Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weds., July 12, 2017

It’s hard to keep up with everything around here! We have 3 more kittens that love TLC and will be looking for their future homes.  These 3 kittens are from our volunteer Julie. She took in their mama who was pregnant and gave birth at Julie’s home. Their birthdate is 5/4/17. The kittens are now 10 weeks old and here for “their finishing touches”!  Julie and mama did a great job of raising these babies.

We also took in a new little muted calico kitten.  She was found by Arbys parking lot—2 vehicles actually drove over the top of her while she stayed low to the road. A lady saw this happen and stopped to rescue her.  She has a bit of abrasions on her mouth and eye.  Her birthday is 5/27/17.

Here are their names:  (all names are from Name a Cat)
CARA—the muted calico,  female
ZORRO—all black, male
DELLA—black/white, 4 white feet, white/black chin, female
JOANNA—brown tiger/white, 4 white feet, br. face/wh chin, female

These 4 new kittens are now down on the floor in the back Thumper’s Room, playing with Tyr, Braewyn and Marilyn! Lucie (the new CH cat) is also in the back Thumper’s Room. We have harmony in there!

On Monday, we had 2 kittens taken to the vet’s. Tex was neutered! He’s getting ready for his upcoming adoption! His physical was good too. We also sent up Tyr who had his rear right leg removed. Even though he was putting a little weight on this leg, the vets felt that due to the very poor alignment of the bones he would probably have much trouble with it as he grew. He is just amazing—he’s running, hopping, climbing and playing full speed ahead. So cute too with that short little tail of his!

Today, we sent up 2 cats also. One cat, Puma, is staying with us temporarily. He needed some help. He possibly had a brush with a car. X-rays were done. No fractures but very very sore. He’s on cage rest for a bit and is receiving meds to help with his soreness.
We also sent Mama Cat (the calico) to the vets today. While her ear appeared better, we knew it wasn’t “fixed” yet. She is staying at the vets tonight so she’s there bright and early for surgery in the morning. It appears she has a significant growth in her ear. More info after she’s anesthetized—will be able to examine this growth better then.

Another one! Yes---another Giggle Show. This one is Scene 8 and Derecho directed this one too! Have a look---you will thoroughly enjoy this!  

We had BOXES on Monday evening---so many thanks to you!
Mike & Gwen R - FL  Whiskers from Patches & Angel, Kitty milk rings, 4 pkg Dental Care Treats, Pop Tabs, Box Tops, Campbells labels and Coupon

Gemini-Angel our wonderful mod with Harley/Arley & Peanuts
Yard Master - lighted multi outlet for outside, cans of Fancy Feast Kitten (cuz the boys aren't babies anymore)

Zoolove - case Beechnut Baby Food

Judeannlee & Phil - IN  6 pkgs Spring Toys, 2 pkgs Jingle balls, Tub of Temptation Snackers, 3 cases Appetizers, 2 Boxes of Broths, case Fancy Feast Kitten

Justme out wonderful mod from IA - 2 cables for our Thumpers Room Cam

Mls - 72 jars of individually wrapped baby food!

DKweiler and son Steven IL - drove our new CH kitty Lucie from North Chicago Suburbs to FFRC and also brought Salmon & Baby Food

Needtoretire - Card with note - Donation in memory of Mighty Quinn & Frogger

Melissa L - NY  Donation for FFRC

And we have more thanks to give:
Lana H—donation to FFRC
Dr. Patricia U, DVM—donation to FFRC, in memory of Baby Boy for Elvis K
Kelly I—donation to FFRC
Melvin S, jr.—donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji—donation to help Tyr with his medical bills
Megan & Bella—evening visitors—paper plates & 2 paper towels

Steve and I are taking a part of Friday off! I’ll do breakfast for the kittes and cats as usual and then we will be taking off. Connie S will care for my mom. Volunteers are here to care for the cats. Anthony will be here for the farm animals. Lynnette will take care of the office things. So, we are all set!

We had 3 wonderful adoptions today---all 3 were part of the Niners! Vester, Vesta and Sloan were adopted together. The family that adopted them have been visiting them a lot to get to know them before their adoption.  I do believe these kitties are in an awesome home where there will be much TLC!  So happy for them.  More adoptions coming up!

All is fine here. The kittens are healthy and very busy. The cats are happy too.  Lots of playtime for all. This week was nail-trimming time—those kittens sure use us for climbing trees!   

On Tuesday, we will be taking Marilyn to the vet’s for her spay/hernia repair. Because of the size of her umbilical hernia, we are anxious to get this repaired. On Weds., we have another HumaneOhio spay/neuter day. We’ll have a full schedule!

59 days to Catstock (September 9)!