Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday, October 11

So glad to be back at home and to FFRC. Although our vacation was absolutely wonderful and I so loved the time with my family, it's always good to be home! 

We have had 2 adoptions already this week! Zun left with his Conniw S and Hannah family! I've already seen pictures and he looks so very happy. I understand he's made himself right at home! 

The other adoption was Blossom---this was a happy adoption too--going to someone we know, for her birthday surprise! I have a big feeling that Blossom will love her new home! 

We just heard from the new mama of Orpha. Orpha is doing wonderful and is growing every day. Her new name is Persephone, after a greek goddness but is called Percy for short. "She is just as happy and lovable as when I first met her. One of her favorite things is playign with her peacock feathers."  So happy for Percy!

I have a white puffball staring at me! That of course would be Alice Mary! I weighed her yesterday and she has gained 7 ounces since her surgery. Sure makes it easier for her to breathe! Today her sutures come out.What a love she is--she just craves attention which we gladly give. 

Tomorrow is Livingston's neuter surgery. He's going to the vet's office for this procedure just in case it's more in depth of a surgery.Everything has always been more complicted with Livingston, but that's ok......we love that little rascal!  Phoebe is going to tag along so she can get her repeat blood lab work done again.  Hoping her platelet count is much improved. Phoebe has gained a bit of weight but she did have a tiny nose bleed on Saturday. It clotted much quicker this time though. 

I checked with the foster home yesterday about Stagger Lee, Cauli and Clark Kent.  They are coming along slowly in their socialization. They are quite comfortable there, still quite shy.  We're going to let them stay there a while yet to see how much progression can be made in a quiet atmosphere. All are gaining weight. 

We have so many thanks to give---please know that our appreciation is very much!
Dewbus from GA--donation to help with our general fund
Kelly I--donation for FFRC
Judy L & Heather H--100 jars of baby meat food!
Judy L and Phil--volunteer snacks
Tom W--donation for FFRC, because it lowers his blood pressure! Many thanks
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC. 
Gusti--donation to FFRC, in memory of Patty Peek, our FFRC friend
Janet K/laika57--donation to FFRC for support for the kitties
Jacksmom--donation to FFRC, in memory of Pizazz who passed away 4 years ago
Ingrid/ju-in-ji--donation for Djaq, Koda and Ingy
Mitch C--visited and brought us paper and rugs
Shannon & Donavon--donation for Victor, Leonard, Jackson II and all their friends

We have a new Covie! His name is Marcus, he's wonderful and a gold/white cat. Marcus looks very much like PB, our Porchie.  Marcus needed a new home. He came from a wonderful family that we have already taken cats from---Victor, Leonard, Jackson II.  Today Marcus ventured outside into the playground area. He's a bit shy but I feel he will settle in just fine. Chicken helps! After a bit of time, if he seems like he'd be more comfortable as a Grey Barn (Barnie) cat, we can do that. That is where Jackson II and Grizzly call home too.

We had BOXES last night---back in the routine! Many, many thanks!
Karen P--day visitor--4 cans wet food, cat post & baby mat
Kris--day visitor (adopted Reeves)--bagful of Fancy Feast, snckers & tunnel
Judy Sp--3 bags of Precious Litter
Linda K--day visitor--bag of litter
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Babycat--the kitties were thrilled too!
Jim & Robert S--2 cases wet food, dry food and toys
Mr. & Mrs. Medic101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Zoolove--case of babyfood
Erin K from GA_-3 t5ubs of snackers, 3 Halloween cat scratchers!
Angelface--2 pillowcases & 2 sets of Peek a Boo cat hiney coasters (Flash Sale!), 6 snackers
Rosemary B from South Africa--4 gorgeous afghans--wow--such beauty and talent Rosemary has. We will see these in a Fun-Raiser! Autumn Rectangles, Around the Bases, Groovy, Round Ripple
Dorothy C--donation for vet bills
Nancy V--donation in memory of Glecia Forrester--much appreciated
Ollie the Hooligan--lots of coupons & Chicken $5 for Coralie & friends
Jean & Neil S from OH--donation for FFRC
Carolyn/Caroline--donation in memory of FFRC cam viewer Blanche Merril for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy BD to Leonard (4) and Rena (2), both with chicken $5!

Special days coming up this month!
12th--vet visit for Livingston & Phoebe
15th--FFRC spay/neuter day
17th--Transport surgery day with HumaneOhio

What?  A Fun-Raiser! Yes, indeedy.  This is a much needed event for FFRC. Our General Fund is sorely lacking and so we need to booster it up.  To help with this, instead of an 8 item sale, it will be a TEN item sale---such a wonderful assortment! 

I usually don't "burden" anyone with financial worries, but this will show the picture of why our General Fund is low.  These following bills are only some of monthly items that we have to take care of.
Paws & Remember (creamatory)  $95
Phone bill  $154.24
Verizon  $95.00
Wages $8,300
Insurance   $418.84
Electric    $560.56  (will soon be well over $1,000 a month)
Med company      $3,300
Surgical needs (not at our vets or Humane Ohio)  $1200
Workman's Comp $132
Taxes   $350
Repairs   $120
On top of this, we have many "little things" and other utilities that have to be cared for--these add up over a month.  I am deeply grateful that so many of you help us with food and litter--helps us tremendously. 

So......this next awesome Fun-Raiser will go towards our General Fund! We have great items to show you. Soon you will see the cam video and the pictures/info on facebook! And we have some really great items too for the Consolation Prizes! 

I'd also like to say a big thanks to all those that order items by going thru FFRC for Amazon orders. We just received the latest deposit of $475.20---that's all profit for FFRC---many thanks! 

Joey is getting ready for his big JOvember adoption! Yesterday he enjoyed being picked up, petted by the visitors and even "hung out" when there were lots of people here! I had to tell him though not to pack his bags yet.......but, he is soooo excited! 

I want to give a big gigantic thanks too to Jenny & Brent who will be adopting Joey. SonJa is here visiting and they sent a "boatload" of items for FFRC---these are a huge help to us! Some of the things are: bleach, clorox wipes, lysol cleaner, plates, k-cup coffee, HE laundry soap, laminating pouches, sponges, cable ties, volunteer snackers, 3 squeezes, etc.  This helps our inventory so much! 

We have more adoption interests coming in, but nothing finalized yet! We should see more kitties and cats soon going to their new homes!

Update on Eddie White. Wow--we've had several set backs on his arrival. As you know, Eddie White was to be coming this past weekend but Hurricane Matthew made a hit in the town where he was coming from. So....he is again delayed. But, his foster mama is still working on getting him here. As soon as we know, you will know! She's giving his kisses from us though!

98,360---that's our total votes at the moment for Eagle Rare Life! I'm thrilled and am very grateful to you all for these votes. Remember.....you can vote daily at: eaglerarelife.com/content/jacci-moss-0    Every vote helps and is important!

These are going along smoothly for the 3rd FFRC cookbook! I think you will so enjoy it!

Have a happy day to everyone! The sun is shining, there's good things "out there" for all of us!