Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday, October 17, 20016

There's been a lot of spaying and neutering going on around here! That's how we like it.  I saw a great picture and saying the other day. Do you know how YOU can save 100 lives? The answer is simple---by spaying a single female!  Yes, you can easily become a big part of helping with the cat overpopulation problem. 

Saturday we had our FFRC spay/neuter day and did 4 females and 5 males. The girls were: Janna, Kwatille, Saseka and Vienna.  The boys were Cairys, Ramsey, Sintel, Towner and a stray that a volunteer found.  We cancelled two spays--Phoebe and Endure.  We want Phoebe's nasal cavities to become clearer before an anesethic. And Endure too needs more "get healthy" time.  

A special thanks to Joyce D for providing pizza for us hungry people on Saturday's surgery day. And also to Gusti for providing drinks! Pablo also brought in some pies! We were a contented group of workers! I'd like to say thanks too to the volunteers that come in to do post-op care. It's such a comfort to me to know that the kittens/cats are being held and carefully watched while they are waking up.  

We also did physicals on Saturday.  Joey had a thorough physical and nails trimmed. He's getting extra spruced up for his upcoming adoption! Camvi, Jones, Sea Turtle, Tabitha, Joyful, Lucy Ann, Merri, Polly and Walter.  All are great. Sea Turtle appears to be healthier than last time! A good day. 

Today, Monday, we are doing our HumaneOhio Transport. We sent up 18 females/12 males plus 2 dogs (1 male/1 female).  They will be arriving back to FFRC somewhere around 5:30-6:00.  

Here is our newest total!  We have now done 455 spays/neuters. That would be 266 females, 188 males and 4 dogs! Keep 'em coming---we want to do more!  We were asked by HumaneOhio is they thought we could keep these numbers during the winter. My response was that I believe so. Other than the 1st two months doing transports for HumaneOhio, we have not had to put any ads in the paper. So.....if we need to pop in another ad or two, we can. Right now, our November Transport is already full and December is getting there.

We had BOXES on Friday evening---you are super appreciated! 
Joco--85 bags of delicious Puffcorn, known as JoCorn
Jobear22--card with note & 5 cat video clapper boards for a flash sale
Dottie & James with Nat & Destiny--2 bags cat food, kitty meds & some wonderful stockings for Flash Sales (Christmas, baby boys & baby girls, doggy & kittie ones too!
Susan--a new Caribbean Pirate Ship--the cats love their boats!
Cheryl L from WA--6 rocks painted with kitties, 7 pairs pillow cases--Flash Sale!
Billie K--7 cases Fancy Feast

We also had BOXES on Saturday night---many thanks to you!
Vicki B--3 boxes of Woolzies for the dryer
Dan & Joy D from NY with kitties--Halloween card & donation
Drayman--card with donation in memory of Donnawan
Tracy L from OH--coupons
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation for FFRC
Clark Jessie & the rest--Happy 9th birthday to Fabio & chicken $5

We have a few more thanks too to give!!
LJ--sunkist gems, bunch of spatulas, 4 hand towels, case of sardines, case of Sheba, 3 super soft blankies and FOUR more felted kitty pictures!
Linda S and Dexter from WV--donation to FFRC
Justme--donation for a Hobbit Birthday to help with our EK computer bill!! HB, JustMe!
SonJa--donation to FFRC, in honor of Brent & Jenny and Bill and Angie

Morris Press Cookbook is ready to go on our 3rd Edition FFRC Cookbook! So very exciting. Recipes have been checked and checked and checked again! So many people involved in this huge undertaking. I am so grateful that people will do this for FFRC.  Won't be long until these books will be here and waiting to be sent out! More info later. 

This Saturday Eddie White will be arriving. He will go into the back Thumper's Room till he's comfortable and shows signs that he would like to investigate here up front! 

Remember.......if you're walking, running or biking---make those steps count for FFRC! If you have a smart phone, it's easy.  Just put in the free ap ResQwalk---it's easy and fun!

Here comes Djak.  What an extra sweet boy he is. He loves to be loved on and is available for adoption. He is one of the greatest purrers of all times. 

Guess what is going on right now?! Our Fall Festival Fun-Raiser! Wow--10 items, all are wonderful and fits a wide audience. Please check it out on our facebook & FFRCNation. The fun will be Weds evening at 5:30 and 6:00. 

And remember........All the time you are appreciated!