Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018

Grab a chair and a snacker--this is a long blog. 

Sweet Lucie---what a special cat she is. She so loves people and will stay in a lap forever. While her CH is severe, her determination to do things herself is extremely high. She gets place to place by herself but always appreciates a lift (because that means cuddle holding!). Lucie has such sleek black fur. One of her favorite things to do.........is to eat! That cat, even though she is a bit thin, sure can eat! She needs her bib though as her food tends to get "displayed" everywhere! But, when you can feed yourself, that is ok with us! If you come and visit, be sure to give her some lap time!

We had BOXES yesterday. And I mean A LOT OF BOXES! It was wonderful and deeply appreciated. Very humbling and exciting for me! We are also starting to receive items for Catathon!

Lollymop - Case of Fancy Feast, 6 cans of Lysol wipes, 12 rolls of Bounty paper towels

Jeanette B - TN and the Furhaven Kitties -  St Catricks Day musical card,  homegrown Catnip, 2 bags Kit n Kaboodle Treats for Paddy Purr & Paddy Cakes, Temptation Snackers for Magic and a bag of red fuzzy balls.  Pair of "Popcorn" socks for Jacci (wearing them today!)

Aleda - Designer of FFRC's Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, & Adoption applications  - 2 boxes of glue dots

Jatcat - Spare Logitech Cam
Debbie & Annie - 24 cans Fancy Feast Kitten, 6 cans of Chicken, 24 rolls Paper Towels
Craig M & Brenda K - Hello Kitty Blanket
Kathy831 - 2 Tin openers and 3 Burp Plus utinsels, Pretty Blue Rug Runner

Contessa & family--20 washcloths, Frito box for vols, Sparkle PT, gal of vinegar, Reese Egg (thanks!), Gal. Mr. Clean, case of Fancy Feast

Diane & Bruce L - OH with Chase - Note and Chicken $5, Photo of Chase and 2 Fleece pillowcases

Yvonne Vdk - 2 Cases baby food, Cases Royal Canin BabyCat
Tina - round pokie dotted Kitty Bed
Sarah S & Azuma - Jacci's B-Day Kitty Socks
Dim/Robert D - 2 pill cutters
Anony - strong magnetic basket for flyers

Kristin R - OH  Donation in memory of her kitty Chloe.
Lots n Lots of snackers, Huge assortment of wet food, 2 Kong toys, Balls and Bag of Reeses

Janet & Randy _ - box of Dove Milk Chocolate, 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Sandra E - 9 cans Lysol Wipes, 24 rolls Paper Towels
LJ323 - 15 cans Clorox Wipes, case of Paper towels
Susan 345 - 9 cans Lysol Wipes

Elaine & Alan B - FL  3 24 ct. cases Friskies, 1 case appetizers, 1 case Fancy Feast, 2 bags Dr. Elsies Litter

Lannml - CATATHON: Radar Cutlery:  assortment of Stainless  Steel knives, peelers, spatulas , slicers, & sharpener..   Super nice items

Anony - CATATHON: Things to start an Herb Garden, Heirloom seed, Knee Pads & Hori Hori Garden Knife for the Garden Basket

Phyliss B & Kitties  Card with a note & lots of note pads  CATHATHON:  23 DVD's a variety!
Lost Girl CATATHON:  Variety of item from Bath & Body Works "At the Beach"  
Nuthatches CATATHON:  Spear Headed Spade for Garden Basket

Hencass CATATHON:  5 Boxes of food items from Troyers Country Market
including a variety of Soups, Pie Fillings, Jams, Sauces, Relish, Popcorn, Candy, Salsa, Olives, Pickles, Kraut & Bean Salad  All are yummy!!

Our St. Paddys Gold Pot is awaiting your coins! Many many thanks. This fun-raiser will help us with the incoming wee ones to meet all of their needs. The coins are $5 each--you can give as many coins as you'd like! This fun-raiser has lots of things to give back to the donors. We will be drawing names from the Pot for those items.  Please help us with this! It ends at 9 am on Friday, with the festivities beginning at 4:00 pm on Friday!  The Paddy O'Brothers are super excited!

An update on the 4 white and 1 black/white kittens--their energy level seems to be a bit better. Yesterday, they were syringe fed 6 times during the day. Their weights and appetites are low. We want to pump them up and get them on to being able to play more like little kittens. Aleda is doing the best of the 5. 

Grace is now in the Main Area. What a sweetie. Whitney is a funny girl. Sometimes she comes up to the Main Area, plays like a total kitten and acts so silly. Then she wants to go back to the comfort of the Welcome Room.  I think she and Annetta are good friends! 

