Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

Endless pits.  Yep---that's what these kittens have. It seems we can never get them filled up. It must be going into their legs as they appear taller. And their tummies as they are nice and round. And into their heads as they are all so very smart! And into their fur as they are sleek and shiny!  Ok, ok---we better feed them some more. They win! 

More adoptions coming up within the week! Plus, this morning, Misty will be going back to her mama. I'm sure Misty will be very happy about this. 

We talked to Gustwiller's Electric yesterday about installing those lights under the walkway from the screen porch to the sunporch.  It's do-able and they will get us on the schedule soon.  This company is wonderful and are always so helpful to us. This is another one of our Catathon goals.

We had BOXES last night! I am so very grateful for your support. YOU are what helps keep this Rescue Center going.

Anony -- 5 cases Baby Food

Judeannlee & Phil - IN  4 -Kitty Wipes, 3 Tubs Clorox Wipes, 3000 9" plates

mls9690 - 2 tubs Party Mix and 2 cases Baby Food

Mary & Sharon/Reverencelife with Weeja & Veora--visited us! - Donation to FFRC

Darcy's (the kitty) mom & dad with Millers New Market--donation from a Fun Raiser selling BBQ sandwiches and donation jars.  Many thanks!

Dee C - FL--a day visitor!   Donation to FFRC

EarthEyes - Lg, Bag Royal Canin Kitten, Case of Royal Canin Kitten cans, Box of Broths, 2 cases Fancy Feast & 24 Lg. cans of chicken

Deb 11111 (opened by a curious little boy who was visiting--see story on chatters fb!) 
 25 boxes Broth, 18 boxes Appetizers, 28 bags of Temptation Snackers

Jeanne S - FL--  Donation for Feliz Navidad Fund

Linda & Tom C - IL--  Donation

Dotty P - NJ--  Kitty Card with Note & Donation

Julie & David - UK--  Happy 2nd B-Day Elsie  June 27 & Chicken $5

Steve E - TX --Donation in honor of our wonderful volunteer Pat P

Clark, Jesse & The Rest - Happy 2nd B-Day Elsie  June 27 & Chicken $5

Sherry/Neuromom & David - NY  Sympathy Card for all your recent losses
 Donation for Catathon

Elaine & Alan - FL  Kitty Card (hand colored by Elaine) with Note, Donation & Book of Stamps

Susan C - OH   Donation

Kathy/JustMe--cables!  We are bound and determined to get that cam going again in the back Thumper's Room!

We have more thanks to give too!
Katie & Rob S & kitty Max from UK--donation to Jackson for his birthday
Karmasmom/Shauna K--donation to FFRC to help with shipping of Catathon
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Lois/Lann--a special garden red truck for Trucker's area
BillieK--donation in memory of sweet Caesar
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Howardth Grandchildren--visited yesterday and brought 4 bags of dry cat food
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC, use wherever needed
We had a young visitor yesterday--Caroline--that brought dry cat food, special snackers, can food and kitty toys!

Today we will receive 3 new kittens from Dr. P's office.  We were called and asked to help so of course, we will.  Pat P is going up this afternoon to bring them here.  Here's a bit of a breakdown of them:
Kitten #1--white & buff, male, eye problems.....blind???  not sure yet
Kitten #2--white & buff, female, very large umbilical hernia
Kitten #3--grey tiger, male. Fracture back leg to be amputated
They will have names soon.  The fracture leg is enough to warrant an amputation and will go back to the clinic on Monday for this surgery.  We will keep an eye on the large umbilical hernia. If it does not present a problem, we will have it repaired at the time of her spay.  The kitten with the eye problems---that's a watch and see thing.

My 2 granddaughters have been working hard on the shy kittens and are making great progress.  It requires lots of TLC--an easy "job" for these two girls! 

Don't be alarmed!  If you see Kismit going into the refrigerator, it's all fine.  We know that 99% of the time when we open the door, she hops in, snags a bit of chicken or cheese and then has her treat on the counter.  No cold cat problems there! 

Yesterday, the 5 fosters of Peggy S were here. They are doing good.  Such a lively and vocal group of babies they are! They will probably be back here to stay next week. 

Right now, Jessie is in one of the purple beds watching over a group of 7 kittens chasing a feather around.  She's looking at them like she thinks they are rather silly kittens. The new cat Francis is now in the Main Area. He's doing better each day while he is adjusting. There's no doubt that Binkerbell is much more comfortable in the front Thumper's Room and Welcome Room but we still bring her up daily for an excursion.