Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday, April 13, 2018

What an awesome Fun-Raiser last night! I wish to thank each of you for your help. These Fun-Raisers are important to FFRC. They help us pay bills! Last night Steve was able to pay the electric bill and the propane bill. Plus, we were able to put some money towards the outside cats flea prevention  (which we hope to apply this weekend). I am very grateful.

This blog will cover BOXES from yesterday, the Fun-Raiser and then give an update on the Catathon! 

BOXES!  Many thanks--love Box Time! 
KnittinKitten/Donna H-PA - 2 Ferole Cards w/notes, Lots of Microwave food bowls for kitties,
4 Bags of Freeze Dried Turkey & 1 Bag of Freeze Dried Turkey Nuggets

Mike& Gwen R with Patches & Angel, Whiskers from Patches & Angel, Coupons Weight Circles, Milk Rings, Pop Tabs, 2 appetizers and 2 bags of Snackers

Michelle U - AZ  Weight Circles, 8 pkts Whiskas, 16 tubs of Sheba

Barbara E - 7 Very Pretty Adoption Bags, and 8 Leggydews

Leanne - Our Teacher and Friend from Canada - Kitty & Horse drawings from her students, very talented children!

KnittinKitten/Donna H-PA - 2 Kitty craft projects, 2 Pillow forms,  Pet Carrier Keeper 

Craig, Marie & Family - 18" Doll Basket: 2 Adirondack chairs, Fire Pit & a wicker Back Pack

Jill & Linda L - Books: 2 Word Find Books, New LIfe for Rescued Felines, All About My Cat ( Kitty Scrapbook & information book)  Cat: Cat Truntable, Bag of Balls

Jo603 - Angel Basket: Resin Kitty Angel

Michelle U - AZ  2 beautiful Sets of 3 Painted wood Cats one is Black one is Bronze, 2 Painted wood Chickens, 2 Books: Cactus Hotel & The Grand Canyon

Anony Friend-  Troyer Amish Baskets: Lazy Susan, Wastebasket, Spice Rack & Tray basket--the beginnings of a new basket!

Annie & Debbie Beach Escape: 3 Boogie Boards, Cotton beach hat, sunglass case & a magnetic game set

Fun-Raiser!  First was the drawings and then drawings for the consolation prizes! What fun!
A - Gourd Light           20x5         $100             Ferole

B - 2 Carriers              48x5            240            Misty Kitty & Anita S

C-Iris Canvas               55x5           275            David & Patty back to FFRC

D-Sunflower                53x5            265            David & Patty back to FFRC

E-Afghan                     48x5             240            Anony

F- Sprocket                  62x5            310           Jodie626

G - Brass Kitties          75x5            375           Plee & Ferole

H - Rosemary Afghan 50x5            250           pckrbckr

This brought a total of $2055!  

And then the Bumping began!  We had 16 Bumper-Uppers!  What a tremendous help this gave us! Even the Barnies, Covies, Shambalie, Porchies, Rosemary, Pania and Resident Cats got into the act of bumping up! (I'm still not sure where that credit card is that they have hidden!)  

With the bump ups, our new Grand Total came to:  $3,383.50   WOW! 

Consolation prizes were drawn next!  All ticket winners and consolation winners will have their items sent out today! 

Big thanks to the people who gave us the items for the Fun-Raisers, to those who bought tickets, to the mods and admins for their PR, to those that gave encouragement to everyone, to the bumper-uppers--we are indeed a team! 