We have more thanks to give:
William M--donation to FFRC
David & Julie P, from UK--donation to FFRC in memory of sweet Trucker
Lana H--donation to FFRC

Please know that this is very hard for me to relay on to you.  We had a very sad day yesterday. It is with a very heavy heart to tell you that our sweet Joyful has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge.  This has been very difficult for us. It was noticed that Joyful had a spot on the outside of her cheek on Monday. After giving her a sedation so as not to stress her, it was realized that she had a large cancer growth on the ​inside of her mouth. ​After conferring with Dr. Darcy, the decision was made to let her go on, while she was still sedated.  In the best interest of Joyful's comfort zone, it was decided not to pursue surgery and follow up treatments. This would not have been to her liking.  Plus her age was a factor. Joyful arrived here when she was 10 years old. She was just a bit short of being 16 years old. Joyful came from a hard background--drugs were involved and abuse. She was always safe here and it was a privilege to earn her trust. Most mornings she would be at the top of my desk, watching me work--I always enjoyed that. This beautiful girl will be so very missed. Thank you all for caring about Joyful.

Another thought on this--when you take your pet in for a physical, always ask for a check in the mouth.  Joyful had a physical recently and her teeth were checked. Nothing abnormal was seen. These mouth tumors can sometimes grow so quickly. It's so important to be aware of how important this is during a physical for your pets. 

We had another adoption.  Shirley Mae went to her new mom. She's actually the sister to the lady who adopted Taia and Wendy! When these two cats came into the household, the sister (who lives upstairs) had a "wanting" to have a cat for herself! I believe Shirley Mae will fit that need very nicely--big windows, lap to nap in, and a quiet home! Taia and Wendy have settled in nicely too!

I’ve been asked for suggestions for Catathon. I have to admit, the first time I saw the word Catathon on the cam, it gave me a bit of a start. But…..it’s really not that far away, is it?! The date for 2018 is June 24, Sunday. This will be our 8th Catathon!

You say----what is Catathon?  Well, it’s our biggest Fun-Raiser of the whole year! It’s like a huge bidding auction that lasts all afternoon—with bids on Baskets and Big Ticket Items. It’s a lot of fun! It all happens right on the cam! Baskets usually have a theme while the Ticket items are usually a single greater item. This event supports FFRC—we have specific goals for what is made at the Catathon.  These goals will be put out there soon!

Our Catathon is like a Telethon. We have 7 phone lines going all afternoon, using the 419-393-2400 number. There will be 7 Rounds of baskets. We inter-mix the Big Ticket Items in the Rounds. In 2017, we had 43 Big Ticket Items and 39 individual Baskets! Each round will last 25 minutes. During that time, the phone rings with bids! At the end of each round, the highest bid wins!

And then……there’s even more! The week before Catathon, we will have a Fun-Raiser. The items in this are all designated for the Catathon too!  The winners will be announced during the Catathon.

The ideas can be repeats of years past or new ideas. What is so wonderful is that in the past, folks have helped with sending in items for the Catathon! That means the amount that is made at Catathon can be put directly onto our needs!
We are wide open for suggestions for the Baskets! Here’s some ideas/suggestions (some are new, some are repeats that have done well in the past). But….truly, new ideas are always welcomed. For those that are newbies, you are welcome to help with any Basket—some people do a whole basket, some like to pitch in and add to a variety of Baskets! Or to send in items for the Big Ticket Items! We’re so flexible and make anything work!

Vera Bradley
Laural Burch
Dog Items
Sock it to me!   (socks, fun socks, fuzzy socks, etc.)
Prepare with Survival Food
Movies (DVD) and Snackers
Lego Builders
Barbie Dolls & Accessories
African Safari
Crochet & Knitting
Kitty Cat Items
Bird Feeders
Spa/Pamper Yourself
Angels Amongst Us (any angel items)
Poklie Dot Items
Friendship Forever --  Friend type of items!
Fishing—Hook, Line & Sinker
Horsin’ Around

As you can see, there’s all sorts of ideas!  For the Big Ticket Items, just to give you an idea, in the past we have had……Garden Poles, Kuranda Towers, cameras, Echo Dot,  xBox, American Girl Doll, Lodge cookware, Wind Chimes, Stain Glass Item, ---it’s such a wide range of items!

 We are hoping all Catathon Items can be at FFRC by May 17th.  I know that seems early, but a lot has to happen after that!  SonJa and Jenni C has major work to do—pictures have to be taken of every item and a description in detail is also done. This all takes time to do. Then, all this information has to be put into the website, which is very time consuming. After that is done, our viewers and friends needs time to go over all of the items before the event!  So many decisions to make!! If you have questions, don't hesitate to email me.