Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday August 6, 2017 & Catstock Info!

A zillion thank yous for such a successful Flash Sale on Friday afternoon, by Mich and Vern! Big thanks to the mods for their help, for the supporters of this sale, for the people who provided items for the sale and to all of you who have cheer for all the goings-on for the Flash Sale! This Sale produced $1,720 for FFRC--and will be applied to our operational needs. Much appreciated! Items will be going out the door the very beginning of the week! 

We had two more adoptions! Zorro and sister Della (now called Zoey) went to their new home together on Saturday! Two wonderful kittens. The little girl of the family was so very happy! 

We had BOXES on Saturday evening! YOU are appreciated! 
Zoolove - Cute Kitty T-Shirt
Tom & Linda C - IL  Donation
Gusti - 5 Yeowwwww Bananas  Coralie and Zelda made sure they got theirs!  
Annie G & Debbie M - 6 pk lg cans Chicken, Box of baby food, Case of Royal Canin Baby Cat, Bag of Royal Canin Adult, Case of Friskies, & Tub of Temptations snackers
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie - 2 Medium Cat in a Back Pack Shirts, 2 blue bath towels
Tabbycat - Locked money box
Andre & Suzanne with Freemont & Lorenzo - 900 kitty wipes & case of Appetizers
Joanie & Nieces  - 4 Buckets of Tidy Cat
Justme - Just Stuff!
Visitors - Hawkins Family - Whiskas pkts, Case of Friskies, 2 Snackers, Kitty Magnets
Leggygal - Adoption bags, Leggydews & Biggiedews

More thanks too!
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Melvin S--donation to FFRC

The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are growing very quickly.  We are going to wait an additional 1-2 days before "the running of the Thumper's Room kittens" up to the Main area.  We've been having them on the second cam quite a bit. This particular group of kittens are going to make your mind whirl---remembering their names! So many twins! All so cute, of course! 

A few dates coming up:
August 8, Tuesday--Marilyn goes to vets for spay/hernia repair
August 19, Saturday--FFRC surgery date (no public as we need every spot we can get!)
August 25, Friday--HumaneOhio Transport 
September 5, Tuesday--HumaneOhio Transport
September 9, Saturday--CATSTOCK

I'd like to explain Catstock to you all.  We're due for a change! And that comes with Catstock.  To put it simply--I'm trying to find a bit more time. My mom needs a bit more of my time and so I need to widdle down my busy-iness a tad bit. But........have no fear--2017 Catstock is going to be better than ever!  The planning is different in that it doesn't really involve all the children's games--we are cutting back on that. That will mean less organizing those games and less money as we will only need one tent. 

Here's what is happening. We always have a lot of adults attending--many are our very own volunteers and cam friends! So things are centered on:

2017 Catstock...a Time for Friends, Fun, Food and Enjoyment! That is the theme and here are the fun things planned!

BBQ--hamburgers/hotdogs & vegetable packs and lots more!
Front Fire Ring:   s'mores
Popcorn Machine

BAND---of course we have STRAWBERRY HILL-- will be here from 1:00 to 4:00!
POSTER BOARD/PAINT--"We are The Helping Hands of FFRC"--add your painted hands on the poster along with your name!
FFRC CAT BINGO--the whole bingo board is full of FFRC cats--winners receive prizes!
GIANT TIC/TAC/TOE--2 sets of this fun game for anyone to play!
CORN HOLE--2-3 games can be played anytime
HORSESHOES--the pits are ready for some horseshoeing!
50/50 DRAWING--hope you'll be the lucky winner
SCAVENGER HUNT--it's all about FFRC places! Fun and some very interesting things to find out about FFRC! Fun and easy & learn out some things about FFRC!
5-6 GUESSING GAMES--do at your leisure--winners get a prize
ROPE MAKER-- We have 2 sets of old-fashiooned rope makes--can make your cat a toy!
PIONEER/OLDSTER TOYS--have fun with these items! 
GIANT YAHTZEE--who can get that Yahtzee?  Prizes to high winners!
LET'S SHOW 'EM OFF---bring a wallet size or small picture of your pets to go on our poster!
CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN--who can resist that yummy chocolate?
FRIEND'S EXCHANGE TABLE--bring something from home that represents something about you---put on table to share.  If you bring an item, can take an item (or can bring 5, take 5!) 
GROWN UP CHALK FUN--we get to "scribble" designs on the parkiing lot by the shelter house!   We have chalk spray, sparkles and giant chalk!
MAGIC MURAL--it's a 4' x 4' mural of a cat---everyone can pitch in to color it! 

And of course, we still need to dress the part (if you'd like) and be a far-out "hippie" for the day!  We will have a committee to decide the coolest outfit, for a special prize! 

Come for the day, come for the whole weekend, just come and have fun! This is all about YOU and enjoying yourself and FFRC!