Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Swing that sledge hammer!  Saw that 2 x 4 out of there! Pull that board off the wall! Pry that vinyl board off! Sweep up all the sawdust! Pull those nails out!  Lots of action here. Our new room design project has started. What is that, you say?  Yes, we are doing a project that requires demolition and then construction. We have spent a good week going thru closets, cabinets and drawers--doing a cleaning and reorganizing. And then Tuesday, we found out Tri-County could start the project Thursday, today!

At first, I did a hip-hip-hooray. And then I realized......oh my! That's only 2 days away! But, our awesome volunteers came thru again. We spent Tuesday and Weds. emptying the closets and cabinets that would be involved. And then yesterday we tore apart one closet, one whole wall and a big cabinet. Today, the guys from Tri-County are here and right now they are taking down the remaining needed walls, one cabinet and one closet in Kitty Campus.

The look of the new project will be that Kitty Campus, a storage room (food/laundry items) and a new Cat's Corner Room will all line up on the far wall, with the fronts of the rooms all straight in a line.  The old Cat's Corner Room will be torn down. The new Cat's Corner Room will have a sliding glass door so we have a good view of them! This will also give us a more wide open view for the cammers.  And we will be able to store all the immediate food needs, bedding, adoption items, toys, etc. in the storage room.

For safety while the guys are working, we have kittens in the Back Thumper's Room and more of the teenagers and cats in the purple office and the Kitty Kabana. 

This has something to do with our 20th Anniversary this year--I don't know all about it but for more info, you can contact   

Tuesday, we sent Barin and Sinbad to the vet's office.  Sinbad had an x-ray of his pinned leg. The x-rays shows that the pin is fully embedded in the bone and so there is no need to remove the pin! Barin had a chest x-ray done and a ultrasound of the heart.  The results: does show a 4/5 out of a 6 heart murmur. There is some sloshing of the blood mixing back and forth on the right and upper side of the heart. Of all the places to have this, this section of the heart is the most safest. The left side of the heart would be worse. There is no murmur regurgitation at the valve. His heart is not abnormally big--not like what a cardiomyophy heart would show. But, with age, his heart may eventually overwork and get bigger. BUt for now, his foreseeable future is bright!

Monday was our HumaneOhio Spay/Neuter day.  It was bitterly cold and the roads were slippery, but we still had 30 cats to send.  The numbers:  12 males and 18 females! Two of these cats were from FFRC--PiperJo and Monique. Both are doing super!   

We've had 2 more adoptions! 
1/21--Smoochie went to his new home! And his new home is with Dr. Darcy's dad. He wanted the companionship of a pet. Sweet boy Smoochie was chosen!

1/23--Piper Jo went to her new home! This little girl was loved by her new mama, when she was picked out weeks ago.  An extra sweet adoption! She has a kitty friend at home.

We also took on a new cat---a long hair beautiful calico.  Her name is Feather and she is 15 months old with a birthday of 10/1/16.  She had been found and taken in during the cold weather. She was then taken to Dr. Darcy's where it was realized she is pregnant. An X-ray revealed probably 4 kittens. We were asked if we could take her on, which we said yes to.  She's a real sweet girl. It's a wait and see for when she will be due for her babies.

We have some thank yous to give!  We are always so grateful for your support. 
LostGirl--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to FFRC in honor of Barin
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Napa--donation to FFRC, in honor of Donnajb's birthday
Janet K--donation to FFRC
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Wanda E, our portrait friend--donation from a portrait order

All is good here. Despite the noise of the demolition and construction, the cats and kitties are really rather calm.  Eddie White, Desi, Magic and Rill are sleeping here in front of me.  There's 8 cats on the floor here in the purple office, just snoozing away. Ramsay, Lucie and Hatima are also doing great--relaxed.  The kittens are dividing their time between snoozing, eating and playing--all calm there too.  If it's safe and we get the floor all clean, we will let the cats back into the Main Area this evening. And then we'll place them again tomorrow in their safe areas.