Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday, December 23, 2018

2 more days to Christmas and the cats and kitties are still being so extra sweet and fun! They are dreaming of chicken treats (from their $5 chickie monies), ham bone (which is actually a surprise for today!) and of course, their baked turkey.'s going to happen! They've all been so very good---Santa is pleased!

We had another adoption yesterday.  Agnes went to her new home. She is going to be the pet for a 15 year old young man.  This will be his first kitten and he was very ready for this event.  He's been here twice and both times, Agnes found him! 

We've had an update on Myra who was adopted a few days ago.  I got to see the video of the surprise gift to her daughter and it was so very sweet to see.  They all love her already. 

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES yesterday and it was wonderful! I'm so very grateful for these gifts to FFRC and the cats.
Santa Paws - MA  Kitty Christmas Card, 3 wonderfully scented large Yankee Candles

FFRC caresandsodowe - 9 Boxes Purr Bites, 10 Bag Purr bites Snackers

RoseSF6cats/Rose & Rich with Mable, Fluffy, Brownie & Checkers - IA  Christmas Card Tunnel and House to attach , Dream Bones for Janie, 4 Purple scrubbies for Jacci & Angel Pin (extra thanks!)

Sean G--- Tub of Cadbury Heroes (delicious)
JBond 3 pkgs Cough remedies (used last night and slept good!),  5 prs of Jingle Bell and 5 prs of Christmas light earrings

Audrey/AJKitty &  Gary--​Huge tin of Popcorn, Cheese, Butter & Caramel  🙂

Hazel S - Christmas Card, Pet Hammock, Scratching post, Pet Stage Cathouse & Kitty Toys, ​10 Fridge Magnet Frames, For Spiker & Friends: Play sack w/bird sounds, Shark Kitty bed, Kitty book page holder, Vancouver Canada Magnet,  Crazy Cat Mama mug for Jacci 💚

Harry K from PA-- Note & Rudolph 1oz Copper Coin, Christmas stickers
Nancy S - WA  Donation in honor of Ramsey & Friends

Shawn/HappyFlame - For Steve & Jacci: 2 Gift Cards for Red Lobster, Kitty Christmas Card with Donation  plus Kitty Christmas Card for Vols with Donation

Hanky Grapevine-- Christmas Card with Donation in honor of Barb W our wonderful FFRC Volunteer
Anita S - NY  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
Eleanor S with Natasha & Savannah - CT  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation in memory of Bridgett

Joanna/Jo603 B - NH  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
BoPeeps FL  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation 

Sue/macncheeseanddoodlesmom - Kitty Christmas Card with Donation in honor of Alma, Derecho, Marilyn & Spiker

Fran S - ME with Headlight, Daylight, Starlight & Brightlight,   Kitty Christmas Card with Donation in honor of Aunt Susan/Schinn, our Mod

WildCat - IA  Christmas Card
Flymom - IN  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
Janet S & Harley - IA  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation for Feliz Navidad Fund
Marilyn S - NJ  Christmas Card with Donation

Charlie & Lynne/MadisonPepper S with Kitties: Christmas, Michael, Madison & Pepper - NV Christmas Card with Donation 
Linda R, Lynne S with Hoffie the dog & Pauly the Cat - Christmas Card with 4 Chicken $5
Rosiland M - Northern Ireland - Pretty Christmas Card and a Calendar of Northern Ireland

We also had a few more thanks to give!
Brad, Shannon, Shannon's mom, Hannah & Gabi plus their cats--donation to FFRC< Iams dry food, cat toys, towel, cardboard fun toy, snackers
Fran D--donation to FFRC, from a friend Belinda M--a $5 chickie money and in honor of Derecho
Susiepat & hubby and kitties Lucy and Charlie--donation to FFRC, use where most needed
Todd S from OH--donation to FFRC
Lynda S--donation to FFRC, give Mystic a hug
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Katerina W--donation to FFRC

The Persian babies continue to have their little sprints up to the Main Area. We open their door a couple times a day to let them investigate. They also get faces cleaned twice daily and their fur combed, brushed and fluffed twice a day.  Mama Singita is doing good. Atis's to-be-family was here to visit him yesterday.  Needless to say, they love him!

Sweet Aladdin is coming around!  He is one handsome boy who is getting braver and more confident.
Lancelot is also getting braver. Plus, his head is "on straighter".  He's getting his medication for his inner ear infection plus exercise with the laser light helps too! 

Azzilee is doing better.  She's eating good and her unhealthy eye is healing nicely.  We'll have Dr. Darcy do the other eye removal hopefully on 1/12. She's a cutie! 

Pendy, Pickles, Piper Jo and Ponce deLeon spent 2 days here.  They went back to Auntie Peggy's for a few more days. All 4 are doing super--they are sweet, round and super active! 

Short blog........Zelda is pestering for more snackers and I must go and tend to her!  Have a great day.