***** And now to CATATHON update! Pleae remember, this is not set in stone yet! As items come in, we may juggle things around and even put them in different areas! It all gets fine-tuned as we get things organized!  For the Catathon, we have BASKETS, SMALL BIG TICKET ITEMS, BIG TICKET ITEMS, BIG BIG TICKET ITEMS plus items for the CATATHON FUN-RAISER.  I know, I know, the names of the categories are strange, but ............!   I'll also give you the number of where we are at for each Item--not to worry about "not being there" yet where we were last year.  We're still receiving and organizing!  And please know, if you are sending in item(s) for a basket that is marked full, it's absolutely fine! We can always add it!  *********

Our 2018 BASKETS.  Right now, we have 33 baskets being worked on.  (Last year we had 40)  We'll put at the end of each Basket, how much help we are still hoping to get!
Little & BIg Reader   3/4 done
Knitting & Crocheting  1/4 done
At the Beach 1/2 done
Vera Bradley #1 DONE
Vera Bradley #2  DONE
Baby Boy  2/3 done
Baby Girl  2/3 done
Angel--only have a couple items
Surprise!  More on this later---being taken care of!
Spa & Relaxatin--3/4 done
Cooking--3/4 done
Puzzle--3/4 done
It's a Guy/Lady Thing--3/4 done
Laural BUrch--DONE
Food of the Mods--mods are taking care of this!
Pokie Dots--3/4 done
Socks, socks, socks--1/2 done
Barbie Doll & Accessories--7/8 done
Horsin' Around--1/4 done
Gardening--3/4 done
Camping--1/4 done
Peace, Love & Meow--3/4 done
What do the Vols love....cats!   Vols are taking care of this!
Minnesota---being taken care of
Special one of a kind Purses--being taken care of
Girl Fun--1/3 done
Boy Fun---1/3 done
Bird Plus--1/5 done
Hello Kitty--1/4 done

SMALL BIG TICKET  These are usually $100 or less Had 19 in 2017, we're already at 13!
Thera Bath
Kitty Kasa bedroom & Penthaus
Peace Pole 3', Plant Happiness
Limited Edition "Cat Fancy" picture
Rock Jam electronic keyboard & stand
Coleman Camping Collection/18 " doll
Sea Shell Wreath
Echo Dot/Wifi plug
Zoovilla Room with view cathouse
Picnic Stylin'
Orthopedic pet bed with biggydew
Scratching Castle
Songmic Cat Tree

BIG TICKET  These run TWO rounds.  Had 21 in 2017
Cat Cave from Ukraine
Peace Pole 4'
Kuranda 6 tier
Beach Escape
BagoBear Quilt
Hamilton Country Kitties/tabletop lamp
Rada 21 piece knife set
Furtastic 13
Amish Country Store & Baskets
Lodge Cast Iron Cookware
57" cat tree with window sill bed

BIG BIG TICKET  (normally have 3--we've got it!)
FFRC Blanket of Kitties
3 peace poles--Beatles Them
Kitchen Aide Mixer Silver

CATATHON FUN-RAISER  Normally have 12 items--we are at 3 right now
Troyers Country Market
Here Kitty Kitty Afghan
7 Tier Kuranda Tower

Don't see something that you've sent?  Not to worry.  We have a table with items that we are holding on to yet for placement!  Plus, we have a few "tricks up our sleeves" for other places that need help too! We will get "there"--where we need to be for Catathon. Your support for this has been a tremendous help! Plus, some of the items just recently received are not showed here yet. It'll all work out! And remember---things can change and items moved to a different area. It's all good! 

Later, SonJa will be giving full descriptions of each and every Item. Jenny C will be taking pictures that will show everything.  This will all be posted in our website in plenty of time for you to check things out thoroughly! We'd love to have any items that you would like to send in, here at FFRC by May 17th.  This will help us get completely organized before SonJa and Jenny start their part.  

The sun is shining already! The temperature is suppose to reach 70. The rain is suppose to hold off today. Sounds like a gorgeous day brewing! If the rescue center is empty of people, it's because we're outside! Take care and have a wonderful day. 

Ramsay is here with me in the office. I'm so happy--he is feeling much better today! He's even doing his "reach out and grab your leg" game that he does! And he ate a good breakfast. Ramsay is saying--"Don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and keep on going!".  That's our Ramsay boy!