Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tuesday, April, 3, 2018

BOXES are today at 4:00.  We love our box time! 

Save a life today--neuter or spay.  Or how about...... 
Please don't litter....spay or neuter your critter
The top 10 reasons to have your pet spayed or neutered were just killed in a shelter.
Don't breed or buy while  homeless pets die
Think just 1 litter won't make a difference? So do thousands of others just like you.  You do the math.
Got a conscience?  Don't breed your pets.  Need a reason not to?  Visit a shelter or rescue and see.

There's all kinds of slogans out there. But the one that best fits everyone is---YOU can make a big difference in the lives of cats just by spaying one cat. 

Today is another spay/neuter day here at FFRC thru HumaneOhio.  We love these days! We checked in 41 cats--30 females & 11 males.  This makes our 2018 grand total 318--177 females & 141 males. We will continue on.  

We all know it's impossible to reduce the population problem simply by adopting. It HAS to be thru spaying and neutering. Please......just grab even just 1 cat and get it neutered or spayed.  It WILL make a difference.  

We have thanks to give:
Needtoretire--donation for the spay/neuter fund
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Msaster--donation for FFRC
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Aleda

I've been asked for a run-down of the Baskets and Items so far for Catathon.  Remember....it's early yet and things are not down in black and white yet!  Things may change until we get items situated more!  But....here is the list so far:
Little Reader---need more (books for young readers, items to go with reading, etc)
Beach Escape--being worked on by 2 viewers
At the Beach--need more beachy things
Vera Bradley #1--done
Vera Bradley #2--done
Baby Boy--need more
Baby Girl--need more
Spa & Relaxation--need more
Cooking--need more
Movie--can always add more & movie related items!
Puzzle--it's good but can always add
It's a Guy Thing--it's good but can always add
Laurel Burch--good
Food of the Mod's--being done by the mods
Cat--needs lots of help
Dog--needs lots of help
Pokie Dot--needs help
Socks--needs lots of help---socks, socks, socks!
Barbie Doll & Accessories--being worked on, needs more!

Horsing Around--needs help
Garden--a little help is all
Camping--needs help

Small Ticket item--Thera Bath   done
Large Ticket items--Cat bed/cave done    and Troyers Country Market done

If you have a desire or a want to help, we will sure take it!  We will actually need several more baskets and more Small ticket items and Large ticket items.   We are always so grateful for the Catathon help--this is our biggest fundraiser of the year and helps us with many things!  We will continue taking in items till May 17th!  Then the real organization begins, pictures are taken of complete baskets and full descriptions are given.  All of this will be on our website--so you can dream and plan!

We've heard from our sweet Ashley that was adopted! She is doing great. She and her cat sister nap in the sun after playing for hours. She is getting fed 4 times a day! And she loves to purr simply by her family talking to her! 

We also now have both mamas (Emma Jane and Jillian) on hold!

And we've had 2 more adoptions!
Grace left yesterday. She went with a wonderful family for the mom's birthday present! It was fun to have her selected from everyone! What a great gift. The mom was very happy as were the kids!

Whitney left this morning! She went with a nice lady who wanted her to be her special friend--to give comfort and smiles! She also got to witness how fun Whitney is with all of her toys--throwing them up in the air and playing! 

And, we took on a new cat that very much needed to find a new place to be.  Her name is Charmaine, after a dear friend to FFRC and wife of Arden, who recently passed away. This name fits her--she is such a pretty cat. She was brought here yesterday--too many cats in a home and owner leaving. Charmaine has gorgeous blue eyes. I believe the owner said the papa was a siamese.  She looks a bit like a turkish van.  Charmaine is also a CH cat, but very mild. I am quite sure she will be highly adoptable.  Today she will be on the floor of the front Thumper's Room to start acclimating her. Soon, she will be in the Main Area.  Her birthday is 4/1/15. Welcome, Charmaine!