Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday, September 25

FIVE days is all, folks. Yep, you all have 5 more days to get those recipes in for our FFRC Cat Lovers Cookbook 3rd Edition. We want friends, volunteers, supporters, webcam friends---everyone to participate! Just go to our website: and click on the COOKBOOK tab. Wouldn't it be neat to see your name in our book?! There's so many categories to enter recipes in. I even have a recipe in there----from someone who doesn't cook! But..hurry and get those recipes in. The first of October, the template work begins! What a great Christmas gift this would make too!

Hensley and Elsie are playing together---rough and tumble but truly both are enjoying it. It's nice to see. Dorothy is playing with toys and Polly is all over the office, investigating. Joyful too has been out to see what's going on. Coralie is in her favorite cushie behind my seat, sound asleep--3rd tier up. She asks to be lifted up almost every day to this cushie for her morning nap. Terry is now in on the Elsie/Hensley tumble! 

And now......we have some thank yous to get caught up on. It's very important to me to acknowledge, here we go!

We had BOXES last night. Always know every gift is thoroughly appreciated!
Sandy E/straycatlady--24 count of Friskies Pate
Marlane & Kenny, visitors--36 count Fancy Feast & 2-48 count of Friskies
LavendarCats226 & kittens Snoopy, Annie, Bella & Kitty--2 bags of homegrown, dried catnip from her garden! and 3 lovely purses that she made. Also 2 sets of face clothes for all Persians
From All of Us who Loved You---a memorial stone for The Mighty Quinn.  Deep thanks
Roberta S from OH--donation in memory of her friend Richard
John & Suzanne C from FL--picture of superkitty--will check into copyright for me, instructions on parking improvements for across the road---big thanks!
Elaine, Alan & Littlekat--picture of Little Kat for his 18 1/2 birthday & his allowance!
Beth/eaglewatcher--Turbo AquaBot fish for the kitties fun

And we have more thanks:
Sue H/fergiesguardian & sister Debbie, from Chicago, visitors: jewelry, snackers for vols, snackers for cats, Clorox wipes, turbo scratcher, 2 cases Fancy Feast, paper plates, candy goodies, super scratcher
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC

Gusti--donation to help with Endure's surgery
Olivia E from Lima--Wellness, dry cat food, kitty toys
Kay (NY) who is Nona's friend, brought 2 cases baby food with her when visiting, from Nona
Kelly R/littleonemine--1 bag Precious Litter
Sandy/straycatlady--2 bags Precious litter

And we had BOXES on Weds. evening also---you all are wonderful!
jz_nyc--2 bags snackers, 4 pks assorted cookies/crackers, 3 pk of lysol wipes
Judeanlee & Phil--6 boxes of appetizers
Conii & her 2 fur babies--6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Don & Joy from NY--critter card with note & donation
Needtoretire from PA_-kitty card with note of sponsorship of Sea Turtle & Jones
Jean & Tom H from OH--donation in memory of Bob Albright
Diane K from ME--donation and 4-$5 chicken
Cheryl L from WA--coupons
Macncheesendoodlesmom--card, donation for S/N, memory of Macaroni & donation for FFRC
Annette, Tues. pm volunteer--donation from her friend

We also received 2 lg jars of catnip, package of sponges & 300+ microwave bowls from our friend Donnawankenobe who passed away. Her friend knew she had been saving these for FFRC and so sent them on their way to us. 

Welcome to Asher. Asher is the tiger white boy that actually arrived last Saturday when we had surgery. FFRC had planned on taking him in. During the day it was noticed that he wasn't feeling well so Dr. Darcy took him back to her office. It turned out he just had a slight reaction to a vaccine and is now back with us. He looks alot like Mandisa, but Asher has a few spotty-dotties on him, while Mandisa is a bit more stripey. His birthday is April 14, 2016 and he's 5 months old. He has alot of energy and thoroughly enjoys playing!

The 10 kittens are up and about in the Main Area during the day for right now. They go back to Thumper's Room for night time sleeping. They are all doing great. A little eye issue yet with Cairys but all are doing much better. Lots of kitty energy there! And they love the palm trees! 

Alice Mary is broadening her horizon and is exploring more. Her appetite is picking up. That cute face of hers.....she could get away with anything and we'd just smile! Phoebe is completely comfortable and super busy playing all of the time. Endure too has ventured out of her room and is slowly exploring a bit. I would love to know more of her past---she always seems to be thinking about something. But she accepts and enjoys TLC.  Tuesday will be suture removal time for Endure, Vienna and Todd.

We've had a few more adoptions! Wolfman Jack and Sarge went to their New Jersey home together! That brought alot of joy having these two friends together. I heard they were exploring their home last night after their long drive home. 

I've heard from Stevie, Winston and Felix. These 3 boys are doing wonderful--they are non-stop explorers in their new home. Not a fuss between them. And as you would expect, they all love their screened in porch, especially Winston! 

It turns out that Orpha will be going to her new home this coming Thursday between 9-10.  Orpha is such a wonderful loverbug. Towner, the new long hair black kitten is doing great. He acts like he's always been here. 

Eddie White has to postpone his trip here. His volunteer/driver has the flu--no fun. Because of my vacation, he will now come after we get back. But....he is doing good and I asked his volunteer to be sure to tell him we will eventually get him here at FFRC.  

Mark your calendar! This Tuesday, about 2:00-2:30 ish we will have a Flash Sale! You'll see some new items too! Mich will be handling this Flash Sale! 

Have a happy Sunday---it's a beautiful day! We can definitely tell that Fall is here.   Pssst--did you vote today yet?!!  FFRC surely appreciates those votes!