Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday, August 4, 2017

Meow!  Zip and Dash!  Purr! Zoom! Chirps and Trills! Jump and Leap! Chatter! Madly running around!  Yep--that's what is going on in the back Thumper's Room! Currently, we have 17 kittens in this room. Their energy level is sky high. And what fun to watch them play. This is an another awesome group of kittens.  We will probably wait another day or two before giving them "Main Room" privileges. 

Our surgery cats from Tuesday are doing just fine.  David Morgan is having a little issue. His poor little mouth is so very sore. Sometimes he plays and sometimes he doesn't. Hoping each day is better for him. We have him on soreness meds.  Rowland is doing great--he ate a good breakfast today too.  Pania continues to get her two doses of PB a day. So far, no new episodes! 

We know that many folks have been having trouble with ustream.  Here is what happened: The internet has become overloaded with users and had reached it's limit on HTTP. So, a new system called HTTPS (HTML5) was brought in as it has bigger ability for more users.   If you are having trouble with our webcam/chat, here's a great way to continue to watch and chat:  go to our website at    Click on 24/7 kitty cam.  Presto---the cam and chat is there! Enjoy the cats and your chat! 

We had BOXES Tuesday---lots and lots of thanks being given to you!
Anony - 9 pkgs Snackers Variety
Anony - Case of Sheba, Case of Fancy Feast, Cast of 36ct Fancy Feast, case of 32ct Friskies
Jatcat - new sprayer for the grooming tub
Anony - 2 cases Friskies pkts
Nancy J - Case of Fancy Feast
Anony - 4 tubs Temptation Snackers, 1 Tub Party Mix Snackers
Eric & Vanessa S --  Happy 7th Birthday Paddy Cakes & Paddy Purr--- 9' plates, case of 32ct Friskies, Gigantic Tub of Temptation Snackers
Joyce R/Stinkygreykitty - TX  4 flower headbands, 2 Tye Dye Bandannas, 4 Tye Dye Shirts (for Catstock!)  &  Adoption stickers.  
Deb 11111 - MN  3 cases 32ct Friskies, 4 cases 24ct Friskies
Volunteer Andrew - 2 bags of snackers for Cami & Janie
Aileen - OH  Donation for FFRC
Realty Five - $52.50 Donation from sale of a house 
Carol H  VA  Donation for Mary in memory of Tinytoes
Ron & BarbW/GrannyFaith - VA  Sponsorship for Spiker
Jeanne S  FL  Donation for FFRC
Susan C  OH  Donation for FFRC
Nancepants our wonderful Mod - Photos of the handsome duo of Whobe and Wendell, Weight Circles, and whiskers from Whobe (fake one is from Wendell LOL)
Schinn --our wonderful Mod with Cleo & Ralph--- happy 7th BD Paddy Boys with 2 Chicken $5
Clark, Jesse & The Rest - Happy 7th Birthday -Paddy Cakes & Paddy Purr  2 Chicken $5
Elaine & Alan - hand colored card by Elaine and Donation in memory of Littlekat

And we have more thanks!
Rita & Eddie M--donation to FFRC
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC

Ready for a giggle?!  FFRC's Giggle show Scene 10 is now ready!  Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, directed by our one and only Derecho! Please "like" the video on utube if you enjoy!

Our FlashSale is ON today! There was the possibility of us having to postpone it due to the ustream trouble, but we are good to go now!  Just go to our website and click on 24/7 kitty cam.  Thanks to Mich and Vern for doing this sale.  We were sure hoping to be able to do this today as it's been a while since we've done one.......and FFRC is in need of this. Many thanks for watching, participating, helping!  

We took on a new kitten. Her name is Gretl. This is a little snowshoe siamese that came to FFRC after being found on a country road, all by herself.  How do these things happen?  No matter...Gretl is happy and a real zoom kitty! She's found lots of kittens to play with---her energy level is high! Her birthday is 6/1/17. Welcome, Gretl!