Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday, July 9, 2017

New kitties are here! We have taken on 3 new kittens from Dr. P and Dr. Darcy's office.  They are now on the floor in the back Thumper's Room. They sure rock and roll, sleep alot and eat alot! Here's their info:
TYR--pronounced tur.  He's a short tailed grey tiger. He was found on a road, probable hit by car. His right rear leg has a fracture. Tyr is scheduled for an amputation tomorrow, Monday. He arrived here at 8 weeks of age. His birthday is 5/12/17. 

MARILYN--she is a tan and white kitten and arrived here at 7 weeks of age. Her birthday is 5/19/17. She has a substantial size umbilical hernia. If it presents no problems, we will have that repaired at the time of her spay. She also has a 3-4/6 heart murmur. We will see if that becomes a problem (or not) as she grows.  Remember, there are different reasons for heart murmurs. Some are problems, some are not. When she first arrived at the vets office, she was partially splayed and unable to use her back legs well, but is doing much much better now.

BRAEWYN--pronounced Bra-win.  He is a white and tan kitten and arrived here at 6 weeks old. His birthday is 5/26/17. When he first arrived at the vets office, it appeared he had trouble tracking with his eyes. But, he seems much better---something we will continue to watch. He was found on a highway, with blood on his nose/ears. 

These 3 names came from Name a Cat name list. All 3 are good friends. As they continue to grow and heal, we will eventually bring them to the Main Area.

We also took on a new CH cat that needed some  help.  Her owner asked FFRC to take her as she no longer could care for her as needed. Her name is Lucie! Our viewer friend, DKweiler is from the same area that Lucie is from and offered to pick her up and bring her to FFRC yesterday! They spent the night in Defiance and will return home today. So very kind of her and her son to transport Lucie. 

Lucie is 2 years old, black spayed female. Her past mama took good care of her and came here fully vetted. She is right now on the floor in the back Thumper's Room, taking a nap in one of the beds. She doesn't seem to mind the 3 kittens at all! Lucie is considered a moderate CH cat.

We had a extra wonderful adoption yesterday! A lady has been visiting FFRC for a while to figure out which kitten would fit into her home. She had picked Paislie and had been waiting for Paislie to be spayed. Yesterday, she ended up taking her best friend, Helga too! These two kittens sure know how to be so sweet and play hard together! I was very happy these two could go together. 

We have a few thanks to give! You are appreciated---
\Thomas W---donation to FFRC
Jatcat--donation to help with gas $$ for Lucie's transport
BillieK--donation to help with the 3 new kittens medical needs
Melinda from Paulding--cat toys, homemade crinkle toys and birds with jingles in them!

We are definitely doing the kitty shuffle here. The cats are zipping and running and whipping around here. Actually, my purple office is vibrating! Luella, Jefferson, Dandelion, Texas, DJ, Cinnamon, The Ida, Adelaide and Clover are having a wonderful time playing and are blurs as they run by. Zelda, Paddy Purr and Asha are here on my desk watching the kittens.  They have that look on their face like they think the kittens are crazy! 

You may notice another new cat here in the Main Area. That would be Mama Calico, a name given to her many years ago. She first arrived here about 10-11 years ago. She came as an adult and a mama to a litter of 4.  You may know her story---she was a wonderful mama--had her kittens in a neighborhood. Each day as she would go scouting for food, she made sure her kittens were behind a gate. She would go to the edge of the driveway and sit and look back. If her kittens emerged from the gate, she would place them back behind the gate. She would then go hunting for food......from garbage cans. The neighbors all watched out for her and relayed her story to me.  Then one day she was seen trying to drag a corn cob down the road---going backwards while dragging it to where the kittens were. That was it---a neighbor decided she needed some help. She and kittens were brought here. We had our Earth Angel Clinic at the time and spayed/neutered them that same day. They became Barnies and are still around. But....Mama Calico became a Firecat this past year.  She had trouble with her ear in April and went missing for about 2 weeks. When we found her, we treated her and all was good. But then recently she went AWOL for almost a month. When found, her ear was a total mess.  She stayed here in the front Thumper's Room for 2 nights while we treated her again. This time though, she will have to have that ear checked out by our vet. When we let her down to change her pen yesterday, she walked right on into the Main Area like it was very natural for her to do so. So......we retested her for leuk/fiv (which was negative) and let her be in the main area. Her vaccines and worming/flea control were already up to date.  So, until she shows signs of wanting to go back to the great outdoors and after her ear is checked by the vet, she can stay!  She is a beautiful short haired calico sweetie. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!