Thursday, February 7, 2019

Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019

We have babies!  Feather had her kittens during the night.  She was checked on late last evening--nothing going on.  This morning, I saw her ears sticking above the rat bed in the new Paddy's Place and sure enough--4 sweet little warm babies all nursing already! She's a sweet, happy mama--so content. No problems and all is well!

The 4 kittens--2 beige twins (males), 1 gold tiger (male) and 1 tiger/torti with a gold crown on her forehead (female).  We'll know soon enough if any will be long hair like Feather.  Right now, she is very content and happy in the rat house and so we will let her be there for now. She ate a good breakfast!

Upcoming Flash Sales!  We have 2 for February--these are the Quickie Flash Sales--short and sweet!  The first one is 2/12 and will be all blankies--different kinds--crocheted, biggeydews, leggydews.  The second one is 2/19 and will be the wonderful cat tiles that Joni made.  

We had BOXES on Tuesday. So much fun--we so love Boxes! They are a terrific help to FFRC
Linda L / Goss - 18 packs of Temptation Snacks, 24 cans of Tiny Tiger food, 2 containers of Litter 

J Bond - 2 gallons of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent,1 bag Friskies  gravy dry food, scratcher , 5 bottles of Mr. Clean, 2 bottles of All Purpose spray cleaner,   Belvita Snacks (yum), assorted cookie packs, fig newton's , pretzels, 5 packs fruit cups, computer mouse pad, 2 pizza T-Shirts 

JBond - Biggins & Littlens pads for under furniture to protect the floor, 2 Gal Arm & Hammer laundry soap, 2 bottles Surface cleaner, 4 Bottles of Mr Clean Variety of Flavors,  Bag of Friskies, Scratch Board, Vols: Motts Fruit Chews, Belvita Snack pouches, Cookies, Fig Newtons, 22 bags singles Snyders Pretzels, Rice Krispie Treats, 20 single bowls of Fruit & 12 Nutella snackers  We love our snackers too, just like the cats! lol

Kathy in WV - Kitty face door/window stickers

Jeanette H - Large Miniature Cat Collection Figurines, Little Cat Book This Cat Collection is wonderful!  We will get these in a sale! 

Don & Sandy - Case of 40ct Friskies, Case of Large Can Fiskies, Pania Flakes, 32oz Tub Temptation Snackers
Sunni J - WA  6 pretty Kitty Kitchen Towels, 2 Kitty Hand Towels, Cute Kitty Mug

NH Furry - 2019 CATATHON: Star Trek item 
Trudy B - RI  made by Trudy Bowl Holders Lots n Lots of them $ 15 a pair

Plee/Pat L - Paw Points & Box Tops - blankies for the kitties and 8 pretty pillow cases
Wendy - in Memory of Snuggles - Bag of 20 Toys, 4 cases Baby Food

Kris M - Big Soft Cushy Kitty Bed  Spiker has claimed another bed! 
Deb 11111 - MN   6 Boxes of Appetizers and Box of Fancy Feast Cups (favorite of Jessie)

Gossamer/Linda L - 18 Bags Temptation Snackers - Case of Tiny Tiger, 2 Jugs of Kitty Litter

Ron & Barb W - sponsorship for Spiker, Donation for Fred 10th birthday 
Ruth Ann P - Donation in memory of Mary Ann Fredrick
Gwen R - Angel Whiskers 
Hanky Grapevine- Stamps for Donna
Jeanne S - Donation for Feliz Navidad fund 
Tom & Linda C - Donation
Cheryl L - Coupons
Miranda - Coupons
Karen W - Blank Cards for FFRC to use!
Sue M (Mac&cheese mom) - Sponsorship for Marilyn 
Renee B - PawPrints 
Marilyn & Terry B - Chickie Dollars and note

FFRC Cares & So Do We - 5 gift cards These are special gift cards as they are from Derecho and his friends.  Here is Derecho's note: "Dearest Mama Jacci, we had a conversation at breakfast on January 28th and U said when the Construction Chaos was over, we would dress up and Celebrate at Captain D's. Can we go soon?? Hope This Helps!! ~Luv U Always, DERECHO & FRIENDS~"'s almost done!!!  And then it's Captain D's fish for everyone! 

We had another HumaneOhio surgery day on Monday! It was wonderful as we sent up 41 cats! What was astounding is that most of the females were already in heat.  Please........get those cats spayed and neutered. The days are already getting longer in light time and some of our temps reach 40's and 50's--a prime time for the first heat cycles of the spring.  The 41 cats were made up of 23 females and 18 males. 

We've had 4 more adoptions! I'm so thankful for such awesome homes!
Maya--adopted 2/4.  She went to a family that has a little baby--this baby and Maya are just 4 days apart in age and will grow to be good friends!

Atis--adopted 2/4.  He is the last of the 6 Persian kittens, babies to Singita. We all miss those fluffy kittens bouncing around here. He is doing good and loves his new mama. 

Rocky--adopted 2/5.  He went to the home that already has one of our Persian kittens, now called Panda. Rocky is doing great and has adjusted quickly. The two kittens are enjoying playtime together.

Muppi--adopted 2/5.  This turned out to be one of the sweetest adoptions for me.  Mupp so loved her new mama and dad. It was obvious that there was a spark between the 3 of them.  From her mom: "I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to adopt Muppi.  We have decided to rename her Pixie! She is absolutely amazing. She has made herself right at home, like she has been with us forever."  The pictures they sent shows Mupppi/Pixie already snuggling with the children. Makes my heart happy. 

We've also heard from Piper Jo's new family. Her new name is Luna. She is "growing like a weed and is such a cuddler"!  Love to hear this! 

And we have more thanks to give:
Fran D--donation to FFRC, in memory of a wonderful vet & loving humanitarian Dr. Ken Simmons, his wife Alice and their 2 dogs that passed away in a tragic airplane crash. 

Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Kimkost--donation to help with the construction project
BillieK--donation to help with Addy's medical costs
Donavon S--donation for Victor, Jackson II and all their friends
Jeffrey C--donation for FFRC

This Saturday is the cat show that I so enjoy going to. My friend Chris, from Dr. P's office and I have gone for many years. If  you are in the area, it's at the Lucas Co. Recreation Center on Saturday and Sunday. IT's the TICA cat show.

We now have 3 of the 6 black kittens on hold. They have a ways to go before they can be spayed. Our next surgery date here at FFRC is on March 9 which is when they will be scheduled. 

We also took in a new cat--a long hair black young adult now named Puddy. This is a Name a Cat name.  She arrived here for the HumaneOhio surgery date and did not have an owner so FFRC claimed her. She's a bit shy yet and is in the back Thumper's Room, along with Addy.  They are both growing in self-confidence.  Addy is doing very well and loves to be petted and talked to. I'm hoping she will decide on her own to leave the back Thumper's Room and come into the Main Area. It'll happen! 

Update on construction.  The only thing left to do is to anchor the counter and countertop to the wall.  The guys had to wait for the electrician to move the outlet above the top of the countertop.  Buck will probably be here today and tomorrow. He will help us with lots of little things that need done--cabinet door realigned, cat door put in Paddy's Place room, putting up the catwalks, etc.  And then we will be done. And the cats can have their Captain D's treat!