Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ramsay is his name and sweetness is his game. This cutie just arrived yesterday. He's a siamese CH kitten and his birthday is 5/19/17.  He's just 12 weeks old. He arrived from Zanesville, OH where a lady has been caring for him. Right now we are putting him as a moderate Ch. We have him in the front Thumper's Room in a pen for just a little while. We want to give his vaccines a day or two yet (which he's now received) before we put him down. Such a friendly boy with super determination! He will fit right in and add his excitement to the kitty clan!

Like to laugh?  The newest Giggle Video is ready for your viewing! And you will extra love the music! It's from Mike C who came to Catstock years ago and sang to us. One of my favorite songs of his is Putter! The link is:    Enjoy!   It's directed by Derecho and he'd appreciate if you'd "like" the video if you enjoyed it!

We had BOXES Thursday evening. You all are so wonderful and much appreciated!
nycbird/Nona - 50 jars Beechnut Baby Food

mls9690 - 1,000 potty bags, 2 books of stamps, Box Tops, Purina weight circles, about 12 kitty whiskers

Julie C with Anna Marie & Mellow  - Lg & Sm cans of Friskies, Nutrish cups, Broths

Anony - 16 bottles Mr. Clean

Betty & Kirk R - 2 cases Science Diet KD

Vicki B - 6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat

Barbi D & Kitties -Donation and homemade brownies and coffeecake for Vols in honor of Lucie

Melissa L  NY - Donation

Theresa H - IN  Donation

Roberta  S - OH Donation in memory of Asseenta G from PA

Painteddaisy/June - Sponsorship for Joyful

Plus, we have more!
Susan B--donation for Spiker
Rita & Eddie--a special thanks for their help with their donation, from UK
Katrina S from FL--donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with medical expenses for Marilyn & GoldieDots & David Morgan
Gusti--donation in honor of her Little Dot and his brother Double Dot
Kelly I--donation to FFRC

We've had two more adoptions! Love these adoptions. 
 Little PATRICK, our white male kitten was adopted by Dennis who was a past volunteer for us. Dennis always took care of the Covies and he still comes back to visit. He visited quite a few times before the adoption to make sure Patrick knew him before taking him home.
TUCKER also was adopted by a wonderful new mama. Her entire family has been a part of FFRC in the past and we've adopted several kittens to this family.  Tucker will be super loved!

We have more kittens on hold, others being looked at. Sometimes I think as I'm looking at all the kittens and cats, how hard that would be to just pick one or two. They are all so fun, so friendly and playful.  I love it when the kitten or cat picks the owner!

When you come to FFRC next, check out the cast iron bell!  It''s right by the welcome signs by the entrance door.  I love it and always have to give it a ring once a day! Thanks to our donor friend who gave this to us!

Farm news:  the horses are doing great.  Benny, the rescue, looks like a "normal" horse now. His fur is great, his attitude is awesome, his feet look good and his wounds are healed. The baby ducks are now as big as their mama. The guinea hen still hangs out with the duck family! The Barnie cats are happy and healthy.

On Monday, we have our next Fun-Raiser, the first one since Catathon. There are 8 items, begins early on Monday and ends on Thursday at 9:00 am.  The drawing will be Thursday evening at 6:00 with BOXES at 5:30 pm.   Watch for the video on chat and the pics on facebook!  Lots of great items!  This fun-raiser will go to help us with the many many surgeries coming up.  We have a heap of kittens to get spayed and neutered!!

A week from today is the FFRC surgery day. This coming week we will work on the list of who will be spayed/neutered.  We will start with those that have holds on them already so we can get them into their new homes.  The list will be coming next week!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!  And..........grab a cat that isn't spayed or neutered yet and help resolve that! YOU can help make a huge difference in the cat overpopulation problem.  There are so many low cost spay/neuter clinics!