Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday, Sept. 18

Surgeries are done and all went well.  Long day but much accomplished. The schedule changed a bit but that seems par for the course. Here is what we accomplished:
The boys that were done:  Tiyani, Zun, Clark Kent, Bradley, Ingy.
The girls that were done: Grishko, MJ.

We also did get in 4 extra cats that volunteers have been working with---2 boys/2 girls.
Plus we had 1 walk in yesterday morning---another male cat.

This makes 12 more spays/neuters.  Our total count now that we have been a part of spaying and neutering is: 416 cats (and 2 dogs).     This breaks down to 244 females and 172 males. 

And then we had more surgeries yesterday. Todd had his eye enucleation. He did real well. He's been napping and resting this morning.  Endure the gray torti had her leg amputation. Much needed and so she will feel much better. She had so much damage to this leg. She has been napping also all morning. Vincen Van Gogh is now Vienna. After cleaning everything real good for surgery, we realized that he is a she. Much swelling there, but now much better. The tail was removed due to degloving. She looks rather sporty with that little nub. She has been playing already today.  We will save the name Vincen Van Gogh for another cat.  These 3 cats are on soreness meds and antibiotics.

We also took in a new kitten. She is 5 months old but only weighs 3 1/2 lbs. She is a pure white Persian and has the most gorgeous eyes. She needed some extra help as she had a bad case of pneumonia. She is much better but bears a close watch. Dr. Darcy examined her yesterday and we will continue our med treatment with her. What a beauty. Her birthday is 4/16/16. Her name is Alice Mary,m a Name a Cat name.

Because of the time involvement for all the surgeries yesterday we were unable to get to our physical list. So....we will put them on for next month. 

This month is now more than half way over---please remember to get those recipes in! Please don't wait till the end!  Just go to our website at: and click on the cookbook tab. All the information is there. We sure would love to have a recipe from you.

We have two bits of sad news to pass on.  We lost the little kitten brown tiger/white that Peggy was fostering. He simply passed away in his sleep with his 2 siblings snuggling close to him.  These are things we simply do not know why---but we carry on because that's the life of rescue. There's always more to care for. Her name was Angel Rose.

The other sad news is the loss of our baby Mighty Quinn.  He passed away later yesterday. He was kissed and held and told it was ok for him to let go.  All I know is that heaven received a mighty sweet little baby that will be much missed.  He tried so hard to be well but was enough. That baby was loved by so many.  Thank you for caring. 

We have some thanks to give---always know that you are appreciated by FFRC.
Diane and Paul B--donation to FFRC
OldestManAlive--2 bags of Precious Litter, in appreciation for care of Quinn
LostGirl--Odo-Ban--has restocked our supply
Zoolove--10 bags of Precious Litter, 1 bag Purina One, 1 bag Purina One Kitten, can food & 2 snackers
Joco--4 cases Fancy Feast, 3 cases Sheba Purfect Portions
BIllie K--2 Royal Canon dry kitten food & 4 cases Fancy Feast kitten
Fran D from FL--donation to FFRC in memory of Baby Quinn. 
Mary H Fri. vol--2 cases Appetizers for Jolene, 15 perfect portions, 3 mini spatulas, 2 Friskies, 3 strainers, Mr. Clean eraser, 5 bags Traer Joes popcorn, 2 toys

Have you voted today yet? Please do as it helps us tremendously.  Just go to:     Can vote daily. This contest goes until Jan. 4th.  Thank you very much. 

We had another adoption! Our little Roberta was adopted.  Two wonderful inkies this week to two great homes! So glad for these two sister inkies.

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.  Here the air is a bit cooler, lower humidity and the sun is shining. My wish today is that no one gets discouraged in the way of doing rescue work. Yes, it's hard, very hard work, many disappointments and sadness but overall the joy and happiness it brings far outweighs the hard part.  Enjoy the kitties and cats---each are wonderful with unique personalities just waiting to be adopted.