Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 20, 2016 Thursday

Camvie says to check her out---she is setting sail!  She's napping right now in the Caribbean Ship! The cats sure do love these ships! 

$13,000---wow, wow and another wow!  That is our total from our Fall Fun-Raiser.  If I could personally visit each and every one of you to give you a direct big thanks, I would!  My heart is full of gratitude.  This Fun-Raiser was a good kicker-upper to help us with our General Fund needs.  Yesterday Steve and I totaled the bills that need payment this week---came to just a bit over $6,000. So.....guess what Steve will be doing today---paying bills!  What a good feeling. 

Here's the breakdown:
Item A, Pet Shop Diesel Train, sold 31 tickets--$155, won by Kimkost
Item B, Jacobs Ladder Afghan, sold 77 tickets--$385, won by Billie K
Item C, Peace Pole, sold 97 tickets--$485, won by Kerswill
Item D, 2 Kindles, sold 242 tickets--$1,210, won by VRS and Barb Wil
Item E, Artsies, sold 100 tickets--$500, won by Faithy
Item F, 4 Halloween table toppers, sold 77 tickets--$385, won by Belltime, Pam Ste & 2 for vols
Item G, Summer Fun Afghan, sold 101 tickets--$505, won by Zoolove
Item H, Warpedeedoo, sold 150 tickets--$750, won by Ferole
Item I, iPhone, sold 171 tickets--$855, won by Straycatlady
Item J, Corn Salsa/Jams, sold 218 tickets--$1090, won by Andrea 

This makes a total of $6320!!  Then we get to do some adding! FFRC has an anonymous angel who had said she would match any funds that were for 10 tickets or more. With a little extra added, she put in $6,000!!  Unbelievable and so much appreciated. We then had a couple bump ups that came to $680.  So........better sit down for this.....our Grand Total was $13,000. 

I have to say I slept very sound knowing that FFRC was cared for once again. The compassion that you all have "out there" is astounding.  If someone would've told me about this day many years ago when we first started FFRC, I think I would've had many doubts that these things could actually happen.  But.....they do, with our great FFRCNation. I am beholden to you all.

We then had consolation prizes that went to: Marcia Sch, Jacksmom, Conii, Lurkerbea, Quincysmom, LJ, Mykatkat, Ronald Rob and the Z's (yes, my Z's were given a gift of a ticket and they won a blanket!) 

We also had BOXES last night! What a evening full of wonderful things!
Faithy--4 bags Dental CET snackers
Nona--4 cases baby meat jars
Zoolove--vol treats: rice krispie treats, Crunch n Munch, cookies, pringles and crackers and 3 cat shirts for J!
Sandra B--2 bags RC babycat, 2 cases Iams can, 2 cases Fancy Feast
Charlotte W from PA--donation for Derecho and team!
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 3rd BD, Mama Viola with Chicken $5
Needtoretire---Halloween card sponsorship for Sea Turtle & Jones
Tom & Mary C with Ziggy--donation in memory of Donnawan
Dave & Kristie L from PA--card/ note & a leather leaf key chain made by Kristie & donation
El Cau de la Cendra--donation for Paddys
Tracy & Mariska, day visitors--3 packs kitty wipes
Janet/laika & Tacky, Knikkie and Max--donation for FFRC
Elisabeth (vol)'s mom--tennis balls for the dogs!

Many of you know that Camvie wasn't feeling very good a few days ago. She's back to normal, sitting on the counter and chewing our ankles (she loves that!).  Alice Mary was weighed yesterday and she has gained another ounce! Saul is here sitting on my desk, playing with the mouse arrow---he's new at this and he's now another desk cat! 

We have been preparing for winter out on the farmyard. The winter's hay and straw arrived yesterday as did the grain/feed for the horses, chickens, peacocks, ducks, turkeys, geese to get us thru the winter months when the yard is mushy. We have also gone thru the Covie Haven,  Grey Barn ,Porchie Haven, FireHouse and the big red barn and have all the heat lamps in place for winter use. We have the electric water bowls cleaned and waiting for cold weather. Right now we are enjoying a rather warm fall.

Terry and Asher are climbing up and down the hemp pole here in the office--they are so fast at it! Dorothy and Bonnie are playing with a feather toy together. Bertha is making the orange wheel in the Kabana spin. Grishko is here beside me looking so fluffy and pretty! 

Endure is doing better each day. Her severe congestion that she arrived here with is slowly but surely going away. Towner is climbing 2 of the sets of kuranda towers---back and forth like a monkey. He's such a great kitten! Love his fluffy tail. Chloe is here sitting watching some of the kittens playing. She'll probably join in on the fun. 

Joey will be going to the vets office on Tuesday for a dental. He has one tooth that may need extracted and a bit of tartar to remove. We want his teeth to be spic and span for his upcoming adoption!  Eddie White and Breanna are still on schedule to arrive here over the next two weekends. 

Take care, know that you all are appreciated! If you ever get to this part of Ohio, we'd love to have you visit!