Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I've been searching for that hidden button---it's suppose to expand our walls but haven't found it yet!  In the back Thumper's Room, we are now at 1 cat and 13 kittens. It's a full house. 

In a nutsehell--these are the kittens in the back:
ABC kittens:  Arlo, Brenna, Brody, Coco and Clay
Julie's kittens:  Zorro, Dell and Joanna
Lucie--adult, black CH cat (which by the way, she is soooo sweet!)
Misc. kittens:  Tyr, Braewyn, Marily, Cara and Olle

Olle is a new boy. His name is pronounced:  Oh-lee (a Name a Cat name).  He was found inside a roofing company here locally. He's only 6 weeks old with a birthday of 6/1/17. He's a friendly little kitten---a brown tiger. Someone there in the company must've been playing with him as he is very sweet. He appears healthy--was just hungry. 

On Weds., Mama Cat Calico had her ear surgery. There was indeed a growth/polyp in her ear--a significant size.  3/4 of it was removed. The remaining part we are hoping to get dissolved with her ear medication.  She is also in need of a dental. We want to wait a bit of time though to see how her ear does. That way, if further ear surgery is required, both that and her dental can be done at the same time.  She's tolerating being inside but as she is feeling better, we are seeing her at the door more often. Would like to keep her inside for as long as possible to be sure she gets her medication. 

We had BOXES Thursday evening.  YOU are appreciated.
Pam T/Zoolove - Tub of Party Mix Snackers, 6 boxes Quaker Breakfast Cookies

Anony - Box of Fancy Feast Broths, Case of Fancy Feast

Mr. & MRs. Medic-- 2 cases Fancy Feast 

Andrew - Box of Doggie Snackers

LJ323 - 15 tubs Lysol Wipes, 2 cases, 2280 Kitty Wipes!

Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin babycat/mother dry food

More thanks!
Aunt Donna H from PA--a donation in memory of Ginny--BIll and Bonnie's precious cat
Gusti--donation in honor of Helga's adoption

Many of you have seen the Chief register slips come in to FFRC.  We turn those in about twice a year---we get a certain amount as a kick-back to FFRC!  Thanks to Bill & Angie for taking care of organizing this. We just received a check from Chief---$378.34!  This is "free money" to FFRC and much appreciated.  It will be used for our weekly operating expenses. Many thanks to those who collect these for us.

We've heard about a few of our recent adoptions! Helga and Paislie are doing wonderful and has fit right in!  Their pictures look very happy.  
And this from Misty's mom:  "Misty is watching the birds but her truest excitement flares when she watches a squirrel come up to the tree to get the almonds."  Sounds like Misty is a happy girl too! 

One of my favorite sounds---when the cats and kittens are all crunching on their snackers--just a fun, sweet sound!

The Porchies, Barnies and Firecats are all doing wonderful.  They are healthy and happy. Dion was over this week and took measurements for the 2 cement slabs that we'd like--one for the firehouse and one for the junglegym in the playground.  He will get us scheduled soon.

The Covies are also doing great. I visit them every day and give out snackers to them. We have a few in there that are really showing their age. But....they are healthy and happy and that's what is important. 

Zelda Belda girl is here on my desk (happy 7th birthday!) along with Paddy Purr. Of course, Hensley is in my lap and Spiker is at my feet napping. The Idaho, Clover, Jaam, Luella and Sudsy are all zooming around here chasing each other---their energy is endless!  Elsie is grooming on a blankie on the Kuranda, occasionally "watchiing" the kittens--she likes to keep track of them!  Cutie is here too--on a cushie just watching things. Joyful has been on the Princess bed most of the morning. Gia was seen "hiding" in the long tunnel again---she likes to just stick her head into things. And Eddie White has been watching out the window much of this morning. Life is good. Enjoy your weekend!