Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday, December 28, 2018

The doors are open again this morning--all the way from the back Thumper's Room to the Kabana.  Can you hear it......the titter totter of 13 kittens. Sure do love that!  The 13 are of: Singita's 6 kittens, Mystic, Rocky, Cornelio, Pendy, Pickles, Piper Jo and Ponce DeLeon.  The "P" litter is back and have joined right in with the rest of the kittens. All are eating good. And all are absolutely so very sweet. Even Singita ventured up to the Main Area for a few visits. Monique has come as far as the Welcome Room.  And then Paw Paw--he simply goes wherever his heart desires.  They still have to go back to Thumper's Rooms to eat and nap and for night time--that way we can keep track of them better.

We have thanks to give:
Michelle & Mary LF--donation in memory of Giovanna--use for medical/dental care.
Lorene B--donation for FFRC
Pam H from OH--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Sandra C--donation to FFRC
Eike S from Germany--donation for FFRC

Dianne Beers family--Special donation to FFRC, in memory of her, by her family
Sandra Yoder family--Special donation to FFRC, in memory of her, by her family

A special thanks to Robin who had visited FFRC awhile ago. She's an awesome photographer and took many pictures while here. She sent lots of these pictures for FFRC to enjoy plus 2 books filled with pictures.  All are a real treasure.  Thanks, Robin!

Scott & Selena W--donation in memory of GIovanna--for something special in her name.  We are in need of a good otoscope with special items on it that Dr. Darcy would like to have here. I'll look into this and put this donation towards that need. This will benefit many kittens and cats.

I know people have been concerned about Kubu.  He's been having some problems of smacking other cats.  I know that is hard to see and we too don't like to see it.  But........we are working on him while at the same time trying to protect the cats from his whacks.  He's not only lost his loving home, he has lost his twin brother.  He's struggling right now trying to readjust his life.  I just know he can do it though--he has love in him and I'm sure he will settle down soon.  And then......a wonderful new home will open up to him.

We've had 3 more adoptions!
Reglisse--he went on 12/26 to a special home to be a special friend to a young man.  This young man visited many of the kittens and teenagers. And happened. Reglisse came over and plopped in his lap. He was the one!

Jacob--he went on 12/26.  He was a surprise Christmas kitten (to a family, given by her sister to sister!)  This family was so ready for a new kitten! I've seen pictures already and Jacob and family are so very happy.  Jacob hit the jackpot!

Cherokee--he went on 12/27. What a wonderful family.  They picked him out last week and was so excited to have Cherokee be theirs.  They are keeping his name!

We've heard from CoCo and Toodles new family--all is good and both cats are a hit!

We've also heard from Scotia. He is doing super good and so loves the windows where the bird feeders are. He chatters at the birds and the squirrels!

Upcoming surgery dates:
Jan. 7, Monday--HumaneOhio
Jan. 12, Saturday--FFRC
Jan. 21, Monday--HumaneOhio

Is this really December?  It's 51 degrees!  We opened up quite a few of the windows just to let some fresh air in. Nothing like good ole' fresh air after the windows have been shut for weeks!

A special story about our Moon.  We now know who her previous owner was. It's Neil, our wonderful guy that comes in once a week to keep our litterboxes scrubbed and sparkly clean!  He recognized her right away and she loved his special pettings to her.  Turns out he had lived just a block from where Moon was found. Due to circumstances, he had to move to a place where he could not have pets. But, his neighbor lady also fed Moon. And she agreed to continue her care--this was several months ago. Neil had cared for Moon for 8 years--Moon is 9 years old! He would keep her inside all winter but come spring and nice weather, she would insist on going back outside.  Now a change happened to Moon---the lady who was caring for her passed away. And Moon, hungry, wandered about. A friend of FFRC's (who lived that block away) saw her and brought her to FFRC to be spayed. It turned out she had been spayed years ago. I was so happy to hear this story from Neil.  He's hoping to eventually move again and if so, would love to take Moon with him.

Since Auntie Peggy brought the 4 "P" kittens back, she took little Edwina home with her for this week. She'll give her major TLC! A little of Auntie Peggy goes a long way!

Please always know if I miss any information, it's always ok to contact my email at  We try very hard to keep everything straight, but there's a lot of info that goes thru here and sometimes mistakes happen. Mistakes are easy to fix though! 

Have a wonderful Friday!