Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kitties here..kitties there.....kitties everywhere. All are healthy, very active, much orneriness and of course full of love and purrs.  The back Thumper's Room kitties have now progressed to including the front Thumper's Room.  When that back door is opened, they literally zoom out! 

We've heard back from Zorro and Della's family. They are doing very well and both the people and the kittens are happy!  We also saw Paisley and Helga yesterday---oh my goodness, they look wonderful and so very happy!  We talked to the new dad of Buddy Bubbles and had all good stories to tell about him! They are calling him Buddy. And Finn---I've talked to the new mama---she dearly loves this boy. Finn fit in immediately, sleeps with her and follows her around all day!  

We had BOXES Monday night.  So many thanks sent your way!

Anony - Case of Fancy Feast

Anony - 5 Tubs Clorox Wipes

Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie - Trucker Tie Dye Shirt ❤

Nancy J/StarAngel - Thank You card with donation

Mary D - CT - Kitty Card with donation in memory of TinyToe

Kelly S MD - Purina weight circles

Plee - case of Purrrfectly Chicken

Gusti  Germany - 36 cans 9-Lives, Case of Friskies, 6 Tubs Clorox Wipes, 2 Wellness Puppy Bites

Annie G & Debbie M - TX  4 pretty bath towels, 4 comfy cat beds & 4 beach towels

Jenny & Brent - Canada Branch - 600 9" plates, 12 tubs Clorox wipes, 24 rolls paper towels.

Janet K -- donation to FFRC

Tom W--donation to FFRC 

We have a new kitten! He's a very little guy--about 5 weeks old now.  He arrived 8/7 at 1.01 lbs. Just a tiny boy.  But, he's active and eating good. He was found all by his lonesome in a yard. He had a slight URI, has been on antibiotics and is so very much better. Lloyd is a happy kitten!

Have you seen Spiker playing with the track ball toy?  His concentration and aiming power is wonderful! He has so much fun doing this. Pania's remaining eye is staying stable now and she hasn't had anymore of of those activity "things" she was doing. Such a happy girl! Lucie sure makes us smile. She so loves her plates of food, gets very excited, even "walks" towards us with a happy face. We sure do appreciate her happy attitude. My buddy Magic is here right beside my desk--his usual morning spot!

We had two kittens go to the vet's office on Tuesday.  Little Marilyn went up for her spay and hernia repair. But....things changed. Remember when she first arrived we were told it sounded like she had a heart murmur. Her heart was checked upon arrival on Tuesday and it's even more pronounced. Now a probable 4 out of 6 heart murmur is heard.  An echo was done. It appears she has a hole/defect in her heart wall which allows for the blood to mix inappropriately from one chamber to another. Her right side of the heart is bigger. Bottom line is her heart will never be normal. What do we do now?  Let her enjoy her life to the fullest! We will take her back in about 2 months for another echo.  Her hernia repair and spay is not right now, top priority.  Her heart is. Whatever happens, her life is full of fun, activity and being happy. 

I had mentioned earlier that GoldieDots had a rectal prolapse.  After reinserting it on Friday morning, it stayed in just fine........until Tuesday morning. It prolapsed again and this time she had to have surgery to reinsert and have a "purse string" suture around the anal area to keep all intact.  Now we have another problem today.....her "purse string" apparently is a bit too small as she is unable to poo.  After receiving meds to help with softening the stool to no avail, she will be going back to vet's today. She'll be sedated and receive a new temporary bigger opening! After all of this, in 2 weeks, that suture will be removed and hopefully all stays put. GoldieDots is such a wonderful kitten. Her mama is Kismit.  GoldieDots just wants to get this all over and done so we can find her a super home! She's a happy girl that easily purrs and so enjoys people.  Please keep her in your good thoughts and prayers today. She will be returning today. 

Everything is good here.  We're hopping busy but that's what makes this Rescue Center click! More adoptions coming up too!