Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The back Thumper's Room is hopping and jittering and bouncing.  Those 13 kittens and Lucie are keeping that room vibrating. Hopefully will be bringing this crew up at the beginning of the week.  We now have the back Thumper's Room cam working again! Now you can watch some of their action. 

Tomorrow is HumaneOhio spay/neuter date. We have a full schedule! We are also going to send 7 kittens up tomorrow.  They are: The Idaho, Clover, Jefferson, Jaam, Cara, Della and Braewyn.  We are always excited about our spay/neuter days!

We have Thanks to give:
Pat D--donation to FFRC, in memory of Ginny, her grandcat
BillieK--donation to FFRC to help with Mama Cat's surgery & for chicken for the outside cats
Janet K--donation to FFRC (and from her Tacky, Max and Knikkie)
Francesca C from Italy--donation to FFRC
Anne L--donation in memory of Trucker

We've had 2 mods here visiting!  Schinn and Vaun. Among their goodies that they've brought to FFRC daily, I'd like to give thanks to Schinn for her Springy toys for Paddy Cakes, Party Mix for Paddy Purr, Bonito Flakes for the Covies and a play cube for Jones.  And to Vaun: 8 cases of 32 packs Friskies, 12 cases of 24 Friskies, 42 baby foods, 1 bag RC Baby Cat.   Many thanks to them for what they do for FFRC.

We've heard from the family that adopted Chester. He is well loved and considered a big asset to the family!

I've also heard from Deb B in regards to Arden, Merlin and Liza. All 3 are doing great and are happy.

Many of you know that our mod and friend, SonJa lost her dad a couple days ago. As always, our FFRCNation feels this loss for SonJa and shows their compassion to her and her family. Our moderators have made a donation for a leaf on our Tree of Giving. Many cam friends have donated to FFRC in honor of SonJa and in memory of her dad.  When she returns, SonJa and I will talk and share this information/names with her. 

We continue to knock off more items on our Goal List from Catathon.  We now have the 2 lights under the walkway between the screened in porch to the Porchie house and an extra light under the shelter house (both of these will benefit us when we do those early morning check ins for HumaneOhio).  Our wall in the dog room is cleared and ready for the incoming window when it arrives.  

The kittens and cats are happy and healthy and forever eating! I've never seen kittens eat as much as these rascals.  It really is quite amazing. 

Mama Cat Calico continues to get her ear meds but she is starting to be watchful of the windows and doors. I'm sure she's starting to miss being with her FireHouse friends.  Little Tyr is doing wonderful with his leg amputation. What a whiz of a fast cat he is.  We were going to send Marilyn up today to Dr. P's for her spay/umbilical hernia repair. But....she's just a lightweight yet and would like to get another couple ounces on her before this extended surgery. 

We had another adoption. Sudsy Sue went to her new home with Pablo, a volunteer. The pictures I've received shows a very happy kitten! She is keeping Keana company!

53 more days to Catstock!  Lots of upcoming info for you all soon!