Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018

The concrete was poured today! And what a great job, despite the morning rain. All areas are roped off for a couple days. The peacocks initiated the sidewalk out on the farmyard---ran right down the middle of it! Made me chuckle. The guys rebroomed it, but if you look close, bits of their long toes can still be seen! 

We have lots of new names for the latest incoming. Most names are from the Name a Cat List.

The Slick litter:  
Pogo--black/white, male weighed 10 ounces upon arrival
Batman--black, male, weighed 12 ounces upon arrival
Rowdy--brown tiger, weighed 11 ounces upon arrival
This litter is being fostered by Auntie Peggy.  They were here Thursday and are doing good. Their birthday is 4/10/18.  They arrived 5/8/18.

Grace O'Malley--calico mama, arrived 5/7  The Grace O'Malley Litter:
Bris--black tiger, 4 white feet, male
Tristan--brown tiger, 4 white feet, male
Purrduff--gold tiger, 4 white feet, male

Callisynne--black/white mama, her babies were born here 4/29
Livia--white with grey tail, female
Kubu--all grey/silver, male
Dot--white & grey, male  (2 dots)
Sabu--white & grey, male (no dots, stripe at neck)
Teg--white & grey, male (white neck, white splotch on back)

Callisynne's fosters kittens (were in a house fire)
Brinn--grey & white, female
Wonder--grey, female

Tina--brown tiger mama, arrived 5/4.  Known as the Bush Litter:
Max--black, male
Maxine--black, female
Raydek--brown tiger, male
Rayann--brown tiger, female

Nyota is the burned cat.  Nyota means star.  Her name is pronounced nye-oh-ta.  She is doing better and is now eating on her own. She's very thin but no longer dehydrated.  Her burns are being treated twice daily--they are washed and burn ointment applied. She is being given antibiotics and also twice a day she receives pain meds.  Today she seemed a bit depressed and it was realized that she might be missing her babies. We know nothing of their whereabouts. Tina, the brown tiger mama, is sharing one baby part time during the day. (Kitten still needs to nurse from Tina.)  This seems to bring much joy to Nyota and a bit of joy seems to be in her eyes.  

I've heard from the family that adopted Jeff Bob and JB--both are doing super. They are very happy they kept the brothers together. Their pictures look wonderful--two happy kittens!

We have thanks to give:
Dave & Stripey--donation to FFRC to help with Nyota, so she knows humans can be nice
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
William M--donation to FFRC
Helen C--donation to FFRC
Michael R--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to help with Nyota
James R--donation to FFRC
Lynda S--donation to help with all the new arrivals
Davszy--donation to FFRC to help toward Nyota's treatments
Lee Ann E--donation to help with Nyota
Piperjo99--donation in memory of my brother-in-law, Larry
Mark S--donation to help with Nyota
BillieK--donation to help with all the new kitties & Nyota

Bits of Info--Dollop is doing great as a Covie cat. No more tearing out neighbor's window screens! He seems to be contented there.  We saw Mally/Marshmellow, the persian kitten born here. We trimmed her nails & trimmed up her fur.  She looks wonderful and is so loved.  You will see Callisynne in the Main Area sometimes--she comes out of the "baby ward" for walkabouts.  

Catathon is now 44 days away. It's coming up fast! I am so very pleased and happy to say that each and every basket is awesome for Catathon and all slots of Big Big Ticket Items, Big Ticket Items, Small Big Items and the Catathon's Fun-Raiser are now wonderful!! But.....we still have another week before the end of item's arrivals. As the possibility of more boxes arrive, we will happily receive them and continue to place in the Catathon! we come!

We had BOXES this afternoon.  Because we were unable to open BOXES for a few days, we got piled up! What a wonderful thing to have happen! We started opening at 2:00 today instead of 4:00! I am deeply grateful for your support.  The list is long but our gratitude is even longer and bigger! 

Anony - 12 pouches WeRuVa 2 cases WeRuVa & 2 squeaky mouse toys
Jody626 -  6 boxes Belvita variety,2 bags Werthers popcorn, 4 bags Werthers Coffee Candy

Sean G - 24 Meow Mix Cups, 2 cases Fancy Feast
Dawn - 10 Bolster Kitty Beds one especially for Magic
Anony - 2 boxes 13 Gal Glad Trash Bags

Ferole - OH - Blankie for Kitties
Shirley S - UK  in honor of Ramsays 1st Birthday 6 Kitty & Dog Greeting cards for Flash Sale proceeds to buy chickie for the Kitties.

