Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday, March 8, 2018

We had BOXES twice this week! We are truly blessed and fortunate to heave the support that we do. We are grateful.

Judy & Phil - 2 Rolls Paper Towels, Potty Bags, 2 flat Kitty Beds, case of Halo 
Justin & Ivy - DE  For Ramsay & Friends--Bag of mylar balls, Case 32 ct. Friskies
Gem - 100 organza bags to put thangs in
mls/Linda - 1,000 spoons
Annie & Debbie - Case Royal Canin Baby Cat, 2 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Justin L - Gallon of Mr. Clean
Robert D - Gallon of Mr. Clean
Tina-- Kitty Cave bed in Thumpers Room for the new little ones
Tom C - IL  Donation for FFRC
Laura S - 2 Chicken $5
Painteddaisy/June - Magnet for fridge

Dimwit/Robert D - 6 black Sharpies, Bag of Pania Flakes, 2 Big Soft Kitty Beds , 9 Travel Lint Brushes, Box full of Betascept scrub

Anony - Tiny Golden Books (in our little bathroom!)
Annie & Debbie - For Flash Sale, 3 Cat in the Hat Keychains & 5 Kitty Keychains
Frankies Orange Grove - Magnet Basket for Promotional material
Mr. & Mrs Medic - 2 Cases Fancy Feast

TacoCat - Turbo Scratcher, (for Covies), X scratcher, Box of 30 Assorted Candy Bars, 2 Tubs Party Mix, 2 boxes 24ct Meow Mix Cups, case of 24ct. Friskies

Kelly R/Littleonemine - CA   3 bags of Freeze Dried Chicken for the Covies, Porchies, Fire & Barn Cats, Coupons for Dr. Elsies Products, Right Meow Memo Pad, 3 boxes of Good and Plenty

Anony - Catnip Turbo Hurricane, Catnip Dynamite & Fish toys
Jill R - 10 pkgs 200 ct 9" plates (2000)

We have taken on another cat.  She's a beautiful soft buff and white female. Her name is Jillian (a Name a Cat Name). She's about 1 1/2 years old, making her birthday 9/3/16.  She was found on a doorstep. The lady who brought her in really likes her but cannot keep her in her apartment. She's a real sweetie.

Grace is starting to be interested in what is beyond the front Thumper's Room area. Won't be long until she and Jillian will be in the Main Area.

You probably know, our 7 kittens in the back have really been lagging in their eating. But....yesterday, they were only syringed twice. They are showing more energy and a desire to eat. Hoping we're all on the good side now for these 7 kittens. 

Incredible......just found a gold coin on my desk.  Not sure how this has suddenly appeared,  but no one is telling me yet what is going on!  I know Lucie, Bonnie, Paddy Purr, Spiker and Magic have been here already visiting my desk top. Maybe I can bribe them with a sardine to tell me what's going on! 

Grizzabella has been playing with Neve and Nedda--it's so nice when a newbie makes friends and feels comfortable. 

Coralie made another trip to visit mom yesterday. She and Shamballie touched noses--and that's all there was to that! He went back to his patio doors to watch the peacocks.  

Eddie White simply astounds us all.  He is quite comfortable on my desk but not always here. When we go find him to check on him, he may be in the Kabana Room or the Kitty Campus Room--sleeping on the big flower on the countertop! He looks quite comfy. He even let a visitor pet his back yesterday! He's just amazing! I think back on how long it took our Joey to finally adjust. This seems to be the same case with Eddie White! And we're happy about it!

We have some holds on the kittens in the back Thumper's Room. But....of course, they have to stay until they are spayed or neutered.  It will all happen! 

12 more days to spring. I know many of you have been socked by winter weather this week. Stay safe and know that the spring days are close to arriving! I saw a few bulb flowers sticking their heads about 2 inches above the ground yesterday. The farm animals will be very happy to see full sunshiny days too! Take good care.