Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another wonderful spay/neuter day! We had our HumaneOhio surgery day yesterday. We sent up 42 cats. The breakdown is 32 females and 10 males! Days like that sure makes me feel happy. We did 32 cats for the public and 10 kittens for FFRC.

This puts our total spays/neuters at 476. Last year this time we were at 320.  It's because of us doing two HumaneOhio events a month that is increasing the numbers.  

We were originally going to send up 8 kittens, but bumped it up to 10. They were: The Idaho, Clover, Jefferson, Jaam, Cara, Della, Braewyn, Olle, Emmasyne and Adalaide. All are doing wonderful and are bouncing around like nothing happened.

This morning, we moved the 13 kittens from the back room up to the Main Area. We will keep an extra watch on them as some of them are really smallish yet. Lucie is still in the back Thumper's Room but will be up to Kitty Campus Room or Cat's Corner Room very soon.  She sure loves those kittens and will nap with them! 

We used our new lights yesterday during check ins for surgery. It's dark yet at 5:30 and the new lights sure light up the area! makes our work easier---we can see better! And it lights up the sidewalk for the cat owners.

We have thanks to give!
Ray S--donation to FFRC
Conii--donation for FFRC and for Derecho
Vicki D--visitor--blankets and doggie charms
Carrie M--2 cases gatorade, case of big Friskies, 200 sm plates, 200 big plates, case of Friskies
Nona--2 cases KMR
Phil & Judy--2 cases baby food
Fulton Co. "Come Together" Group--PT, plates, toys, dry cat food, kitty litter, baby wipes, etc. 
Schinn--donation to be used wherever it is needed

Did you know you can go to our website and get lots of great info?  Our site is
If you go to the yellow bar and click on FFRC PHOTOS, you'll see tons of pictures of our FFRC cats.
If you go the yellow bar and click on OUR VIDEOS, you'll go to youtube and see hundreds of our videos.
If you go to the blue bar, click on ABOUT US, scroll down and you'll even see what goes on out in the farmyard! There's even a floor plan of FFRC there to see!
Lots of good info.

Yesterday we had two groups of young people here visiting FFRC.  It's always nice to know our community cares. 

We've had more adoptions!  On Tuesday, Cinnamon and Tex was adopted by Vaun, our visitor and mod. I've seen pictures and have had updates---both are doing very well and are adjusting quickly to their new home. They're keeping their new mama hopping!  Auntie Schinn helped supervise them part of their way home! 

We also had 2 more adoptions yesterday--Harry and Adare went to their new home with a mama and dad.  Adare picked them out himself when they visited the first time.  And Harry let them know he also wanted to go home with them. I do believe both are going to be very happy! Adare was the last of the Niners to be adopted and Harry was the first of Kismit's kittens to be adopted.

All is well here. We have  a happy, healthy bunch of kittens and cats. The energy level here is high. Lots of new names to learn! And still......more kittens will be coming in. Take care!