweet. Mama had arrived at a person's property. He took her in and let her have the kittens inside. They've never been outside.  Mama will be spayed thru FFRC/HumaneOhio on 1/21.  We have 5 girls and 1 boy. Their birthday is 11/23 and they are 6 weeks old. they are:
Sabel, girl, black/little white tummy
Kabel, girl, black/little white tummy
Fabel, girl, black/bigger white tip tail, with little white tummy
Gabel, girl, black/smaller white tip tail, big white tummy & chest
Mabel, girl, black/white tummy & armpits
Abel, boy, black with white tummy and little white armpits
Okay......will you be ready for a test?!  These will be doozies to tell apart!

We also took in another kitten this morning. A real sweetheart.  A friend of FFRC's was following a car and she saw them toss a kitten out of the window while the vehicle was moving. Fortunately this kitten took a big roll without breaking any legs and injuring it's face, which is usually the case.  Her name is Glory Joy.  Her birthday is 10/15/18. She is 12 weeks old. Glory Joy is a gray and white long hair kitten--so beautiful. And has a purr that sounds like a lion! She's very happy to be here and so are we.

We also had 2 more adoptions!
March--our sweet boy was adopted by a young man who really was so ready to have March be his special pet!  He called yesterday and said March is doing good. He likes to have lap time!

Aladdin--our little gold/white boy went to a home that has been so patient with him. We knew that Aladdin was a tad shy but with lots of TLC here, it sounds like he's adjusted very well.  The family has already contacted us and is so very happy with Aladdin. Sounds like Aladdin has slipped right into their home and hearts!

Enjoy the kitties and cats......they love to share their lives with you all out there in camland! Won't be long until there will be 7 more kittens on the floor. Definitely will be doing the kitty-shuffle!