Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weds., September 7

Can you feel it?  The kitty energy and vibes is very high!  When all the kittens are in the back Thumper's Room, the room vibrates! The 3 little greys--MJ, Sadeka and Ingy have decided they are healthy and want to show everyone that they feel good now! Their little round bellies are coming along!  

I realize that I never officially introduced Bradley.  Bradley is a little gold/white kitten that our volunteer Mary Braid rescued. He's a dandy and ever so sweet.  All he has to do is look up at you with those big eyes and your heart will melt.  He arrived weighing 1.10. He's 6 weeks old and his birthday is 7/23/16.  He was at a country home with no mama or siblings.  He's fit right in and loves his new kitty family.

It's amazing the difference in Cairo and Cairys. Their fur looks so puffy, their eyes are bright and alert and they are growing. Cairys' favorite way to eat is to stand inside the food bowl and swat at the others---he thinks the entire bowl is all his.  He will come to realize soon that he doesn't have to worry---we will always have food for him. 

Zun......his real name must be Zoom Zun as he loves to run. He's here, there and everywhere. And he so loves playing with the other kittens.  His purr motor is always on.  Woodrow is coming along---not as shy as before. We keep holding him. His little wounds are healed now. 

Every cat and kitten that arrives gets to have 5 days of that "delicious" white stuff---it's a broad spectrum wormer.  It is an excellent wormer and assures that our felines are healthy in the no-parasite world (internally). No wormies for our kitties and cats! 

Yesterday was an awesome day. We did 30 more spays/neuters as it was our HumaneOhio Transport Day.  We checked in all 30 cats from 5:30 to 6:10 am.  All were safely "fixed" and returned here at FFRC about 6:10 pm.  What a great thing---one of my favorite activities...being involved in these spays/neuters.  These 30 cats comprised of 21 spays and 9 neuters. 

We also in the last few weeks gave out 8 vouchers for people to take their cats directly to HumaneOhio for their surgeries. That was for 4 females and 4 boys.  The total of these now gives us new numbers.......drumroll please!!!..........     We have now done 404 cats----240 spays and 163 neuters! 

We were asked if we could possibly keep one of the kittens from yesterdays surgeries. We said we would make room for her.......a young beautiful torti.  She is 13 weeks old with a birthday of  June 7, 2016.  Her name is Orpha (a Name a Cat name). She's super friendly and already begging to come out and play.  We told her........bathtime & vaccines first today! 

We have some thanks to give----please know you are appreciated! 
Wanda E--commission from a portrait!!
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Deb11111--donation to FFRC, in memory of Jacob Wetterling, in support for the missing children and pets
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
James M--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC

THREE more days to Catstock. We already have a few visitors starting to arrive with lots more coming! We're almost ready! Today we will put in the parking lot posts to guide people. Pizza order will be put in. Lots of cleaning is happening on the property. Friday the tents (I believe 4 now) will arrive--that is always exciting.  I know the weather may call for rain---but all is fine! We'll be beaming sunshine of friendship and fun! The tents are huge and we also have the big Shelter House.  We are looking forward to this matter what!!  Come join us for the fun! 

Livingston continues to do good.  He is pottying just fine! And he's so so proud of he should be! Hensley and Vernon have become "silent" friends---they seem to have decided they are brotherly spirits.....haven't seen a cross "purr" between the two for a while! Sea Turtle has lost some weight but she seems to be feeling rather perky. Jones is maintaining and pottying good! Jessie, one of our oldsters is doing great. What a sweet girl she is. Chloe has fully discovered the fun of playing--such a joy to watch her. 

FFRC is on the move! We want to continue to give good quality medical care, tons of love to each cat and kitten, adopt to wonderful loving homes and to continue our spay/neuter programs!