Saturday, March 3, 2018

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Wow--our fun-raiser was terrific! I am so very very grateful.  My heart is always full with gratitude to you all.  Keeping up with our needs here at FFRC is sometimes difficult, but your support always comes thru. It's sometimes difficult to express how so thankful I am.  Please know my whole self is always grateful. You are appreciated! 

First, we had BOXES!  It was wonderful!
Kathy 831 - For Ramsay - Snackers & Bunnie blankie (he was snuggling with it already!)
Justin & Simone L  Lg box of spoons & box of Paper Towels
Tina - Sofa bed for kitties    So cute!
Mls - PA  Box Tops, Weight Circles & 2 books of postage stamps

Annie & Debbi - Box of Whiskas fish, 6 Wilderness pks, 2 boxes Fancy Feast Appetizers
Box of Fancy Feast Broths, 3 bags Dr. Elsies litter

Ska cat/Sam - NM  Case of Fancy Feast Kitten, Case of ProPlan Kitten, Science Diet Kitten

Neuromom/Sherri & David - NY  Card with Note - Weight Circles & 2 Chicken $5
Jeanne - FL  Donation to Feliz Navidad Fund

Clark Jesse & the Rest 
Happy 5th Birthday Alma  & Chicken $5
Happy 8th Birthday Ahsa  & Chicken $5

And then came the fun-raiser!
A   Wanda's Portrait              5x96             $480                      Gusti
B   Larrisa & Diana R            5x74                370                      Marcia Sch & Barb Wil
C   Cat sill & Scratch Post     5x92               460                       Anony for a Vol drawing
D Hello Kitty & cat sill           5x113             565                       Macncheesendoodlesmom
E   Flower Photo Canvas's     5x77               385                       Dewitty
F   Forever Pastel                   5x53                265                     Jacksmom
G  Cat sill & Nuvo Furniture  5x113              565                     Canton for Vol drawing
H  Cube bed & Cat Tree         5x142              710                    FaithyMD

Many thanks to our Bumper-Uppers!  Earth Eyes, Farmgirl, Eaglewatcher, Contessa & Family, Jo603, Nuthatches, Nitelilly, Ramyle. 

And then we drew Consolation Gifts--here's the winners: Dave & Pat H , Patcat, BillieK, Nitelilly, Mistykitty, Stripey & Dave, Scott & Selena, Janet S & Harley, Hencass, CrazyCatLady, Suebird, Laura Sap   

Items from this will go out the very beginning of the week! I'd also like to thank Lynnette, Marcia and Pat P for handling the tickets for this event.'s the totals: 
We had a total of $3800
Our bump ups were:   365, which brought the total to $4,165

And then the most magnificent thing!  All those donations $50 or more were matched by an Anonymous Friend to who I will be forever grateful to.  This match came to: $3,080

And now, our total came to a grand amount of:  $7,245!!!!!!!!!  Bills will be paid! 
Simply amazing and so welcome to receive. FFRC is so grateful for our FFRCNation of friends!

Today is our Pet Supply PLUS event.  We will be at the store from 11:00 to 1:00.  Thanks to Mary Braid who helped update our Event Tub of information. And thanks to Elizabeth and Tracie for their willingness to be at the store! 

I need to apologize for a mistake in the last blog.  We are not losing the Amazon revenue. We are though losing the Ustream revenue. I'm so sorry about that error.

Emma Jean is taking great care of the 4 babies. And today I saw a couple eyes looking at me! Their eyes are indeed opening. This is always exciting to see!

We have more thanks to give:
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Shannan Ward--donation to FFRC
Brad B from OH--donation to FFRC
Caitlin O'T--donation to FFRC
Donna B in GA--donation to FFRC, for Queen Coralie and Spiker
Gusti--donation for Neve and her sister Nedda

17 days to Spring!  We're ready!  I found the oddest thing yesterday---a gold coin.  It was in a pile of buff colored fur.  I have a feeling something is going on here in the Rescue Center. Those cats........they're always thinking of something!  Have a really nice weekend!