Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday, September 30

Alice Mary--what an awesome day she had yesterday.  She went to the vet's for a chest x-ray.  She had lots of swollowed air in her abdoment--from her mouth gulping of air. She has pneumonia, which we already knew and have been treating.  Also when she would breathe in, her little tiny nose would just shut. We've been syringe feeding her because she could not eat---makes it very hard to eat and breath at the same time.  Our vet recommended opening up her nostrils and so this was done yesterday. She's sporting 8 stitches but wow---what a huge difference this has made. About 3 hours after her surgery, she was eating with gusto. And her plate was licked clean during the night. This morning she ate a good breakfast and I've even seen her play a bit.  What a wonderful thing it is to be able to breath! I'm so grateful for our vet office for their help. I'm sure you'll be seeing her white fluffiness bounding around here now! 

We have thanks to give---this rescue center is so grateful for the support.
MKMouse--donation to FFRC, in honor of Angie and Bill
Kris M from MN--donation for Derecho & Bruno
Kevin R from OR--donation to FFRC
SVCathy--donation to FFRC
Kathy M from MN--donation for Alice Mary, to pay for pizza for Sevaun (and for FFRC)!!
Donna B & kitties from GA--donation for Coralie and also in memory of The Might Quinn
Amy C from IL--donation to FFRC to be used as needed.

And then big thanks for the BOXES we opened on Weds. evening!
Bryan and Smeagol--40 K-cups & a Keurig coffee maker!  Will get much use!
Dewitty--2 cases Fancy Feast
Janet/Jazz & Susan from UK--2 cases Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--2 of the 16 lb bags of Purina One
Connie & Dave K--day visitors--16 rolls PT, vol snackers, 13 & 30 gal. trash bags, laundry soap, 9" plates, dry cat food, litter and kitty snackers
Nona--4 spinner-mops! Now we have some spares! A great mop!
Zoolove--lots of items for Flash Sales: doormates, 4 braided kitty rugs, wire cat clock, matching quilt, blanket & afghan, 3 soft door mats, Live Love Laugh Wall Clock, 3 Harvest LED candles, autumn wreath, door decorations that are for holidays---so cute!

Remember, we sent 3 cats with a volunteer for loving them up!  Clark Kent (who you've seen in the rescue center) and Cauli (for Cauliflower/name a cat name) and Stagger Lee (name a cat name).  These 3 cats loved to hiss and run and pull back from us---not much socialization from humans at a younger age.  They are getting a cram-course on TLC last week and this coming week.  Stagger Lee is a kitten that volunteer Julie L found and Cauli is a kitten that volunteer Kathy R found.  Plus, they have each other for playtime! 

Yesterday, we had a wonderful adoption! Our sweet Orpha was adopted! Her new mama has been here several times to visit with Orpha. We've already heard back--"she is very busy happily playing with her toys, exploring her new home and sleeping on my lap. She has not stopped purring since she has gotten here."  A great report! 

The kittens are up and about now 24/7 in the Main Area. They are doing wonderful.  There are 8 of them up.  I need to update you on a "happening".  Our 2 kittens, Cairys and Cairo came down with a vicious virus that took the life of Cairo.  He passed so quickly from this virus.  Cairys is still struggling but doing better.  If there's anything that people can learn from this, it's this---if you have kittens, get those vaccinations started.  These two kittens did have vaccines so they had some protection.  I know it wasn't enough to save little Cairo but there's so many kittens that are in homes and outside that have no vaccines so they have little protection. Viruses are tough--they are hard, fast and can easily kill kittens. Cairo had much love in his young life and we sure weren't expecting that to happen.  Keep Cairys in your prayers and good thoughts. 

Important day today---need to get the last of the recipes in for the FFRC cookbook!  Just go to our website and click on cookbook!  Can't wait to see all the recipes!

Our new cat, Asher is doing wonderful. He's here, there and everywhere---a busy boy! It's fun to see him and Mandisa playing together as they look so much alike. Towner too is doing wonderful---such a pretty boy kitten! Loves to play. Endure is doing better also--eating good and venturing out more and more. Livingston will have his neuter surgery on October 12. 

We have the bestest volunteers, mods, admins, webcam friends and supporters in the world. And yes, I truly believe that.  I am thankful for each of you.  While we are on vacation, I have full confidence that things will go smoothly here and be peaceful.  There will be no adoptions while I'm gone but we'll pick up the pace once I'm back. We will be leaving tomorrow morning very early! While gone, I will keep tech contact to a bare minimum but will check in with the mods daily and of course the volunteers. 

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