Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Yeah! Another Spay/Neuter Day for FFRC! We appreciate that people really do want to get their cats spayed or neutered. It truly makes a difference!  I noticed on this transport that more than half were kittens and that mamas were already spayed.  It’s nice to be working on the “current generation”!

Today we sent up 50 cats and kittens. 21 were males and 29 were females. This makes our total now at 526---317 females and 209 males.  Big thanks to Lynnette, Mary Braid, Donnajb and Connie D for your help with the check in.  The neuter/spay truck will return about 5:30 ish so we can then release the cats back to their owners.

Included in that 50 are 3 of our FFRC cats--Aimee Crocker (female) and Patrick (male) and Tucker (male).

We have some thanks to give!  YOU are appreciated.
Shannon S—donation to FFRC for Leonard, Victor, Markus, Jackson and all of their friends!
Sharon Y—donation to FFRC for Spikers birthday and for David Morgan
Kris M from MN—donation to FFRC—happy birthday, Spiker!
Janet/Jazz & Susan—2 cases of Fancy Feast
DonnaB in GA—donation for Coralie and Spiker!

Thanks to all of you who do your shopping from Amazon thru our website! For the month of May, FFRC just received $352.88!

David Morgan is doing fair after his mouth repair. He’s had a couple rough feeling days but last night he started eating better. He’s such a sweetie---so loves attention.

Rowland is recovering from his ear hematoma repair too.  His appetite is great. He received a good grooming yesterday.

We had 2 more adoptions---
Effie went to her new home. She is one of the white calicos. It was sweet to see her laying on her back in the little boys arm.
Finn, the newly arrived Flamepoint Ragdoll went to his new home too. I do think he hit the jackpot. He loved his past mama very much. His new mama is so ready to have Finn be her cat. And to add to that, she is home all the time. Finn will love following her around!

Something happened in the back Thumper’s Room.  It’s kitten-over-runneth.   We took on another litter of 7 kittens known as the Bruce litter. These kittens were found in a tie bag, in water, floating on debris. They are:

Betty Boots—ASH, brown tiger with white feet, chest & bib, female
Billy Boots—brown tiger, white feet, chest & bib, male
Estelle—brown tiger with ticking, slight torti, female
Smitty—dark orange, no white, whitish whisker pad, male
Storm—dark orange, no white, goldish whisker pad, male
Allman—ASH, orange/white, 4 wh feet & bib, whitish whisker pad, male
Anchor—ASH, orange/white, 4 wh feet & bib, goldish whisker pad, male

Remember the 7 littermates that we took in on 7/23. Those are known as the Rowdy litter.  Just as a refresher, they are: Kukisi, Darzin, Denise, Shelly, Sheila, Valley, Valentine.
We have lots of twins in these two groups of seven. Good luck remembering these names!

We also took in a few more kittens:
Patrick—white, male, born 5/22/17, 9 ½ weeks old. Was found by a volunteer
Aimee rocker—white, female born 2/20/17, 5 months old. Found by self on county road. Loaded with fleas
Gudrid—calico, female born 6/9/17, 7 wks old. Found by self. Thin, rt. Ear tip bitten off, sweet!

The above names are all from the Name a Cat list!  Many thanks.

Steve, myself and many of our family will be taking a day off to go to Cedar Point. We will be leaving Weds. Morning and coming back Thursday sometime. The volunteers have us covered. Connie D is doing breakfast on Thursday and Connie S will be caring for my mom.  All is good! Bring on the roller coasters!

 A special day yesterday! The Paddy Boys had their 7th birthday. Seems impossible they could be 7!  They had chicken in the morning and steak bits in the evening. Love those Paddy Boys!

Just wanted to give an update in regards to Pania. She has had two episodes this week where she spins in very tight circles and very disorientated.  After talking to Dr. Darch, she is now on half dose of PB twice a day. Her eye also seems to be bulging a tiny bit. We will get her to the vets sometime and have her eye pressure measured and her blood pressure taken.  She recovered quickly from these two episodes. Hoping there’s no more in her future.

Friday is our Flash Sale!  Lots of awesome items.  Mich and Vern will be here approximately 2:30 ish (we love those “ish’s”!  Thanks to all who provided the items for this sale!