Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14 Weds.

JOvember.  What?  What is that?!  It's a combo of two things. Joey and November.  Now.....sit down for this most awesome of awesome news!!  Our dear, loved Joey is going to be adopted in November.'s now known as JOvember!  Yes, Joey has done the work all by himself and found himself a home! This idea started months ago. And it has grown. The family that will adopt him is well known to FFRC and has adopted cats from us before. 

When this subject was first approached to me, I was very excited.  They have come a couple times now just to visit him and to make sure that Joey is good with this idea.  And it is......Joey gave his paw shake of approval! His new mom and dad will be Jenny and Brent, our friends from Canada. They are also the family to Montana and the cat crew! 

Remember when Joey first came?  You couldn't even look directly at him or he would quickly flit away.  And then he progressed to cruising about the back Thumper's Room.  Eventually, Elizabeth and I brought him up to Kabana Room. He quickly became comfortable there but would zoom in hiding when visitors would come. He quickly though progressed to using all of the Rescue Center and playing and accepting pets from all of us.  We found a way to his heart---chicken and snackers and ear scratchers. As time went on, he became relaxed and was comfortable. I've seen him also letting complete  strangers pet him and scratch his chin and ears.  We even picked him up today to weigh him without any wariness.  

He is ready for adoption---mentally, emotionally and in his heart!  I am absolutely thrilled with this. And what a fine home---so filled with lots of love.  His new home will sport more Kuranda Towers, as he loves them. And this is awesome---his new mama, Jenny will be taking much time off of work for Joey's introduction to his new home. Her time will be for Joey and their other cats. 

Please join us in our happiness of this future adoption. I know we are thrilled here at FFRC. 

And.........another bit of news.  Remember I said after Catstock there would be two bits of news to pass on.  This one is very exciting too.  Steve and I and almost our whole family will be going on vacation together the first week of October!!  We are all very excited about this and very much looking forward to it.  The volunteers will cover us nicely so there's no worries---they are all seasoned pros! 

So........that's my two bits of exciting news!  More blog info later!