Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The numbers are adding up! We had another Humane Ohio surgery day today. I am always so pleased to have high numbers get transported. The owners of these cats have to be here between 5:30-6:00 am.  It's early, but yet they still come! And they will all be back for pick up! 

Today we sent 42 cats to Humane Ohio.  This breaks down to 25 females and 17 males. We also have used 2 vouchers--both for males.  Our grand 2018 now for 2018 is 193>112 spays and 81 neuters. At this time in 2017, we were at a total of 134. Love getting these cats fixed!

And we have thanks to give!
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
David Deen--donation to FFRC
Hallie Gruver--donation to FFRC

Remember Toto that was adopted in Jan.? He's doing wonderful. His new mama has reported that he and Carlton are even napping together now!

Scotia was here a couple days ago--had to have his nails trimmed and his last vaccine. His new house friend is Prince and they too are doing great--playing and napping together!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye--have you checked into our new Instagram?  You should! The site is instagram.com/ffrckittycam/

And while you're there looking up that, you can also check into our twitter site at twitter.com/ffrckittycam              Enjoy them both!

What are those goofy looking things the cats are eating out of?!!  Why, those are feline foraging toys! They are simply another way to obtain their dry food. They have to work a bit to figure each item out--how to retrieve the food. Can you guess who was the first one yesterday? Of course---it was Elsie! We have different kinds  of these foraging toys. Right now, we have snackers in them, but will go over to the dry food (after picking up 1 of the dry food bowls). A different way to play and to eat--will spark their minds (although Elsie certainly doesn't need sparking!). 

Our fairly new girl has a name. Grizzabella. She's the black tiger/white that was in an abandoned house for 1 week.  It took her a few days to know she was safe. And now, she's in the back Thumper's Room with the kittens back there! She knows how to play!

We also took on another new kitten. This one is a real cutie too--a black and white one. Her name is Grace and is 17 weeks old. Grace has a birthday of 11/6/17. She's still in quarantine but is already "asking" to be down to play.  Soon, Grace, soon. She had been dumped at someone's house and ended up at a volunteers home. 

This morning there was a cluster of cats in the purple office. They looked like they were up to something so of course I had to check on it. I heard a lot of meowing and a lot of purrs and trills and chatter. When they saw me at the door, I swear I heard Derecho say---run!!!  And they scattered. But............when Derecho got up to walk away, I found a gold coin under his tummy.  He's not talking yet about it, but certainly, something is up. 

The 7 youngest kittens in the back Thumper's Room are playing but they are not eating well. We have started to supplement them. The weight they came in with was very low and they have not gained yet. It's a bit concerning, but knowing their activity level is fairly good is encouraging. Yesterday they were fed every hour and 15 minutes.  We will continue this some today. 

Because it's a Humane Ohio day today, we will do BOXES at 4:00 (no movies today) and the checkout for Humane Ohio will be approximately 5:30.  Movies tomorrow! 

In case you can't find Coralie sometimes, she may be out visiting my mom. I don't know who enjoys it more--Coralie or my mom. Coralie gets snugged in on mom's lap and they just stare at each other!  Mom loves her big round eyes.  And Coralie loves the extra ear rubs. Shamballie is fine with this, as long as he knows he's #1 with mom, which he always will be! 

Many of you know that Little Grey has been here this past week. He is Jordy's son and is now the "boss boy" of that TNR colony.  He came in last week with a horribly bit up ear. He just went back to his colony yesterday with an ear that was much better and healing nicely. I so enjoyed Little Grey. But....I know his whole life has been with his colony and I'm sure he was quite happy to rejoin them. It was nice to have met him. 

Take care. Only 14 more days to Spring!