Monday, December 31, 2018

Monday, December 31, 2018 Happy New Year!

Happy 2019 New Year!  New Year's most glorious light is.....hope. It's a wonderful thing. I have always liked this quote from Helen Keller:  "Your success and happiness lies in you.  Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties." 

We had BOXES on the 28th.
Anony - 40lb Bag Dr. Elsies Litter
Anony 2 Bags Purina One

Sara H/Eaglefan4ever - 2-24ct Boxes of Friskies Gravy Pouches
Linda S  16-12ct boxes Friskies Gravy Pouches

Sean G - bags of Ireland Crisps variety of flavors
Mr. G - OH  2 Cozy Kitty blankets, Scratching Post

JBond - 23-24ct boxes and 1 12ct box of Friskies Gravy Pouches, collar & Tie for Kitty pictures
Deb11111 MN  12 Tubs of Temptation Snackers

Pat Lee/Plee - 3 boxes Fancy Feast Broths
James with Elektra, Mermaid & BlueJay - Hatima clock to re-sell or use as you see fit.

Anony - Elastic beaded kitty Very cute
Sharon R - WA Lots of Box Tops

JJ - PA  with Blossom, Oatmeal, Patsy, Rebar & Wilson the dogKitty Christmas Card with Note and Chicken $5 & 2 Big Cats 2019 Calendars 
Pleblady - 20 Cans of Salmon

Jeannette B & The Fur Haven Kitties Ricky, Gracy, Arnie, Zeke, Bynne, Nels, Mattie & Gray - Kitty Christmas card with note
Twkitty with Simon, Sophie & Doodle - Kitty Christmas card with Note & Chicken $5

Denise G - WA  Christmas Card with hugs for Hatima, Cutie, Elsie & Barin with 2 Chicken $5
Jackie W - AZ  Kitty Christmas Card with note & Chicken 3-$5

Ayersville Middle School--donations for the cats!

We had another adoption! Saki went to her new home.  She went thru a short virus that slowed her up a bit. And then......when she started feeling better, she took off like crazy!  Her go home weight was 3.02.  She went to a loving, kind home!

Update on Barnabus....we've had 2 recent updates! He enjoys sleeping in a chair in front of the fireplace. He also comes out more each day. This family is so patient with him and doesn't rush him.  His pictures look wonderful--relaxed and healthy.

Update on Reglisse. His new name is Link. "Link is doing great! He has settled in nicely and already knows that Noah is his guy. He follows Noah all around the house. He is very talkative and we are learning his different meows."

We have more thanks to give!
Lorene B--donation to FFRC
Michael S from VA--donation to FFRC
Melanie H--donation for FFRC
Luther H from WA--donation for FFRC
Suzanne dR from OH--donation in memory of Rufus and Davey to FFRC
BillieK--donation to FFRC in memory of sweet Giovanna

We took in a new cat yesterday that surely does need help. She was found by friends of FFRC, called and then brought her in. Her name is Muppi, after another friend of FFRC. She's a beautiful calico with multiple problems: 1 K9 tooth and most of the incisors are missing, tiny frostbite on her cheek, both ears and tail have significant frostbite, fleas 2/5, infected rear leg that is half missing, emaciated/dehydrated (her weight is only 4.01).  And yet, she purrs and purrs and asks for nothing but food and lots of TLC. What a sweetheart.  Muppi's on 2 antibiotics and soreness meds. Fluids was given initially. A bubble bath made her look and feel so much better!  She would welcome your good thoughts and prayers. She will need multiple surgeries (ears, tail and leg).  Muppi's a young adult with a birthday of 6/24/18.

Just an FYI--we are open today till about noon. Closed tomorrow as that will be my family's Christmas, New Year's Day, Steve and Sam's birthday all tomorrow!

The Covies, Porchies, Barnies and Firecats are all doing good.  The weather hasn't been too cold this month. All have their warm places to nap in.  The farm animals too are all doing good.  Those baby guineas that we raised here---they are all adult size now and run around crazy as only guineas can do!  The 2 baby peacocks too are growing and are about 1/2 size of mama now. The peacocks come up daily for their mealworm snackers! 

Psssst...........just a little info as details aren't worked out yet. A super duper awesome special flash sale coming up in January.  You'll love it!  More as soon as we work out details! 

Tonight is New Year's Eve!  Come join the fun and watch our annual Ball-Dropping at midnight. Yes, that's right........the cats have their own New York style ball, but filled with goodies! A toast of catnip to you and your kitties!