Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

We had 2 more adoptions! Love these adoptions.  Ingy left first. He went to a lady that really fell for this sweetie. Her granddaughter did too.  And then we had Bradley leave. His new mama is a teacher so she will have lots of "lap time" grading papers to give to Bradley! 

I have talked to the volunteer that has Clark Kent, Cauli and Stagger Lee.  These boys have a wonderful place---much loved for who they are. They are skittish and not comfortable being picked up or held. The official news---they are going to stay in this home! The volunteer is happy, the kittens are happy. They run, play, eat and act like how crazy kittens are suppose to! They depend on each other for confidence. I am very grateful that it's now official---they have a home and they can stay together! 

Do you hear that trilling and chirping and elongated meowing? That would be Todd. I've heard lots of "cat talk" but none as fluent as Todd is! He keeps up a constant chatter. Love to hear this! He is friends with all people and all cats---such a friendly boy. Todd is still looking for his forever home. Such a happy cat!

Alice Mary must be growing up a little! She is figuring out how to eat a bit neater. She doesn't do the "face plant" in her food as much as she had been doing. I haven't had to wash her forehead off for quite a while now! She's eating good, gaining weight and is so so happy! 

We have taken on 3 new cats:
Eddie White is here!  Shelley, his foster mama, flew to Ohio yesterday and then drove to FFRC. He is a wonderful boy--came right out of his carrier. He seems to be relaxed and happy. While he isn't keen on being picked up, he definitely enjoys people. He's also good with other cats. We already love him and will treasure this boy. His birthday is 1/4/13. He's all white with yellowish eyes. Eddie White is deaf but as the way with deaf cats, they use their other senses to know what's going on! He is in the back room of Thumper's Room.

Jordaan!  This young boy arrived 2 days ago. His name is pronounced Your-Don.  He was found all by himself, crying and hungry. He sure can clean up a plate of food!  Jordaan is a gold tiger, about 6 months old.  His birthday is 4-8-16.  As of this morning he is down on the floor in the back Thumper's Room.  A very happy, sweet boy. Loves to play.  His name is a Name a Cat name. 

Dusty!  What a very nice cat. He was found with an injury and brought to FFRC. Dusty is a long hair grey/white male, about 3 years old.  His birthday is 10/2/13.  He arrived with a nasty wound under his left eye that removed some of the cheek muscle. We've trimmed the fur around it, cleaned and flushed it and have him on antibiotics. It's already healing nice and filling in.  A cat's ability to heal always amazes me!  His name is a Name a Cat name. Dusty is another sweetie, loves attention and already neutered. He too is on the floor now in the back Thumper's Room.  All 3 cats are getting along very nicely!

Tuesday is a vet-visit day. We have Joey going up for a dental and possible tooth extraction. We have also scheduled Phoebe for a "nose job"!  Really--she is going in to get those nostrils opened up better, just like we did with Alice Mary.  This will so much improve her ability to breath better. Breathing is good!  They both should do just fine!

We have thanks to give!  You are appreciated!
Eaglewatcher--donation to FFRC, in honor of Belltime's birthday, for the Felice Navidad Fund.
LostGirl---2 cases Odo-Ban
Purple, our moderator--donation to FFRC, in memory of who dad Richard who passed in Sept.

THings are on schedule in the publishing department for our 3rd Edition of the Cookbook! We'll keep you posted.

The cats are a bit nuts this morning! They run so fast that anything in their path is blown away! Phoebe is just a blur of black and white whirling by. Towner is bound and determined to chase a ball over the entire floor. Todd is everywhere. Tiyani and MJ are fast kittens---bent on outracing each other! Vienna and Sintel are rolling all over while playing with a red fuzzy ball.  It's wonderful to see them all play.

A special thanks to all of our volunteers. Sometimes we have slots in our schedule where volunteers are gone. The other volunteers always step up and happily fill in those slots. They are amazing people---such awesome caretakers of FFRC.

Please remember to vote---we are at 105,819! 

Treasure your pet! Life can be so short and we can lose them way before we are ready. If we could all love freely and deeply, forgive easily, treasure each day, show compassion willingly and pet lots of cats--this world would be much more at peace.