Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday, August 9, 2019

As I told the volunteers and the mods: Yes, we did it. It's done. Paw-Paw is shaved. While a few volunteers have tried to groom him, he is not receptive to the idea. Paw-Paw can be very cranky for his grooms. His fur was all oily, his curly abdominal fur was becoming uncontrollable knotty. make it easier on him, he was shaved--a Lion Cut. He has a severe heart murmur and with him being an older cat, I feel he didn't have to have that grooming done if he didn't want it.......and he didn't. So......the deed is done. And he actually looks rather handsome. This morning he even had a spring in his step--must feel so good!

Asia is doing very well from her pinning of her leg.  Condo rest is necessary as it turns out, she did indeed fracture both the fibula and tibia. Once Dr. Darcy started the surgery, she realized both bones were broken.  The pinned tibia will give stability to the fibula.  She just needs a bit of time to take it easy.  Today, she will go in the double condo to give her a little room to stretch.  She's being a good patient! 

Wednesday was our first ever Tubathon!  It was fun and provided a fun-raiser for FFRC.  Many thanks to Tracie, our volunteer for all the items in the sale. And many thanks to those that purchased the tubs of goodies. Another thanks goes to our Flashy Mods, Lynnette and Marcia who are a big help.  This fun-raiser made $420 for FFRC!

We had 2 more adoptions.  Both Noosma and Levi went to their new homes together!  Their new mama waited 2 weeks for them as they had to have their spay/neuter done before leaving! Levi's name stays the same. Noosma is now known as Lucy.  I've already heard from their mom--she says, they are both little cuddle bugs and having fun!  More adoptions coming up!

We had BOXES yesterday.  YOU make a huge difference for FFRC--many thanks.
Yvette - Our visitor this week from Netherlands - Lots of yummy goodies for FFRC
Jane 90125 - UK  6-10ct bags of Real meat snackers, Lg. Bag Purina One Kitten
Dimwit - 6 bags of squishy kitty toys, Multi Use Comb for grooming, 2 Cases Fancy Feast, 5 Gal. Mr Clean

Debbie M - TX - Pretty Jewelry - 3 Rescue mom necklace/pendants, 3 CatMom Bracelets, 2 Cat Necklaces
Joey3100 - 2500 Sheets Printer Paper
Plee - 2 Lg Bags Purina One

Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 Cases Fancy Feast
Sunnie J - Bag of Party Mix,  3 Hand Towels 30+ washcloths, Bag Clips, Santa Socks, Pkg color Printer Paper, Cards w/envelopes< Meow Measuring Cups, Kitty Adoption Folders, Postie Notes, Batteries, Kitty Soup Mug and 2 ceramic kitty design little plates

Cait - Box of 1000 Potty Bags
Karen B - 2 Cases 12ct Lipton Tea
MadisonPepper/Marilyn with Madison, Charlie, Christmas, Michael & in memory of Pepper - 3 boxes full of a variety of cat food, Fancy Feast, Tiny Tiger, Hills, and more.

Doris/Hatmaker - Kitty Blankets made with the yarn donated by RCcat9
Barbara E - 8 Pretty Leggie Dews and 8 Beautiful Adoption Bas
Dianna D - Pretty Teal Rug
Karen B - 70 Bottle Gatorade

Annie G - Knitted Kitties made by a friend, one is Hope the other two for Flash Sale
Diane L - Photo of her kitty Chaseman with a Note
Sue/Macncheesndoodlesmom - Sponsorship for Marilyn

Liz B - OH Card with note & Donation
TearsFromADream - Donation toward Vet Bill
Sheila J--- 2 Flats of Stamps
Pilvi - Card with note and Pretty picture of Muru

And we have more thanks!
Donavon S--donation to FFRC for the care of the cats
Faithy--donation for our spay/neuter fund
Gusti--to help with Asia's surgery
Lynne,  Kitty & Murphy from UK--donation for our work with the cats and kittens. 

This week has seen most of the kittens and cats being weighed, toenails trimmed, ears cleaned and treatments all caught up. the outside cats!  They have been wormed now and are being groomed. Our goal is to get all of their toenails trimmed next! 

The farm animals are all doing good.  The horses are rotated between 4 different corrals so their grass keeps growing.  The ducks and geese have been doing lots of tub swimming and occasionally go down to the backwater for a big swim. They always come back the same day. Guineas, as always, are loud--lol! 

The N litter and the E litter are doing wonderful.  They are little play machines! And so cuddly. Won't be long until they come up to the Main Area.

All is good here.  Only 29 more days to Catstock!