Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Weds., May 9, 2018

Between Buck and LJ, we have the "walls" for the shelter house 95% done.  Just have to do a bit of fine-tuning.  I am grateful to LJ and Beth for this awesome idea.  This will help so much when it's windy, rainy, snowy or cold.  It's wonderful!

Turns out the concrete hasn't been poured yet--they've gotten very busy. But....we are on the schedule for early Friday morning.  They will pour the extension for the parking lot, the sidewalk to the grey barn and to fix an area on the driveway around one of the drains.

I will not be here much today and Thursday for our family's remembrance time of Larry. But, the volunteers have things under control.  They and the mods know they can reach me, if needed, anytime. Mom is covered too for her care.  Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers.

The Bush Babies and mama are doing good.  They all have nice round tummies. Cute little babies. They are in the top 2 pens of the back Thumper's Room.  So little yet.

The Callisynne's litter is also doing super. They are definitely round too! Mama comes out for a bit of stretching her legs.  The 2 kittens from the fire are looking good---no trouble with their legs.  It's getting harder to tell the difference in their sizes!

New kittens---we also took on 3 wee ones--they are tested negative. A bit sick, were found by themselves with 2 other ones that were dead. The people have no idea what happened to the babies. They are thin, but much better today. 1 brown tiger, 1 black, 1 black/white  All 3 are being treated with antibiotics.

We also have a new mama. She is a calico cat--simply found in someone's yard with her litter. The people there had no idea how/why they were there. She has 3 babies. These babies are 5 weeks old.  We have 1 black, 1 brown tiger and 1 gold tiger--all sweet and all boys.  They are doing very well and will be on the floor in the back Thumper's Room soon.

We had awesome BOXES Monday late afternoon!  Big giant thanks!
Anony - case 24ct Tuna, case 12 ct chicken
Anony - 3 boxes of Damp Rid
Mr & Mrs Medic 2 cases Fancy Feast

Hope366 - 2 Cases 24ct Fancy Feast, Box of Fancy Feast Broth, Tub of Party Mix Snackers
Jo603 - Snackers & Coupons

Avoncat - 3 cases 24ct Fancy Feast 2 Tubs Party Mix Snackers
Yvonne - VDK - Tub Party Mix Snackers, Case of Fancy Feast Broths, Case of Purina One, Box of Variety Lays Chips

Dimwit/Robert D - 8 pkts of toy batteries
Donny & KathyinWV - with Kitties: Junior, Bean, Pork, Double Stuff, Stripe,  Marvin, Sandy Pikachu, Meeko, Sweet Pea & Peanut  Doggies: Chloe Bell & Red Kitty Bouquet Mothers Day Card for Jacci 

Donna R - Handmade Cross stitching made by Donna: Walling for Friends of Felines Rescue Center with a Kitty & a Mouse--love it, so beautiful.
Anony 4 Boxes 48 ct Hefty 33 gal. Trash Bags

TearsFromaDream - Tea Time: box of Celestial Season Tea,

Katie S - Bird Basket: Bird Puzzle, Metal Welcome sign with Birds, Baby: 3 long sleeve Onsies, 3 short sleeve Onsies

Annie & Debbie - Texas Basket: Texas ChowChow, Candied Jalapeno's, Pecan Shells for smoking on the grill, Dang Good Coffee, Southern Pecan Coffee, Pickled Okra, Candy: Texas Crude in an Oil Barrel, Texas Fire Water, Habanero BBQ sauce, 6 jars of Bairds spices a variety.  Container of Teas River Rocks, Soap: Bluebonnet & Sage, Book: Texas Road Trip, TCR Dallas hat, 4 TCR DVD's, Apron Everythings Better in Texas, TRC Recipe Book

mnsnowy - Camping: 2 Paracord Bracelets, Jar with 4 different spice, Survival Kit, LED Headlamp, 4 LED outdoor battery lights, Cook out sticks for marshmallows/hotdogs