Anony - 6 Boxes of Fancy Feast Broths
Michlynn & Vern - MI -  couple of cans of food that Cheddar doesn't like

Anony - 960 9" plates
Anony - For Ramsey - 4 suction cup mice with feathers & spring
Gail, Fred & BooBoo - 4 cases Gerber baby food Chicken & turkey

Leggygal - 9 little purses made from little skirts, Treasure Bags with kitty portraits, 6 satchels with Kitty motifs

Tammy G/Merlotcat - Card with Chickie $5, Pipe cleaners
Josette M/Burgundy - France - Aspen Kitty Bed
Dewitty - 128 oz Fountain Drinkwell Watering bowl 
Jobear22 - 6 Roll and Play scratcher w/Catnip Sign for Alberts garden "Delight"
Kris M - Bowl Scratcher
Anony - 600 6" plates
Justin & Ivy For Spiker & Friends: Card Case 24ct Friskies, Box of Fancy Feast
Jonathan O - Happy Birthday Ramsay - Kong Teddy Bear toys
Lollymop - Cats 10 Commandments
Judy Cleves Family - Donation  in her memory on her birthday
Jan A - FL  Kitty Card & note from Tinkybell with Chicken $5
Kelly S - MD - Weight Circles
Melissa L - NY Donation in memory of TinyToes
Colleen P - Coupons & Box Tops
Anony - Weight Circles & Box Tops
Sheila J/SunnieJ - WA a nice Note
David H - PA  Donation in honor of Coralie, Hensley, Kiara, Magic & Vern
Linda D - NY - Donation
Marilyn & Terry - Kitty Card & Chicken $5

Dianna A - OH - Kitty Card from Frisky & Sparky - 5-Chicken $5  in honor of Frisky's Birthday & Donation

Anony - Fun Raiser: Cool Pix B500 Nikon with: carrying case, tripod, travel charger, deluxe starter kit, memory card, lens pen, Lens cover

Jody626-- Coffee:2 trays Chocolate Tea Biscuits, Entenmanns Coffee, Starbucks Coffee, Coffee Filters,  Kruztez Cake Mix, Coffeemate, 2 bags Werthers Coffee Candy,Castillo Coffee, Coffee Books: Coffee Recipes, Coffee Lovers Travel Edition, Coffee Lovers Coloring Book, Coffee Gives Me Super Powers, French Coffee Press, Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Folgers Coffee, 50 pkts Coffeemate,  Baby Boy: Best Buddy Onsie

Sean G - Tea Time: Barry's Irish Tea
TearsFromADream - Onsies for Baby Girl & Boy: 2-Batman, Kitty, and Cutie. Star Wars: Tub Mat

Ferole - OH - These items are created by Ferole using her own photographs
Sheet of Stickers, Zippered Pouch with Sparrow photo, Sq Photo of Cleveland Botanical Gardens Arches, 10-5x7  Flower Note Cards Blank, 4 acrylic flower photos with stands, 11x14 Owl garden flag or wall hanging (Barred Owl), Metal Photo of Cana Lily, 12x12 acrylic of Exotic Hibiscus

Nuthatches - Bird: Eagle Windchimes & Birdfeeder

Lostgirl - Bird: 2 sets of Sienna Sky earrings Bluebirds in cage and silhouette of birds in tree, Hummingbird Vase, 4 Peacock Placemats, 4 Decorative Bird Plates

Kimkost - Boy/Girl - Wash Cloths, sweatshirt, onsie short set, Black & White dress
Beautiful kitty quilt made by her mom and her quilters guild.. First time they made one for a kitty rescue.

Michlynn & Vern - MI  White porcelain Dachshund book ends
Annie & Debbie - Tea Time: Pretty White Kitty Teapot, 6 Boxes of Herbal Tea Variety

KathyinWV - Bird: Window Bird Feeder, Natural Fiber Nesting Box, deck mounted Bird Bath

Leggygal - One of a Kind purses 10 purses with kitty and other designs beautifully & Little girls purse made from little skirts! made by Leggy   so cute

Tammy G/Merlotcat - Tea Time: Stickers, Cat tea mug & Tea Candy, Cat Lovers: Magents: Love meow Purr, Fur Real, Paw shaped,  Doll: 18" Doll: Her mom made two very nice outfits, Angel: 2 books

Marie M - NM  Crochet & Knitting: 9 skeins of soft white yarn, Angel: Book Littlest Angel, Movie: DVD's 2- Donald Duck, Pluto, Disney Rarities, Symphonies, Grumpy Old Men, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, Willie Wonka, Mrs. Doubtfire, Serfs Up, Walking with the Dinosaurs, Narnia, Daniels Big Feelings, Smurfs, Charlotte's Web, Ice Age Melt Down

Anony - Horsin Around: Horse Windchimes
Dewitty - 128 oz Fountain Drinkwell Watering bowl 
Jobear22 - Roll and Play scratcher w/Catnip
Rebecca & Pepper - Bird: Birth Bath/Feeder with a stake
Justin & Ivy - Books: Curious Kitty, Pet Rescue Adventures, Kitten Nobody Wanted, Sammy the Shy Kitty, Five Black Cats, Cats Activity Book, Thumpy Feet, Kittens to Color

Hazel I, Colin & Rodney the Cat - Manchester, UK - Baby Boy: Beautiful Green & blue baby boy afghan 
MLS - Bird: Copper with Glass bead, Hummingbird swing
Anony - Bird: Book: Bird Puzzles & Brain Teasers, Crosswords for Bird Lovers A-Z

I am completely in awe of all the folks who are helping us with Catathon and that help us with our every day needs. I look at the Baskets and all the Items--it fills me with jy and gratitude.  And it makes me want to be the best that I can for this Rescue Center.  Isn't it something what this FFRCNaion has done---made us friends, gave us people to share cat-love with and get support in our own personal lives from our FFRC friends. I heard one of my favorite songs the other day--Lean on Me.  Always means so much to me.  Thank you, friends.