Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Snow, snow, snow!  We did indeed get some snow and now cold temperatures. Very windy last night. Monday the low is suppose to be -12.  And the crazy thing is----it's suppose to be high 30's on Tuesday and Wednesday. The outside cats and farmyard animals are all doing good. They sure love the heat lamps. They're getting plenty of food to also help keep them warm. And they have lots of beds. The horses requested extra carrots and snackers and an ear of corn each! Our snowplow is here right now plowing the parking lot!

We have HumaneOhio scheduled for tomorrow, with a full schedule.  I believe it will still be a go. I talked to HO and they said they would only cancel if it's a Level 3, which we are not. The only thing though, they do not like to do spays on cats that will be outside. The reason is that the female cats receive a full surgical shave on their tummies. And in this weather, they would be too cold outside. So.......our numbers may be lower tomorrow. 

We had BOXES on Friday.  Many thanks! The cats too are very grateful.
Ann, Kevin & Bailey - UK - Kitty Card - Anns first attempt at knitting and she sent the kitties a gorgeous afghan    4 Kitty Tea Towels for a Flash Sale

JBond - Bath bombs, Essential Oil Bombs for Jacci !!
Tammy & Keith - PA - In loving memory of Mystic, a letter & a Stone for the Garden " Our Little Angel"

Sandy/TearsFromADream - 24ct Meow Mix cups & 12ct Meow Mix cups
Cait - 640 6" styrofoam plates & 1000 6" paper plates

Art & Doris - Colorful Yoga Mat
Dawn N - 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 9 Cases 24ct Friskies, 10 Boxes of Whiskas Fish and Chicken  

LJ - 30 cans Grain-free Wellness
Barbara - SC - 10 Leggie & Biggiedews

Clark, Jesse & The Rest - Happy 16th Birthday Sevaun 15 Jan 2003 with Chicken $5
Judy & Phil - Donation

Patrick & Vicky parent of Clark, Jesse & The Rest - Donation
Don & Joy D with kitties - Kitty Card with Donation
Sue/macandcheeseanddoodlesmom - Note with Donation

Plus, we have more thanks to give!
Eric M--donation to use where needed
Jane M--donation in honor of Farrah

Love those Giggles Scenes!  We now have FFRC Captures and Captions Giggles Scene #34. Derecho loves directing these Giggles, with help from his Auntie Kathy.  Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC.

We've had two more adoptions!
Glory Joy was adopted on 1/18. She was adopted by a lady who really wanted a kitten friend! I've already seen a picture of her holding Glory Joy--so very sweet.

Mr. Anderson was adopted on 1/18. Yes, our Mr. Anderson found a home. And not only a home, but a home where his brother Lamani is!  Lamani was adopted 11/20. I told the new mom before adoption that he was a thief--loves to take towels and washcloths and drag them around. I told her he loves the sink and water and enjoys walking around shaking water everywhere. She was also told that he is obsessed with helping with food preparation on the counter. But, she was also told how wonderful he is, how loving and so sweet. And.........she still wanted him!!! She said Lamani needed a friend/brother to keep him busy.  You see, Lamani is alot like Mr. Anderson.  And he also loves water!  I've already seen two videos of the two playing--didn't take long to get that house rocking and rolling! 

I've seen so many pictures of our recent adoptions and have received messages. It sounds like they are all happy and have slid right into their new homes!  This is what rescue work is all about--adopting into wonderful homes! 

The back Thumper's Room is closed!  That's the first time for about 3 1/2 months! All the kittens are now up in the Main Area. We are definitely doing the kitten shuffle, especially when the zoomies hit them.  There's 11-12 of them that we feed extra during the day in Cat's Corner Room. They are so smart---they already know to run to their room to eat! 

Our FFRCNation is absolutely the kindest, most compassionate and supportive group of people You've responded to the Paddy boys and their mama Rosemary's video in such a positive way to help us with our WiFi problem!  We were hoping to have $500 donated for this project.  You all have donated $1, 550!!!!  Just awesome!  We have now added a UniFi antenna/access point to strengthen our WiFi. We will also purchase a warranty now on this equipment. With the extra, we will save this as a reserve for cables and an emergency fund for equipment in general.  Plus the warranty for the main and kabana computers will be due again in September.  Many many thanks for your support!  

A true story!  While feeding the outside cats their breakfast this morning, Donna saw a grey tiger cat again. She's been telling me about this same cat the last few days. Donna told me it sure looked like she was pregnant--so wide--couldn't hardly fit thru the catdoors of the Firehouse. And then, there she was--a big smile on her face--carrying a crate with this pregnant cat.  So excited as no cat should be having kittens in this cold weather outside.  We put her on the counter, got her out--was quite a feat, as she was indeed very wide.  And look under the tail confirmed it.......she is a he and his name is Greyson, one of the farmcats!!  Apparently, I mean he has been eating extra to keep warm this winter!  He's very proud--he's second to Sevaun!