Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Weds evening, July 26, 2017

Such a busy week. We had 3 more adoptions.

Clover went to her new home on Tuesday.  She's been a much anticipated kitten for her new family but had to wait for her spay to be done.

Grishko was also adopted by our new Ohioan volunteer and friend, Donna. Donna took her home yesterday. I went over to visit and was so happy to see how quickly Grishko has fit in. She's all over the house, plays with the catnip toys and loves the patio doors. 

And then we had the adoption of Francis.  This one was actually not done on cam as it was a surprise for a teenager by her family!  This family had been here visiting when the teenager fell for Francis. He did his best to work on the heart by playing and being silly and it worked!  He was adopted Tuesday and went home to a surprised young girl! 

I've heard from The Idaho's new mama. Her new name is Asha. The picture sent shows three happy cats together! She looks very happy and has fit right in.

The 7 new kittens are still in the back Thumper's Room.  Mama is spayed and already at her home and the kittens arrived at FFRC.  We do not have names yet, but we do have other info on them!  They are 8 weeks old and their birthday is 5/28/17.  We have 1 female grey tiger, 1 male grey tiger long hair, 2 female brown tigers (yes, they are identical!), 1 male black long hair, 1 male black short hair and 1 white/black female.  Names will be coming soon.

We also took on a new adult. He is a 2 1/2 year old FlamePoint Ragdoll and is as soft as can be. His name is Finn. He came from a wonderful, loving home. Due to a family situation, he needed to be rehomed. He's a great cat, very loving, a loud purrer and so loves people.  He hasn't been around other cats but is learning already that the other cats aren't so bad! His birthday is 1/21/15.  Finn is  a handsome boy with a great personality. 

Many of you already know that we had taken back a past FFRC cat. He arrived with a severe flea infestation, serious dental disease and an injured eye. We were so hoping to help this boy become healthy again but it was not to be. I believe his pain from his dental problem was as bad a problem as was the severe anemia from the flea infestation.  Please..........take this cat's death and do something good with it. Check your cat. Check your family's cats.  If there's fleas, do something about it. Cats can NOT get rid of these bugs by themselves. While allowed to be on a cat (or dog) they feast on the blood of that pet. And if the numbers are great enough, they casue anemia that sometimes cannot be reversed. And remember.....for every 5 fleas seen on your pet, there is a HUNDRED in the home.  Help one deserves to die from a flea infestation.  If even one pet is saved from this preventable death, then this cat's death can be turned into something helpful. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening! Many thanks to you all.
Ros - UK - a pretty, soft kitty bed

Anony - Case of Fancy Feast & case of Fancy Feast Kitten

Butterfly Class in Belgium - Note from: SHBSRSHN & Teacher
Purple crocheted blankie for Derecho, 3 Butterflies on bamboo poles, 3 panel plaque of butterflies and Derecho, Easel and miniature canvas of portraits of our special needs kitties
Treasure box with Derecho, hearts & flowers, Hearts and Flowers Treasure box
Heart with butterflies, it says Follow your heart, Do great things with great love.

Debbie & Woody S - NC - Case of Purrfectly Chicken, Temptation snackers

Zoolove/Pam T - 4 bags Beyond food, case of Fancy Feast, bag of kitty toys

Gusti - Germany - 2 bags Precious Cat Littter

Anony - 10 bags of Snackers

Miranda - Bag of Catnip

Mayumi - Tokyo Branch - Note, Tulle Chicken Steaks, Chicken & fish sausage filled with Tulle

Jobear - Duck Card with 10 weight circles

Clark, Jesse & The Rest  Happy Birthday to Zelda, Debut, Lucas, Soy Boy, Timothy and Victor! 
$5 chicken for each of them to share with their friends!

Annette - MI  Donation

Don & Joy - Donation & weight circles

Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation

Fritziedr - donation for Catathon Derecho kisses

Julie & David UK - Happy 1st Birthday Spiker  

Kandy S - OH   Donation

Jean A - Case Blue Buffalo Wild, 40 cans Sheba & Bag of Science Diet

And here's a few more!
Gusti--donation to help with David Morgan's surgery
William K--donation to FFRC
Maite (our Spain friend)--donation for the Paddy Boys
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

We also took in another kitten.  His name is David Morgan and he is 8 weeks old. His birthday is 5/30/17. David Morgan is a very handsome deep orange tiger boy.  He obviously was tossed from a car and he has the well-known look of a very droopy lip.  When a kitten is tossed, they don't land on their feet. Normally they land on their face which causes the lower lip to be pulled way down. To prevent this much droopy lip, surgery is required to button it back in place. David Morgan went to the vet's today and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. He more than likely will return with a button on his lip. But....he's not going to mind it. He's a very sweet/loving boy.  Won't take long to get him in the Main Area!

Tomorrow our Covie boy Rowland will also be going up to the vet's for surgery.  He has an ear hematoma.  It started to go down but today it ballooned up again. He will go up tomorrow morning, have his surgery and will return here along with David Morgan. Rowland is 14 years old now and so extra precautions will be made due to his age. He's such a great cat!

Want to know something that I haven't mentioned yet?  We actually have had another adoption! Bonnie has been adopted. She is now Bonnie Moss. You see, that girl has always had me wrapped around her little tail ever since we lost her on the surgery table and revived her. She's a leg hugger and I love that about her. I whispered in her ear on Weds. that she is now known as a Moss! I had to get Zelda's approval first---she said it was ok as long as she (Zelda) still got my lap at the desk! So....a deal was made!  The deal being an extra snacker a day!