Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday, September 5

Happy Labor Day--a public holiday held in honor of working people, on the first Monday of September. The cats would like me to pass on their thanks for all those who labor to help make this Rescue Center be as it is---a place of love, friendship and the well-being of the cats. 

We've been working on 3 ways of helping FFRC with the Catstock---help with the Strawberry Hill band donation that will be given to them, Dunk-Tank tickets and the Cookie Yum-FunRaiser (Wolfpatch's cookies!).  Remember---we have matching funds for all Yum tickets---thanks to an Anonymous Friend! Check out our facebook page for all this info.  This part ends tomorrow morning at 9 am.  That way it will give us the rest of the week to finish all the details for Catstock. The first visitors start arriving tomorrow--Tuesday and more come in as the week goes on! We love our visitors! 

We had BOXES Saturday night. Love those boxes---a huge help to FFRC!  Thanks!
Tony & Tarah--visitors--canned cat food
Mich, our Flash Friend--stuff!!
Judi Sp--2 bags Precious Litter
Pilvi--for Derecho & friends--freeze dried chicken and minnows--the cats say yum!
Zoolove--Nellies Natural Laundry Soap packs
Janet D from IN--donation in memory of Donna Palmer (and from class mates too)
Linda H from FL--donation for her friend Amy Jo's birthday, for Catstock
John H from OH--Chief tapes
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 5th BD to Zavatar and his chicken $5
Just Jessie--Happy BD to her mama Jemima and her chicken $5
Faithy, vol--pop tops, items for Flash Sale--slippers, hanging towels, Halloween Kitty Witch, 3 beautiful stars that hold tea flicker candles
Jatcat--donation to FFRC
Joco--donation for Megan eating the freeze dried minnow! Fun!
Tom W from MI--donation for Megan eating a freeze dried minnow! Made us laugh!
Knittinkitten--3 bags of dry cat food
Jakesmeowmy--donation for FFRC
Tim & Kim/kimkost, visiotrs--2 bags dry cat food, 2 cases FF, 5 snackers, lots of 9 in" styro plates,  bleach, 2 gals Mr. Clean, dog snackers, sardines, 9 tunas, 6 lysol wipes, 2 vinegar, volunteer snackers, 9 antiibacterial soap, gingersnaps (for horses)  and garbage bags

Because of the busy-ness of Catstock and many visitors this week, we are putting all the youngster kittens in the Back Thumper's Room.  They will have periodic visitations to the Main Area when it is quiet though.  This morning they are up in the Main Area for a bit which is the first for the 3 grey babies--MJ, Ingy and Sadeka and for Clark Kent, Bradley and Ramsey too. Yesterday, was like a lightswitch for the 3 grey kittens---they started eating very well and playing! Such a joy to see them get better.  This group will include the 3 greys, Cairys, Cairo, Sintel, Janna, Kwatile, Bradley, Clark Kent and Ramsey.  Phoebe too will be spending the nights and partial days in the Back Thumper's Room.  This is a rockin' and rollin' room now!

You say---who is Phoebe?! She's our newest kitten that we have taken in. A beautiful white/black Persian. She is 7 1/2 months old and her birthday is 1/24/16. She's just a little kitten, only weighing 5.06. She looks much bigger because of all of her fur-puff!  She is here due to a possible clotting problem. So far, it appears to be very minor. We are following a medical program given to us for her from our vet. Once we get this cleared up, have her spayed she will be up for adoption. She absolutely feels at home already--loves to play, has been all over the rescue center already and seems very contented. 

Farm Update---the turkeys are growing........and gobbling!  Such a funny sound! Another sound they all make---a pop, pop, pop.  You can hear the 10 turkeys almost anytime during the day.  For Catstock, we will have to pen them because they will follow everyone and anyone!  They'd probably even try to join in the games!  The chickens, geese, ducks, peacocks and guinea hens know to "disappear" for the day.  The horses, donkey and goat will be in the front corral so their other 3 corral areas can be used for parking. They will like seeing all the visitors too.  

This week, things may be a bit "off" as it's a busy schedule! But....we'll get back on track in no time.  After Catstock there will be more news to pass on!  Yes......I'm hinting!  lol  Have a very happy day!  Treasure your family and your pets---it's a good and peaceful thing to do.