Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

Paw Paw is happy!  You can just tell that he agrees with his new summer hair-do!

Asia is having a bit of trouble--has an infection in her pinned leg. Is on antibiotics.

The doors are wide open in the early morning so the Main Area kittens can become friends with the N litter and the E litter.  Soon, all will be up in the Main Area.  We will really have to do the kitty shuffle then! 

We had two more adoptions!
Airabelle left on 8/9. Her new home is in Indiana and now has a mama that works but is still home alot! Airabelle is one of those special Farrah kittens, who were born on the day our wonderful Farrah passed.  Such a beautiful calico.

Hatima was adopted on 8/10. She is our black/white mod. CH cat.  She went to a home here in Ohio. I've already heard from her new mom and things are going wonderful.  Hatima is happy and already has sniffed noses with Frank, her housefriend cat who is also a CH cat. The videos shows tons of fun toys for them and a happy Hatima exploring her new home! 

I love each and every one of these kittens and cats.  Some adoptions are easier than others, but all are happy adoptions in the way that these cats now have their very very own home! I don't let them out the door unless I'm convinced the home is awesome, the cat/kitten will adjust nicely and that there will be plenty of love. 

We did have a return yesterday.  Mr. McWiggles is  back--he's the Balinese that was adopted on 6/16.  He was returned as the owner had some personal issues to tend to. Mr. McWiggles is already up in the Main Area and is strolling about like he never left.  Such an absolutely gorgeous cat. 

We've also heard from the family that adopted Precious. Her new name is Salem. She likes to play alot and take naps on her mom. She is becoming acquainted with Smudge, the resident cat.

Lena, our Meijer mama cat, is doing very well.  She arrived 8/9/19 after months of trying to get her. Her story has been on facebook, so I'll just give you the update..........she loves head rubs, ear scratches and back scratches too! The 5 kittens were born 8/8 between a wall and a pop machine. Lena is named after Fred Meijer's wife who is 100 years old.  The employees of Defiance Meijer's gave her that name and we had to keep it! Her babies are as round as can be!  And they have names!
Aleesha--female, bl/wh, bl dot on chin
Aleeta--female, bl/wh, rt. cheek black, left cheek white
Avianna--female, black with a tiny white on tummy
Arwen--male, black/wh, wh nose, black chin
AppleJack--male, black/white, bl. nose with 2 black dots beside the nose!
All kitten names are from the Name a Cat list

We have thanks to give!
BIllie K--donation in memory of Cee Cee and to help with Asia's medical bill. And a donation for Lena and her five babies!
James R--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Charlotte T--donation for FFRC
Martin M from UK--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Bob & Denise W--donation in honor of the guests at Amy and Ed's post wedding party! Amy is the wonderful person who brought Alma. 

We are taking on a new cat from Dr. P's office. This tiger/torti came in on Friday to the vet's office and immediately was recognized as a "wobbly cat".  We really don't know if she is a CH cat or if she has possibly a vestibular/ear problem. But, we do know her teeth and gums are very bad. She's thin as she's not been able to eat comfortably. She was simply found in a backyard. How she got there is a mystery as her condition would not have allowed her to travel very far. No age has been determined, other than not young. Her dental will be tomorrow, Tuesday so please keep her in your good thoughts and prayers.  She'll be here at FFRC later in the day.

We have been busy sprucing things up outside! Kitty City is so pretty--has two layers of fresh white paint. We continue getting the FFRC sheds painted--we want them to last a long time. The gazebo has a fresh coat of protective seal. Sticks are picked up, fence lines cleaned up!  All in anticipation of Catstock. 

26 days to Catstock!