Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas, Dec. 25, 2018

Merry Christmas to all of our FFRCNation.  Wishing you a peaceful, happy Christmas day.  May you enjoy it with your family, friends and of course, your pets! You are all so kind and the cats and I so appreciate each and everyone of you. 

We had ENVELOPES yesterday! Many thanks to all of you!
Andrea W - Christmas Card  and for JanieCat Griller Snackers
Jean T/Mrs Jeffrey  - VT  Kitty Christmas Card & Donation in memory of husband Jeffrey Ford

H Family - OH  Christmas Card
Scott, Heather, Stephanie, Samantha, Andrew & Carly - Family Christmas Card
Bianca D - WA Christmas Card
Sticky, Brandy, Jetty & Bingham - Christmas Card & Donation

Jeannette B & Furhaven Kitties Ricky, Gracie, Arnie, Zeke, Bynne, Nel, Maddie & Gray - TN  Kitty Christmas Card

Charlotte/Needtoretire - PA - Kitty Christmas Card & Donation
Mariah H with Dutchess & Teco - Christmas Card with 2 Chicken $5
Ellis & Barb I - OH  Donation
Craig, Mariann M with Daria & Daisy, Hope, Solee, Pippi & Mr. Fluffy -Christmas Card

Glynette Y - CA  Christmas Card & Donation
Beth/Eaglewatcher - IL  Kitty Christmas Card
Amelia M - ND  Christmas Card & Donation
Linda S - TX  Kitty Christmas Card with 2 Chicken $5 and 4 flats of Stamps
Howardena E, NY  Donation

And more thanks!
Yvonnevdk--donation to FFRC  Fröhliche Weihnachten
Lu-Little and Benny from UK--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Andrew W--donation to FFRC
Maite De C--donation for Giovanna and for Christmas
Eugenia S--donation to FFRC
Heather U--donation to FFRC

We've heard back from Banjo's new family--one of the Persians. His new name is Tator Tot and he makes his new mama smile! She says he basically runs the house and is curious, sweet and a little mischievous.

We have more kittens on hold--all the Persian 6 kittens, Jacob, Mystic, Ponce DeLeon, Saki and Cherokee! 

Update on our precious Giovanna.  Giovanna is now in kitty heaven. She passed away while being held and loved on.  We all knew this was coming--and it was time, as she was very tired.  Giovanna arrived here 12/14/16. We were always uncertain as to her correct age but felt she was in the geriatric group.  She had arrived very thirsty, very dirty (2 bubble baths took care of that!), and very hungry. She also was missing her front leg. We had promised her a life of fresh water, good food and lots of love.  While we will miss her terribly, I feel a sense of "it's ok" ---she is in a better place now and probably running fully on 4 legs. And she so knew she was loved. 

Have some fun:
Who is the super friendly 3 legged kitten that can leap right into your lap?     Sinbad
Who is the youngster CH that is exploring everywhere with confidence?   Hatima
Who is Marilyn's best friend?   Kiara
How many girls make up the Covies?    three
Who has a secret phone to call in pizza orders?!    Sevaun
Who is the cat that bosses me in the mornings to go sit at my desk?  Lucie
Who has a very kinky tail?  March 
Who will give kisses all day long to us?  Smoochie
Who loves "uppies" the best?  Vernon
Who is the boss of the Porchies?  Zavatar
Who is the box of the FireHouse cats?  Kerry
Who is our only long hair golden cat?   Jones
Who are the 2 active mama cats we have right now?  Singita and Monique
How many different types of birds on farmyard?  peacocks, guineas, chickens, ducks, geese
Who is the best helper for BOXES?    Zelda
Who are our 2 legged cats? Rosemary, Magic & Coralie
Who is the best breakfast assistant in the morning?  Mr. Anderson!

A special thanks to Adrian M for doing our cat advent banner again this year! We've all have so enjoyed it! 

The Persians will have time up in the Main Area again today. They sure know how to romp and zoom.  They look like little dust bunnies flying around!  We are hoping that all of them will be of weight for our next FFRC surgery date of Jan. 12.

Just feel the need to pass on my thanks for being a part of FFRC.  You all make a huge difference to this Rescue Center.  You are important to us.  The lives of these cats are so improved because of your support and kindness.  Take care and enjoy this truly special day.