Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday, July 29, 2017

Where oh where has this month gone to?  Oh......I know where---with the kitties coming in and adoptions! All good things!

Our 2 surgeries yesterday went well.
David Morgan our new kitten with the lip droop is all sewed up and the lip looks good--back in place where it should be. He has pretty blue sutures around his lower incisors helping to hold the tissue in place. And then a button under his chin holding the wire in place that holds the gum line in place. He will sport that wire for 2-3 weeks. I wonder if the person who tossed this kitten out of the car even wondered about how he would land on his face?  Makes me wonder. matter. He is here and is safe. This is one exceptionally sweetie pie of a kitten. He almost turns himself inside out to be petted! Such a gorgeous dark orange boy.  David Morgan is already up in the Main Area.

Rowland had his ear hematoma repaired too yesterday. No tubes, so that is good. He has many sutures in the ear to keep it flat. His e-collar is removed and he went back to his Covie land this morning. He's much happier there!  We will take his sutures out in 12 days.  He received a good grooming before going back to the Cove.

This morning the door to both Thumper's Room was opened and the 7 new kittens in the back made their way up to the Main Area. They are doing good but will be put back in the Thumper's Room for the rest of the day. Then tomorrow we will do it again! And they  now have names!  Lots of kitty names to remember.
Kukisi--female, white and black
Valley--male, black
Valentine-- male, black, long fur
Denise--female, grey, long fur
Darzin--male, grey tiger, medium fur
Shelly--female, brown tiger
Sheila--female, brown tiger

Is your head spinning on all these names?! All but one name is from the Name a Cat list. Shelly and Sheila are identical so Sheila has a clip on the end of her fur on tail to make a "flat tail" to be able to tell the difference of these two girls. 

We had BOXES last night. We are so very grateful to you for your help!
Robert F - 4 tubs Clorox Wipes
Billy K - 2 6pks of Chicken, 6 pk of Tuna, 5 tubs Snackers 2 tubs Party Mix Snackers
Eaglewathcher/Beth - 2 cases Royal Canin Baby Cat
Pckrbckr Note for Kismit & Friends--  Fancy Feast Kitten, 18 cans Tuna, 24 cans Sardines, 2 Lg. cans Chicken and Magic Erasers
Volunteer Thursday Pat - 1 large Blankie, 1 soft Sherpa blankie, and 4 pretty towels.
Clark, Jesse & The Rest Happy 1st Birthday Spiker  July 28th 2016
Anony - Lg bag of Purina One, 2 cases Fancy Feast
Elaine & Alan FL - Bag of Precious Litter, 3 cases 24 ct Friskies, 1 case 32 ct. Friskies, 1 box appetizers, 1 box Fancy Feast
Bert & Jim S - OH  Lg bag cat food, 2 cases canned food, dishes and toys including a tunnel
Morgan C & Delaney P - Day visitors - Cat carrier and Bag of cat food
Jean A - Case of Blue Wilderness, 40 Sheba, Bag of Science Diet
Donna B - GA   Toys, 4 boxes appetizers, Tub of Party Mix

We also have these thanks to give:
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji-from the Netherlands--donation for Tyr and medical bills
Gusti--donation for blankie for Bonnie and Zelda
Billie K--donation to help with David Morgan & Rowland's surgeries

We had another adoption! Sweet little Tyr went to his new home. He will be joining a family of 3 CH cats--all siblings and about a year old. These 3 cats are playful and friendly. His new mama is very kind and Tyr thought she was very wonderful!  

Our website is  There is a huge amount of info in our website. You can see the FFRCphotos, videos, facebook and Derecho's Corner (to mention a few!) just by clicking! 

mark your calendar for next Friday afternoon! Mich and Vern will be coming to help with a fantastic Flash Sale!