Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July for tomorrow! This is our Independence day, a federal holiday here in the USA, commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago! What a treasure this holiday is!  

Binkerbell's wound on her head is improving--starting to heal nicely. She sure enjoys the Welcome Room! And she loves to have her head rubbed. Such a pretty girl.

Some of you may remember Francis, a beautiful all grey boy that was adopted from here July 2014.  He arrived at 4 weeks of age. His birthday is 2/26/1/4.  He is back being an FFRC cat, thru no fault of his own (a family change).  He's still cruising about in the front Thumper's Room.  Hoping he will venture up to the Main Area one of these mornings when we have the door open. His siblings were Dexter, Byron, Corduroy and Carla Mae.

We had BOXES Friday evening. Many thanks to Lynnette for helping me with this one!

Jatcat - CA  3 boxes of 2" packing tape

Barbara W - 6 tubs of Party Mix snackers

Zoolove - Set of 4 kitty glasses/cups with tails as handles!  Very cute

Lannml - 2 large bags Bonito Flakes, 12 rolls of Bounty paper towels

Beth for Gusti--a photo on canvas of August

Elaine & Alan - 4 cases of Friskies, box of appetizers, Case of Fancy Feast  & 40 lb of litter

Yvonne M - Day Visitor - Cat toys, towels & blankets

Mark - Day Visitor - Lots of cat food

Goofy/Katy & her co-workers - Donations for the center -- she truly has the kindest co-workers!  They are sokind to help us, thru Katy.  Also some window clings (heart with paw prints and FFRC ) for $5  (these were made possible by Katy).

Cinder--visitor--2 papertowels and paper plates

Kaylee, Emma and Alyssa M--they came to visit with their grandma and brought a donation for the kitties. They then stayed and loved on the cats and kittens.

Shannon S--donation to FFRC, for the care of Leonard, Victor, markus, Jackson II and all of their friends.

Randi M--donation to FFRC

Gusti--donation for the 3 boys birthdays for tomorrow!  Jersey, Jackson and August. More chicken coming up--the Covies will enjoy this! 

We've had 2 recent birthdys! Cutie is now 11 and Lucy Ann is now 9. Happy birthday sweet girls!  Chicken snackers for everyone! 

 Our 5 new babies that Auntie Peggy are caring for are doing good. Very talkative!  We have names! These are the ABC kittens!   Arlo, Brody, Brenna, Clay and Coco.  We'll give the descriptions to each name soon!  These are Name a Cat names. 

The 8 small or shyer kittens still go into Cat's Corner Room some each day. That way, we can make sure they are eating and ask people to go in and sit with them to help further socialize them. 

Those other little ones--Emmasynne, Paisley, Cinnamon and Helga---wow, what a force they are! Full of love and energy--always on the go. Their appetites are huge and so are their meows! They can play for hours!

Little The Idaho is one pretty girl! She can purr like a truck too! Have you noticed the face of Isabella Bird?  Extra pretty! This morning, Jaam almost fell asleep in the breakfast plate--played hard and was so tired! 

Tonight there will be many firecrackers and booms going off. We will keep an extra watch on Shamballie and Kiara. So scary for so many pets. 

We will have an adoption tomorrow morning sometime--sweet Oh My Guinness will be leaving! 

Wednesday is our next spay/neuter date with HumaneOhio. We have a full schedule. Our 2nd date for July with HumaneOhio is also full already. 

Take care and enjoy this holiday.