Jo603 -- 4 Onsies, Dog: Bag of Dental Bones, Dog Grooming Mat, Angel: Angel Doll, Hand Pressed Glass suncatcher, Angel wing earrings, Holiday Angel Throw, Boy: Hotwheels Big Monster Truck, StarWars: Photo Mosaic Puzzle, Cat: 750 pc Cat Puzzle, Bird: Hummingbird Earrings, Bird in Egg Figurine,  Socks: 4 pr crew socks Girls: Hair Chalk

Pennysmomhawaii/Janice & Randy P in memory of Gingersnap - Star Wars Monopoly, Hello Kitty as a Hula Dancer

Sandra A Horsin Around: Horse Tote Bag from England

Sara/Romeosmom - For a Weekend Getaway Maybe to FFRC  $25 Shell Card, $25 McDonalds Card, 2 - $100 GC to stay in local hotel, Thermos water bottle, Womans Travel Kit, Mens Travel Kit, Blankie & Pillow, 32" Rolling Duffle Bag

Sunnie J - WA  Kitty TY Card  Tea Time: 3 cat shaped teabag holders, White Teapot, Owl Tea Cozie, Tea Infuser, 3 types of English Organic Tea Chai Spice, Lemon & Earl Grey, 3 Tea Books, Kitty measuring spoon, Walkers Animal Shortbreads, Salted Caramel Scone Mix, Teas Strainer, Dark Chocolate Biscuits, Cat Lady Mug, Lemon Wafers

Jody626 - Keurig K-Classic Coffeemaker with drawer for 35 pods, Thermo Mug & 5 different Coffees

nhfurry - Star Wars 31 pc Wall Decals

Nuthatches - Tripod for projector
Deb F - CT  Angel: Daily Guidance Cards and Book, Coloring Book, Angel Stone, Magnet

Donna R - 3 sheets of Scrapbook Stickers,  Handmade Cross stitching by Donna: 4 Seasons wall hangings, Grey Kitty in Profile Wall Hanging, Santa Paws Wall Hanging

And some extra thanks:
Andrea B--a rake and a hoe for Garden Catathon basket!
Jakesmeowmy--donation for FFRC
Gill H from UK--donation for FFRC toward Catathon
Josette M from France--donation in memory of Larry
Kittiesmom--donation in memory of Larry

Gutherie's new owner has already called. She so loves her new cat and Gutherie sure loves her already. Gutherie is already sleeping on the bed and taking laps in her new mom's lap!

Many of you already know we are missing Rena--our black/white Porchie. We have followed up all leads given to us, but none has led us to Rena. I just want her back here, safe and sound. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She has been missing now for a week.

Dollop is doing good as a Covie. No problems there for him.  Three new hens have arrived--all are Rhode Island Reds and have made the rooster very happy.  He keeps good track of them.

We received a call from the Sheriff's late yesterday. A cat was seen in very poor condition under a car and appeared to be burned.  Steve, Donna and I went over.  She ran out from under the car limping badly and scooted under a big shed.  After much finagling around, we were able to get her out from under the shed.  She is indeed burned--much of her body has been singed. This cat breaks my heart. Her face has been burned--her ears, mouth, left eye, chin are involved. Her chest also has a burn. But the feet are the worse--all four feet are very burned. She's so thin, very dehydrated.  Last night she was sedated, had lots of the singed fur brushed out, had her feet and whole body soaked in a warm bath and cleaned up. She is on pain meds, antibiotics, fluids. This morning she ate her breakfast. She is very shy but workable. She is negative for her tests for FIV and Leukemia.  You will ask how this happened--this is unknown but I highly doubt this cat walked by herself into a fire situation. No matter---she is here now and we will protect her and help her heal. Please keep her in your good thoughts and prayers.

We are asking alot of you folks out there to help us with many situations. I thank you for being the kind of friends that I can ask this of.  Please take good care.