Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weds., September 21

Happy Fall! This summer went so fast. Kitties are still being born and will continue into the fall. Do you know of an unneutered/unspayed cat outside? Maybe you can help--no one will object to you having that surgery done! The cats sure won't---it's a tough life "out there". Grab that cat and make that vet appt---it WILL make a difference! 

What a way to "work"--I have Hensley and Bonnie in my lap, Trucker curled up on the desk, Tiyanni on the other desk cushion, Asha, Orpha and Chloe are directly behind myhead on the Kuranda Tower. Love it! 

We have thanks to give. The generosity of folks is wonderful and much appreciated!
Gusti--provided drinks for our past surgery day
Linda & Keith C from UK--donation for FFRC
Eric & Carrie--donation to FFRC, to be used as needed
Kim S from OH--donation in memory of Might Quinn
Tom W from MI--donation to FFRC, in making sure the cats/kittens are lvoed
David & Julie in UK--donation in memory of the wonderful Quinn
Karla M from IA--donation in memory of the sweet soul of Quinn and all pets that have passed

Wow--awesome news!  On Saturday, we had 2 super adoptions--Stevie and Felix went together to a wonderful home. I went over to check the house out and it's big, clean and perfect for CH cats.  They have lots of places to roam about including a long outside attached porch. And they are experienced CH owners! Here's the new news on this---they were torn whether to adopt Felix or Winston but decided Felix needed to go with Stevie. The new dad has still had thoughts on Winston----well, the call came.......they want Winston too!  This house is perfect for these three boys--lots of room to run, play and explore. And Winston will still have access to being "outside" like he does in our Bella's Place. Winston will go there today. I'm just smiling over this as we couldn't ask for a better place for these boys who are now all brothers!

We took in a new cat on Saturday late afternoon.  He was brought in by an FFRC friend. He's a long hair, black and 14 weeks old. He's been hanging out at a trailer park, getting meals where he could. He came in with a good load of fleas (2/4), earmites and a bit hungry. He's a happy boy and has a terrific purr. He came up to the Main Area just this morning. His name is Towner, a Name a Cat name. His birthday is 6/11/16. He's having fun this morning just exploring all over!

If you see a flash of furry-ness, that would be Phoebe. That girl is 100% a fun-girl. She runs, leaps, flips and climbs. In other words, she is very much enjoying having all this space to play! We haven't had any further bleeding episodes at all. Next month she will have a repeat lab work and then be spayed. Next will be to find her an awesome home!

Our other new Perisan, Alice Mary is gorgeous. That face and eyes---enough to melt your heart. She's so much better--breathing much easier. She isn't real active yet but she sure loves to be held. And she does NOT want in her pen--when we put her in there to monitor her a bit, she sits right next to the pen bars, puts her arms clear thru and then crosses them---we think she's pleading to come out again......which we do as soon as we can!  What a beauty! 

Endure is doing wonderful. She took a couple days to rest and relax but is now up to exploring and walking about. She will make her way up to the Main Area today. Vienna's tail surgery has caused her a bit of soreness but doing better today. She's a bit shy but wow---when you hold her, she just melts. What a dearie. Todd's all better--he's back to being Todd with much energy and orniness! 

Yesterday we had 12 inquiries about our Voucher Spay/Neuter program---so happy about this! We're on a mission--spay and neuter---it's truly the right way to go!

Don't forget about our Script Program.  For more info, email Angie at

I'm so glad about this---we are almost done with the items that we wanted to accomplish from Catathon's goals!  Here's what we've done so far:
Permanent electric line to the Firecat's FireHouse
Permanent heating system/furnace for The House That Jonah Built
Replacement window for Kitty Campus Room & the little window
New shed, Picnic table, freezer, Kuranda Tower 
Paid off (at that time) the vet bill
Load of stones around Shelter house/stone lane
Replacement for 1 of the heavy duty wagons
New FFRC sign!
Cement slab in Bella's Place. 

What we need to do yet:  repair on roof by awning/sunporch, maintenance check on generator (will happen this fall). 

Our new incoming boy, Eddie White will arrive on 9/25. I'm not sure of the time yet. Shelley, who is one of his rescue persons says: "Eddie is a wonderful boy, who has learned to love himself again and shows love to those around him.".  He is a shorthair white cat, born 1/4/13, so he is 3 years old. He's been neutered, examined, vaccinated and treated for fleas. Welcome to our incoming boy.