Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Happy day to you all!  Cats rae happy and healthy.  Kitties are crazy, silly and just overjoyed with the fun of being a kitty! Never a dull moment around here! 

We had wonderful, marvelous, awesome BOXES on Friday.  My heart is always grateful---from sponges to cleaning soaps, from litter to can food, from dry food to snackers, from glass cleaner to volunteer snackers, from lysol wipes to paper other words, we are sooooo grateful for all of the supplies!
Diane & Michael T - NY   Happy 3rd Birthday Card for Spiker with a Note
Jeanne S - FL  Donation
BYK Ins. - Chief Tapes

Elaine & Alan - FL  in memory of Little Kat, Hand colored Card and Book Mark, photo of a tiny Key Deer, Flat of Stamps, donation in memory of Little Kat and donation in honor of Bridget, Holly & Gaby
Maria & Miranda - Sweden   Happy Birthday Card for Spiker, Hatima and Lucie with 3 Chicken $5
Don & Sandy - 2 boxes 40ct Friskies

Julie, Lindsay, Paige & Malony - Day visitors 2 toys, Kitty Tent, Snackers & Canned Food
Rich & Rose/RoseSF6Cats - Stained Glass Hummingbird for Eldoras house, Paper Towels, 21 cans Friskies, Magic Erasers, Kleenex, Clorox wipes, Dawn soap & Donation

Chris W - Day Visitor - Canned Food, Sardines, Ham, Bag of Cooked and deboned chicken, Kitty Wipes & Baby Food Recipe

Brian C & His beautiful Rascal who was 23 yrs old on Aug 1 a Photo of Beautiful Rascal
4 cases Baby Food, 10 cans Sardines, 3 cases KMR, Case of 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 cases Whiskas Purffectly Chicken, 25 cans Tuna, 19 Cans Chicken, 4 boxes Fancy Feast Broths, 24 Bisque Delectables, 2 Laser Lights, 2 Wand Toys, 2 bags of Catnip Mice, 3 Yeoooow Bananas, 12 Purple Hand Towels, Box 500 ct Kitty Wipes, Mug: You Can't Tell Me What to Do ( to use as you wish), 4 Gallons Tide, 12 Dial Liquid Soap, 5 tubs Mr Clean Erasers, AA Batteries, 16 Tubs Lysol Wipes, Huge tub of Peanut M&M's for Lynnette, 7 pkgs Nutter Butters, Huge Tub of Cheese Balls & 3 of Animal Crackers one for Donna, 3 tubs Maxwell House Coffee, 4 Boxes 36ct Cheez Its, 2 Tubs Pretzel Sticks, 4 Boxes 12ct Austin Crackers, 2 Boxes Honey Maid Graham Crackers, 2 Boxes Frito-Lays Variety Pack   Wow and super big thanks!

Katherine M with Chance, Smokie, Greg, Pye & Doggie Taffy - 24 Kitty Adoption Folders, Box of 30ct Soups, 3 Boxes 10ct Squeeze-Ups, Bag of Bonito Flakes, Case of 11oz KMR
Janet & Susan - Case of Fancy Feast
Jeremy & Diane - Case of Fancy Feast 2 Bags 22lb Kitten & Adult Purina One

Tweeti Tweet - Case of Baby Food
Dimwit - Pet Dream Bead, babies love this bed!, squishy soft Square Sherpa Bed, 2 Gallons of Mr Clean , 144 ping pong balls
Donna B - GA  7 Boxes 12ct Fancy Feast Kitten
Anony Friend - 2 Cases Baby Food

Tomorrow, Cee Cee and Asia will both head up to the vet's office.  Many thanks to Auntie Beth for taking them.  She will drop them off and they will spend the day. We will bring them back yet tomorrow.  Cee Cee will have lab work done.  Asia has a limp that is a bit concerning and will have that x-rayed. 

Belle and her 4 babies have made it up to the Main Area.......finally!  It took them a while to decide that it was ok to venture forth!  Belle is doing awesome--such a great cat. And of course, the babies have endless play friends now!  Chaps is still in the back Thumper's Room along with two kittens that we are boarding. They are Mercury and Marge, kittens from here, siblings to Maggie!  They too may decide to come up and play this week.

We've had 3  more adoptions!
Sydney left on 8/2--she went to my daughter Dawn and her family.  He has been non-stop playing and cuddling. He's also made friends with Jilly already (another FFRC cat).

Precious left on 8/2--she went to a wonderful home with a great mama.  Precious actually picked out her mama herself and made it clear she was the one to go home with her!

Disco left on 8/3--she also went to a happy home and will have another cat to make friends with. Such a gorgeous kitten! I'm very sure she's found a great home!

We have more thanks to give!
Julie B--donation to FFRC, in honor of Snoopybaby's birthday!
Katherine E--donation to FFRC
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC, use where needed
Reschke Store--donation to FFRC
Michelle--donation to FFRC, in honor of her Mom Mary's birthday!
David, Christine & kitties--donation to FFRC, for the care of the cats/kitties
Harm B--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Burgundy--donation to FFRC, in honor of Snoopybaby's birthday!

Preparation for Catstock is progressing!  Catstock is September 7, Saturday. Maybe come fo the whole week, or more?!!  But, the Catstock itself is in the afternoon. The awesome band Strawberry Hill will be here and they are cool!  If you are here on Friday night, come join us for more fun! It's called Fire, Friendship, Food and a Movie!  We'll have a campfire, complete with s'mores, hot dogs and pudgy pies. That's right--a movie right here at our Shelter House, by the firepit!  It'll be on a big screen and be a family friendly movie! If you haven't made your reservations yet at a hotel, better call!  The more visitors, the better! 

And then there's the Catstock itself. Tons of food for lunch and supper! Fun things to do all afternoon but the best is meeting old and new friends! We'll also have a 50/50 drawing. You'll be able to see all the kitties and cats inside and visit the Covies as well. Our popular cat bingo is being planned too, along with some awesome prizes!

Just in case you need this info---our hotels of Defiance are:
Hampton Inn--419-784-1515
Holiday Inn Express--419-784-0782
Quality Inn--419-784-4900
Super 8--419-956-0841

There's also a The Inn on THird Street in Defiance--can book on line.

Tomorrow, Monday is our next Spay/Neuter day with HumaneOhio!  Bring 'em on--we want to do more and more spays and neuters!  Call 419-303-2400 for next available dates.

Have a great Sunday.